Strange Occurrence

Something strange occurred today, I had gone for a drive this morning after being unable to decide what or where to have breakfast. A couple of hours into my drive, I heard the call of 'Mother nature'. I decided to pull into a little barbque place off the highway. While I was washing my hands a man (color of no real consequence, but a man of color) walked in to the restroom, starts towards the stall, then turns puts out his fist as if to tap mine, then says "Obama took my gun away" as he walked into the stall he exclaimed "and I work hard, perhaps harder than many others". I thought this was odd, and not feeling like standing in the line of about 25 people I decided to find another place.

However, as I drove and thought about what this man said...I wondered, are we really losing our freedom to those that create bandaid laws to ease the fears of the masses. As I thought about it more, I realized that fear, greed, and controlling people that in their own minds may mean well ,are perhaps actually hurting all of us. Mankind on this planet seems to be losing more freedom, and the sad thing is we are letting this happen.

Why do we let sensationalized fear rule our lives?

What do you think?
wildfreedom wildfreedom
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I don't own a gun because I know if I ever was in the position to pull the trigger I would question the consequences of my actions and become a danger to myself. I believe it is a human right to own a gun and taking away the rights of humans will lead to slavery and control of the's disturbing to see our basic human rights including our choice of food or what medical care we use taken away from us. I know many people who are waiting for a revolution, arming themselves and stocking up position is promoting Peace.

I am all for the right to bear arms. The thing that really gets me is the illogic of those who want gun control. Do they really think that gun control is going to affect the criminals? Not a chance. Criminals and the deranged will get guns to commit crimes anyway and the law abiding, non-deranged people are the ones who will be affected....very sad!

Very true.