My "fear"

I believe we are ALL  endangered .  My story is short....


Bones upon the ground:  Animals and Man alike:

Death has come to stay.....

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smiling..well ..what can i say to that...very true...hopefully not all at once...i'd hate to leave a completely empty planet... thanks for that bright thought little one.. : )

Tgilly, listen carefully next time ur called on by JW's. They have the answers to such things as what does the future hold for the earth!

hmmm...we're all gonna die anyways.

No one lives forever, neither the lower creatures nor the "higher" ones. What we can do is promote kindness while we are alive so that the time we are here is not about pain and looking ahead to death. We can take small, effectual steps to preserve this earth for the next generation of people and animals, and we can try to impress upon others how simple and easy it is to end cruelty.

i think that all animals at some point will be extinct just like the dinosaurs. the only difference is that humans have better survival rate thanks to inventions.<br />
<br />
a lot of animals have become extinct not only because of man's intervention but of natural causes. that just means that the evolutionary sift still works

Gee, i'm feeling down now : (

So sadly true, all life is endangered, by life itself, and mainly us. The earth will change, we cannot stop it.