Here's to Legs Eleven

Due to the lampshade over his eyes

and the leg he does lack

it is very easy to get him on his back :)


but don't look up his lampshade

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24 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I won't lie.... one is all I need... lol

Yeah.... it must be Italian... LOL


A lot it looks like ........Männer und wie ihre Meinungsarbeiten. nie scheitert in Erstaunen zu mir

how many ep chicks does it take to screw in Chris' bulb?


Then flip your avatar again, face up this time.

My bulbs burn for hours and hours... ;-)

Some bulbs burn out quicker than others. Chris??

Pull cord. If you pull it too many times.... I'll go off. ;-)


Never, Chris. Get used to it.

Oops ;-)<br />
<br />
Can't throw one by you Myo....

Ha!Ha! You said peaking! That's in a climax, goofy. Women will never stop peaking! It's peeking!

Rope? Nevermind....I'll just stay down here... ;-)

tell me you don't love it! you're welcome

Will someone help me up?

See what you got me into Orien?

Hey...come on now....stop peaking.

I guess.... lol that why they call you Woody?

Just don't look up my lampshade....


I was so flattered... I fell down....