Princess Amadala

if i ever get a girlfriend i will treat her like padme amadayla,from star wars.i will cater to her every whim and need.i will make sure shes always in bed with a refreshing fruit beverage.this is my dream,my fantasy,my industry...
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Awwwww :D I love padme and anakins relationship. <3

Hmm, I think she was actually a Queen...but regardless of title, she was pretty badass- -toting around a blaster gun along with her captain of forces...I'm more likely to be like her, if it came down to it, but afterwards--a fresh fruit drink would not go unaccepted. Heck, I'd probably down the thing in about 15 minutes. Yeah, I'm pretty active. Now you got me thinking of the one thing that sounds really good right now: Orange juice. And I'm all out at the moment. :-P