First Sin

The male dominated nature of society is an aberration and conflicts with the natural principle of female dominance. This natural principle is evident in some very basic ways. First the chromosomal composition of all dioecious species, wherein the male is xy and the female is xx, shows that the female component must be in preponderance to achieve balance. In fact without the female principle in preponderance, male / female separation in dioecious species would be impossible. Men owe their ability to exist as men to the fact that the x chromosome can be combined with the y chromosome to form male physiology. Second, the female principle is the only one that has been proven to spontaneously change sex to allow procreation. There have been entire populations of females of several amphibious and lizard species that have seen some of its members spontaneously change to males to allow procreation, as if the male principle is simply an afterthought woven out of thin air to assist the female principle in the business of making life. The female principle is life itself even as the womb symbolizes the cradle of all genesis. Isn't the creation of new life one of the hallmarks of divinity? Third, way back in human history when nature religions were the norm and women were revered for their roles as life bearers and nurturers, human society was peaceful and agrarian. It was with the rewriting of the male role that society took a turn for the worse. Even the Bible, which people often use to support male dominance says at Ecclesiastes 8:9 "All this have I seen, and applied my heart unto every work that is done under the sun: [there is] a time wherein one man ruleth over another to his own hurt." Another translation puts it this way, "All this I have seen, and there was an applying of my heart to every work that has been done under the sun, during the time that man has dominated man to his injury." It has been proven that men cannot successfully exercise authority over man. But women are capable of manifesting a presence that is all at once soothing and dominant. The maternal in every woman is both an authoritarian and a care giver. We naturally recognize this when we are children and respond positively to both hats, but we learn otherwise as we are progressively conditioned by male dominated society from birth onward. The ancient hindus realized that the female principle had to be dominant over the male principle in order for there to be peace at all levels of existence. The Goddess Kali is depicted the majority of the time trampling the body of her husband Shiva during her dance of destruction. While there are several schools of thought on this, one of which says it is not actually the body of Shiva, but a demon posing as Shiva, I feel that this prevalent depiction in hindu culture simply reveals a powerful subconscious understanding of the fact that the female principle must rule the male principle even harshly at times to maintain peace.

It appalls me that this turn of events resulting in a male dominated society has occurred. And our society will continue to reduce in quality as long as we travel this dead end road. Women are beauty and it feels good, calming, and blissful to be governed by beauty. Do I think all women are Goddesses. Yes I do. And when they all come to realize it too, they will have no more need of us men, for they will see that they are actually complete in themselves. I admire the communal efficiency of women and hope one day to see us right the wrong that has been done in promoting phallic ideology over the true nature of Divinity, all women.
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I ABSOLUTELY agree, women are GODDESSES, the world would be so much better if more women were in charge! I absolutely believe that!!!

Thank you JasJ and LadyMoonStone for your gracious recognition. If you like I'll post some poetry and stories I have written to this group.

That is a beautifully written,intellegent view of women that doesn't just see the sex,but sees her as a whole being.You must be a very old and wise soul to have this view.