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I. have shaved my pubic regiin. nut sack and butt since i started sprouting hair as does my cand think of anything. worse than hair stuff between the theet when going. down on a guy
thegaychef thegaychef
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oh, yeah...a virgin to plough...really sweet..

I really like shaving a man, moreso when they've gotten a month of hair cropped on em, I like to have them raised up on a chair with their hairy legs over the arms, and spread really wide, so I can shave all the parts that I usually go face-forward into (inner thighs, nut-sack, rear end, just below the belly button)..I like leaving alittle hair above the man-crack (like to pull on that while I'm breeding...).. Giddy Up, Pal!

Me n my guy luv shaving each other...its so usually ends up with us barebacking then licking the seed out of of a freshly shaved ***

yeah, sucking off a hairless **** is like working a ***** boy's **** n ****...all smooth and swollen n pouty, ready for my beer can breeder tight, just keep their legs closed tightly so the friction's better...

Like a nice virgin hole to know you can go bareback ...with my 9incher good n hard

Specially if u bare back with no artificual lube!

Bare skin against bare skin for me. Alows the swat to mingle during a lot of noise and driping sweat

I get my buddies to make sure their all shaven down under the nutsack, and rears..I like having my hairy body bang up against their backsides as they lay quietly while I breed them.. they like having my juice up inside their butts... I even lick it out while they rub their ***** (but don't let them ***, till their daddy says so...sweet boys I got!)..

Me too!!! :-)