Y Fronts

I am an adult school boy. For a long time I didnt tell anyone or do anything about it. I used to wear all manner of briefs / boxers / trunks. When I decided that I wanted to wear school uniform as much as possible I had to rethink my underpants. I now only wear 1 style - the classic white M&S Y front. This is either plain cotton or an airtex / cellualr material. I think they are great, just what a boy should wear. the go so well under grey shorts and whth look turn over top knee socks. I even sew my name tags into them as I had at school.
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Yes,When I act out the fantasy of being a school boy sent to the head's office for a caning.(So far on my own,I feel to vulnerable to seek out others in the real world at the moment.Experience Project is a great first step!)And he say's"Take down your trousers and pants",The pants have to be white Y-fronts especially cellular ones.I remember as a child being fascinated at pants with "HOLES" in and as an adult,they turn me on.

Lovely that you can still fit into your origional school pe shorts! does it bring back great memeories or terrible ones of the dreaded wait for the end of the lesson and the certain knowledge that you will be slippered