Voters Don't Elect Our President

Every Citizen Of America Must Learn That Their United States Government Is Obligated By Law To Work Exclusively For We The People And Not For Wall Street, Select Financial Institiutions And Corporations Of This Nation. They Must Also Learn That They Must Take 100% Control Of The U.S. Gov't By Running For Office Or Making Certain Honest, Competent Citizens Are Placed In Office! It Is Crucial That Every American Understands That Because The U.S. Gov't Is A Monopoly Of Our Currency And They Regulate Our Free Markets, The U.S. Gov't Control Our U.S. Economy 100%. Not Wall Street, Select Financial Institutions Or Corporations!!! 

Most of America doesn't know how to go about picking a president for our country. That includes the uneducated, semi-educated, educated, highly educated,and it doesn't matter the socio-economic status. It's not our fault. Thanks to the U.S.  government's school system modeled after old Prussian, Germany's socialist program, designed to mold and control human beings, we've been trained to be clueless and confused when it comes to many things! Because the U.S. government has turned the table upside down by working for wall street, select financial instittutions and corporations, while placing the citizens of America at the very bottom of their priorities list, they have removed all confidence in America's republic government system. The U.S. gov't, including your representatives who you may very well think have your best interest at heart, have allowed elitists to control the United States of America's government!  Some representatives did vote against bailing out select wall street, financial institutions and corporations. Unfortunately they also voted for de-regulations that led to this depression, voted against appropriating assistance to Americans that were robbed, as well as against extending the Americans benefits who have been forced into unemployment, under employment, underpaid employment, and onto the largest welfare roll in histor! The criminals who perpetrated these thefts were never prosecuted! This is why the majority of America refuses to partake in the civic process. They know that their opinion counts for nothing, and they mean absolutely nothing to the U.S. gov't! And They Are 100% Absolutely Correct!

The (2 1/2) Party System Is Designed To Keep American's Focussed On Choosing One Of The Hand Picked Imbecils That Are Candidates For President, Keep American's Completely Divided and Constantly Arguing About What Side Is The Best And Who Is To Blame, And Acknowledging and Accepting That Because Of Party Differences Nothing Can Ever Be Resolved In Gov't!

Step outside of the party system altogether and vote for the right candidates according to values!
What's puzzling, is many of America's wealthy believe the Republican party is on their side. I'm not talking about the very richest of the rich. I'm describing wealthy business owners who enjoy voting Republican because they truly believe that party will always work for them. I know some people who are in that class and despite their devotion to that party, were robbed of fortunes right along side average Americans in the last stock market scam! Despite there being a Republican administration in power while the theft occurred, they voted for McCain because they wanted a Republican in power instead of a Democrat! Most democrats believe their party is for the rights of the working and middle class American. Bill Clinton, a democrat, was in office when the Glass-Steagill law was repealled, thus fuelling stock market scam in '08. Obama, a democrat, is in the white house and he most definitely proved he's not working for the citizens by giving wall street and banks trillions of dollars and abandoning the working American's despite there being a Democrat controlled congress! 

Demand that candidate disclose list of potential cabinet candidates. The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Attorney General.

When Obama was running for President I heard many say they were voting for him because he was for "change". I asked many, exactly what types of changes was this man planning. Nobody could answer the question. As we have all since discovered, Mr. Obama, although he snapped the streak of hiring a former wall street CEO to run our Treasury,  he placed a man that was guilty of willfully not paying his income taxes, as Secretary of the Treasury. Mr Geithner acknowledged that he had not paid his taxes in 2002-04 and only decided to pay them when he was questioned about them when he was being considered for the Secretary's job. Upon his hiring he followed his wall street predecesor and immediately continued to hand trillions of dollars to the select wall street and financial institutions that were responsible for murdering our economy  under the guise they would be injecting it back into the system. while declining to assist American's that were taken advantage of, and the millions that were robbed by these groups! He gave these cartels money despite knowing they had only compensated themselves, purchased more wealth, and speculated in the markets with the free money his predecessor had given them! Mr. Geithner also failed miserably as president of the New York Federal Bank working closely with his predecessors and wall street in deregulations that led to the seventh depression this country has endured!.Your presidential candidate better have a candidate for the Secretary of The Treasury who is honest, knows how this monetary system works, has been successful in his previous posts, and definitely won't be working for wall street and the big banks!

Understand Exactly What Your Presidential Candidate Is Claiming To Do For America If Elected, And Exactly How Tasks Will Be Completed! In 2012 we must back a president who will declare: 1) Working for or in unison with wall street, financial institutions, and corporations illegal here! 2) He must swear to work first and foremost for we the people! 3) He must swear if these laws are broken by US gov't to immediately resign and turn himself into our proper authorities for treason!

