Horse Shite!!!

Most women don't deserve to be treated like princesses. It is something earned. Why should someone be treated like a princess just because she has a pagina?
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Your an awful person

I Think equestrian women are sexy on horses. they are considered to me as Royal princesses. they look hot in the saddle.

Isn't "pagina" the Italian word for "page" (as in, a page in a book)? Why the hell would you assume that only women read books?

obviously u are still single and living with your mom ;)

Obviously you have never been married or lived long enough to have an opinion.

i rest my case..thanks for the confirmation

Afirmation that you are a child with no real life experience. It would be like me giving someone my opinion about raising their children. Since I have never had children I would look like an *** like you do for opening your pie hole.

i don't need further confirmation but thank-you for further reinforcing my point. try to get out of your parents basement once in awhile because the world is an awesome place when you take the time to look around ;)

It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose.

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love.....>yeah but there are alot of women that should have had spankings when they were kids - because they were not punished properly.

gypsy.... I would imagine the same goes for many men...

yes, I know....I should have been punished more, then. Then maybe I would have turned out to be a 'nice girl.' lol

yeah but there are alot of women that should have had spankings when they were kids - because they were not punished properly

I am just the man to give spankings, more than happy to give the discipline that is needed to the women :)

there are 13 year old girls here talking about sex - they were clearly not disciplined in their family - i would have already had them bent over my knee and would make sure that their little behind is red

Sounds like you need a good spanking. Ironic everyone in this country is so concerned about sex and sexuality like the world is coming to an end because people are showing physical intimacy. I don't get it? Why aren't we more concerned with making sure they are educated properly to make informed decisions and make sure they have birth control? If we worried half as much about the violence in our society as we do about demonizing sexuality we might actually be on some kind of path that makes sense. What is the issue with demonizing sexuality?

Didn't realize you were a dude about the needing a spanking comment.

no alot of them are encouraged to have sexual partners and thats wrong - thats lusting, and i would not tolerate that kind of behavior in my home

there are even 36 year old women here that i would have already bent them over my knee and give them a spankin until their little behind is red

You didn't answer my question, why are you and others demonizing sexuality? What is so bad about people having physical intimacy better than killing each other.

i am not talking about that i am speaking of some of the women here that are rude - poor parenting is a result of their rude behavior and they need spankings

Answer my question about demonizing sexuality. Seems to me you are just trying to take over my job as head pervert. Who the hell are you to decide what is rude behavior anyway. You aren't old enough to have an opinion of that nature.

look at these 13 yearl girls in here spreading their sexual immorality to the public - they are clearly lacking in structure and discipline - something needs to be done about this - encouraging sexual behavior is not good for the soul

Neither is killing people with guns or playing video games all day about killing people or going to church and listening to hypocrites who say, do what I say not what I do. Why don't you quit worrying about sexuality being bad and concentrate on something that is actually your business and actually hurts you personally. You still cant say why sexuality is demonized, other than its not good for the soul. Why would being intimate with someone hurt your soul, that is a ignorant and completely brainless statement. Hitting someone hurts you soul jackass. I would rather see 13 year olds learning about sex and experimenting than watching you spanking your kids. How the hell does violence equate to love there Einstein?

actually you are wrong about video games they are very relaxing for my soul - so thats where you are wrong - sexual immorality and encouraging sexual behavior is sinful it goes against God - alot of these 13 year olds need structure and discipline - that is whats wrong in the world today

I knew it another one of GODS appointed hypocrites. God didn't say sexuality was wrong or anything about it other than in regards to adultery. It isn't your place to be judging anyone if you are a christian based on what your book says. Guess you just follow the parts that you like and disregard the rest. Go away hypocrite, if you can't state an opinion based on some somewhat tangible and credible argument you don't have a rite to an opinion. NO god did not tell you that.

you are right he didnt say sexuality is wrong he was talking about sex between husband and wife - and i am not judging - do you know waht the defintion of judging is ? - if we had better parenting girls and women would not act the way they do today - they would actually be good young ladies and gentlemen - lots of rude kids now days - how do they become like that? - a result of poor parenting

Yah well I agree with the poor parenting, I don't agree with your opinion about sexuality. People being intimate is not a bad thing and should never be demonized. Spanking on the other hand is completely and utterly and completely in conflict with the premise of love. How do you rectify violence and love? Its is completely backwards arse thinking. Trust me I got a spanking religiously mostly because that was my way of getting attention from my parents because they didn't know how to show love. Religion is for people who were deprived of oxygen and can't think for themselves. With religion you can justify anything in the name of god, how do you think the KKK supported there beliefs? Completely backwards *** thinking that is going to get us all killed.

