Celebrate the Sacred Feminine

All women are beautiful, passionate caring and loving by nature.


Some of us have encountered obstacles in our lives and it has robbed us of our status..


This one cries sometimes, thinking of just how lucky she is to be a canadian woman, not all her sisters are safe,


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And men are....?

Men are lucky to have women!

Ick. I've known some wonderful women in my life, but equally, some of the most caring, compassionate and life-affirming people I've known have been men. I can only wonder at the deprivation someone would have to have known in order to seriously believe all the good in the world flows purely from females.

If we could clear away all the derogatory things said about women and the pejoratives that riddle our language and mindsets, we would only have begun to restore the status that women should hold in our society. Women are Goddesses and as such should be Worshiped, Adored, and Revered. And it seems likely that it will actually take W.A.R. to restore that status to women. This war is often mockingly referred to as the battle of the sexes. But it is really just a conflict of ideologies. Thank you girlflower for reaching out to others who share this view. I will forever be grateful for this small forum where I can express myself. <br />
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The devil? *laughs softly* yes i have heard of him..may i ask why you say that?<br />
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thank you sister mary, <br />
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balance is found in the differences.

Love and Light to you Goddess,,,yes all women are Goddesses,,,and all men are Gods,,,It took all of you to create the whole,,,very important,,,loving you mary

Women are Goddesses,men are here to serve them!