A legitimate candidate will tell America the truth that the U.S. gov't prints its own currency and is not indebted to any nations or banks! The only ones indebted are the unfortunate American's who are sucked into the credit trap like, college students, homeowners paying compound interest, credit card users, etc.  A legitimate candidate will tell America that social security and medicare are not on the brink of bankruptcy!   A legitimate candidate will invest capital directly into our economy and not through criminal enterprise banks or wasteful QE programs! A legitimate candidate will abolish the most debilitating institution on this planet, the U.S. federal gov't school system. Alegitimate candidate will incorporate: a new school system designed to raise our academic literacy standing higher than 18th out of 32 industrilaized nations.A new school system that offers a reward upon completion like college degrees and certificates of competency in trades,  A new school system that will stop destroying our population's ability to reach it's full inherent potential in life. A new school system that will empower Americans with the ability to oust a corrupt gov't. A new school system that will stop drugging our children in order to stifle their inherent character and temperment traits, as well as destroying their creative intelligence and causing lifelong medical conditions like ashmea and autism. A new school system that will wipe out the oppression of welfare. A new school system that will wipe out drug and alcohol dependency as well as eliminate 99% of crime here in America. A new school system that will stop breaking up family values (65% divorce rate, 47% babies born out of wedlock and father not in their lives on a regular necessary basis)!  If Americans were properly educated to think for themselves, there is absolutely no way this gov't would be getting away with all they are doing against us, and we would never elect a congress this dishonest!  EDUCATION IS THE ROOT OF EVERYTHING!

There is talk that wall street is going to spend a billion dollars to keep Obama's clogging up the toilets in the white house in 2011!
The $700+ million wall street spent to put him in the white house in '08 was unprecedented!  The U.S. gov't created this depression and they are so brazen to publicly announce that over $1 billion was spent on the last presidential and congressional political races combined. While they're spending a fortune on buying seats in the gov't, the nation has severe forced involuntary unemployment, under-employment, under paid-employment, and the largest welfare roll in history for no reason other than PURE GREED! 

WE THE PEOPLE DON'T ELECT OUR U.S. PRESIDENT. That task is done by the elected or state selected citizens that form the 538 member Electoral College. So despite a presidential candidate receiving the majority of votes placed by the taxpaying voters, it only matters if the members appointed as the Electoral College votes the candidate in. The presidential primaries also are decided by selected delegates and not by popular vote. The republican party uses just over 2,000 and the democrat party uses just over 4,000 delegates to choose who will be THEIR candidate for the office of U.S. president! I understand why the majority of America refuses to exercise their constitutional right to vote. In fact the absence of so many voters for so many years absolutely represents the longest running revolution in the history of America! Since F.D.R. their hasn't been a single president who has truly worked for the citizens first.  Since the Reagan administration the U.S. government has become a fascist, oligarchic, regime! With each new president, We The People have been pushed further from the objective of the U.S government's existence, while the cause for wall street, select financial institutions and corporations GREED, has become the U.S. gov't's only reason for existing!. The U.S. government is well on it's way to completely erasing the middle class and replacing it with a working poor class! Recently, the US gov't froze seniors social security cost of living adjustments and are preparing to privatize social security and medicare so their cartels can reap billions annually, provide terrible service, and invest senior's money in the stock market so when it crashes and they are penniless they can say that everyone knows that nothing is guaranteed in the stock market!

Ultimately We The People Must Change Our Presidential Election Process To One That Allows Us To Promote The Candidates We Desire And Where The Citizens Of America Vote In The President, Not An Electoral College that only represents the opinion of 538 people! 

We must elect the citizens who are definitely going to represent We The People in the US congress! The way to evaluate a candidate for congress is simple. Whether they are a new candidate or a sitting member of congress who is running for another term, have they voted, or favor, on policies, issues, and funding that best assists in the smooth running of our country and commerce, while placing America's citizens first. Or has this member favored or rewarded big business, wall street, and big banks with trillions of dollars, while  voting for deregulations that allowed these institutions  to murder our economy, cause involuntary unemployment, under-employment, and underpaid employment, as well as steal Americans hard earned money. If the answer is the latter, then it's time to fire your representative and replace with a candidate that will only represent we the people!

I understand that it is very difficult finding an honest citizen running for any public office. The trick is to work together with other  honest taxpayers to find a suitable candidate that you are certain will represent you in congress and represent your desire to elect a president who will work for the people.Instruct potential candidate that if he votes on anything without the consent of an agreed percentage of constituents he/she will be immediately terminated!  Pick someone right out of your community. If you can't find an eligible candidate, run for the office youself!

Do the research necessary in finding out everything there is to know about how your U.S. government and monetary system operate. Terminate The Traitors In Congress, The Administration, and Supreme Court, and get involved in placing 100% power of federal government to We The People Or Americans Are Doomed For Much worse!

The Only People That Can Stop This Fraud Ar We The People, PERIOD Understand There Are Absolutely No Other Alternatives!

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