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Victoria’s Secret models give off false advertisement of how women really are along with how they affect younger girls physically and mentally. Not only that but they build up hopes for men and potentially create womanizers. Did you know that Giselle Bundchen was considered one of the heaviest models for VS? Did you also know that she is 5’11” and weighs 115 lbs. ? The actual weight for a woman 5’11” is supposed to be 140 lbs.. That’s just sad to me. We view these women as a representation of the most beautiful women of the world, but really, VS models do not represent women at all. We come in all shapes and sizes, different colors and different personalities. Beauty is diverse and VS models are not. I’m not dissing VS or anything like that, but it was so scary to look at all of the statistics regarding how models affect the minds of teenage girls.
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You know... a lot of times I feel like I'm the only one who sees things so clearly.

The problem we have isn't necessarily rooted to Victoria's Secret (VS) or whatever the case may be, but rather it is how society as a whole views beauty (and everything else for that matter). That is of course, completely one-dimensional. Beauty and love are simply a means of words chosen to reflect one's infatuation. Why would society do this though? Such an arbitrary definition of what it means to be seen as beautiful only serves to dumb-down and demoralize what is means to be human, right? Well... yea. That is kind of the whole point.

There are so many endless tangents that I can go off on here, but to put it simply, ask yourself, "what is the best way to control/ take advantage of someone?" I suggest that you look no further than the way farm animals are presently treated. One simply needs to pray on the very same instincts/ behaviours that make us undeniably part of the animal kingdom. All of this may sound kind of confusing, but bare with me as I tie everything together.

In our present monetary system, the only incentive one has is to make money. Forget about the prosperity and tranquility of our species, just focus on making money (aka "business"). For the sake of enlightenment, let us use VS as an example. If VS wants to make the most money possible then they are going to target the "sex instinct" that makes us animals. They shall only advertise themselves in the most sexually appealing manner. This serves to keep the brain, which is capable of such abstract though and reasoning, at bay and to simply focus on sex. "I am beautiful", "I am no where near as skinny as those models", "How can any man find me attractive", etc.

This leads to women demoralizing themselves with every look at a mirror and leaving the men unable to see anything other than a sex object in front of them. An infatuation indeed.

I live in Toronto and I remember a police officer going to a university and advising women to stop dressing like ***** to deter violence among them. Now I would have chosen better words myself, but nonetheless, that officer has probably seen tragedy after tragedy and sincerely wanted to help these young women out by making them view themselves in a more respectably matter. Not just as an eye-catch/ sex object for others. You know what those women did? They started a freaken rally called "The **** Walk" that is now going to become a yearly thing going forward to show that they can demoralize themselves all they want.

Sorry for the long reply, I just joined this site and I plan on writing my own story that I will take from various parts of the comments that I have left behind for others. You are number 2. So thank you for sharing your thoughts and keep in mind that following societies path will only leave you blind as it is directly influence by monetary reward. Image yourself in a perfect world and be that person. Never forget, your beautiful for who you are as a person.

P.S. The sorry state of this world deeply saddens me and it forever will. However, I make peace with it by trying to be the best person I can possible be. To not contribute, to not live in some ignorant blissful lie of a life a lot of people live. To give back to others far more than I will ever receive back. So on and so forth.

Can carry that line of thinking over to the **** industry as well. Normally only the extreme ends of the spectrum kinds of people get highlighted/famous it seems setting up the masses to have unreal expectations of how or what woman like, are, want and how to act contributing to the fact that some guys never grow out of their teens until mid life while wrecking who knows how many relationships and emotionally scarring people before they settle down <.< bleh.