sex was designed by God himself and manking has turned it into a sexual perversion immorality - sexual sins and they need to be punished for it - there are so many good women out there because they were properly disciplined as a child - not to many kids are disciplined now days

all it usually takes is a hand or a paddle to the behind and make sure its real red by the time i am done with them - you are going to be respectful around here - and go by the rules

Sounds like you think you should play god. F uck you and your christian morality I am not going to go into this with you as I know better than to try to debate anything with someone who uses religion as a scapegoat for everything they think. Just know this, people like you are on the way out. People more and more every day are becoming more and more secular. People are finally starting to reject the fairy tales of religion and the horseshite moral authority.

why do you think these kids now days are so rude and disrespectful - because they are coming from poor parents that do not know how to give proper discipline - what ablut the parents that use belts? - or beat them - a simple paddle or hand to their little behinds would be fine

No it isn't, violence and love are not compatible. People don't love their kids is the problem they are selfish and don't take the time and energy necessary to foster children's growth. They don't connect with the kids and they act like dictators instead of setting a good example and teaching children how to learn to think for themselves and giving them support and guidance when appropriate. Our society is suffering from generations and generations of abusive behaviors to our children. Discipline is not a one size fits all equation, what works for one child could be completely the opposite of what a different child needs. Most importantly is parents need to be firm, fair and consistent with that said they need to be trust worthy so when the kids have issues they can discuss it with the parents instead of being in fear of them finding out. Parents need to learn how to listen most importantly, playing dicatator or god over kids is not conducive to fostering growth and understanding. All being an abusive dictator does is make kids want to rebel. Adults hate dictators who don't treat them with respect why would children be any different. Children should not fear their parents they should respect them and if the parent is a bad example with zero patience then how can you expect the child to turn out any different?

we are talking about structure and discipline - lots of disrespectful kids and adults that were not properly disciplined because they do not act like ladies and gentlemen- they are rude - and they should have been punsihed for that as a child - you dont back talk me - or you will be punished with a simple paddle or hand to the back of their behinds - this is not violence - do you understand the difference?

Its is violence I was subject to it. This is simple and the last I am going to say about it as you are going to do and believe what you want. The problem with our society is we have parents who were never loved and don't love themselves raising children. So how does someone who doesn't love them self love another? They don't this is why we are creating monsters, parents put the kids in front of the tv like they were in prison to occupy the children to stay out of their hair because they don't want to deal with them. Most people don't have the patience and discipline themselves to have children. Just like you, you have zero clue on how to connect with anyone. Your answer to everything involves beatings not discipline. Discipline means teaching the child right from wrong and reinforcing it. It doesn't mean you spank their arse if they don't do what you say it means correcting the problem with appropriate punishment that is directly tied to what the issue is not some one size fits all arse beating for everything. PEOPLE ARE BAD EXAMPLES FOR THEIR KIDS!!! How can you expect a kid to be a good and productive human if you are setting a bad example for them? You can't and all the arse beating and yelling isn't going to change that. I have said enough about this. It isn't simple but it is obvious if people actually open their eyes. Write what you want I am not discussing this anymore no point.

if you want to relate paddling and spanking violence then that is your choice - but this is not violence - you are not setting a bad examp0le of teaching your kids not to balktalk and go by the rules - i would ground them and lock them in the room for how ever long they need it or spank them with a paddle,switch or hand

if they backtalk you discipline them - all these rude kids now days are resulting because their parents will not spank them - lots of them encourage rebellion - lost of rebellious people who need structure - if i had a friend and he backtalked me i would smack him as i would a son -or simply take them by the arm - sit them down - and have a talk with them

well, most men can give pretty good spankings.... I only wonder where they learned that skill? LOL

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<p>Funny you keep complaining but don't address the issues i have brought up in my posts.</p><p>gypsy .........oh im so sorry u feel that i have not added to ur comments or answered them...... just **** on the grass and call it a day, i de-claire.</p><p>
i address the issues to ur story line, the very first time i posted a comment on ur story, but u dont get it !</p>

No you don't get it I need to draw you a picture with a crayon.

Yea, you know, YOU ARE RIGHT, i dont get some one who hates on women and calls them...&gt;asexual fog horns, Leghorn women, just becuase they have the opportunity to do more, than cook,clean and make babies and wait on men.

I bet your goats arse is sore as hell since i have been f ucking it tell its bleeding.

i own no goats lol ............... u may own some..but not me !! ur such a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boy..

You may have opportunity to do more but most cant as women largely don't have the skills, they would rather just complain about men. I don't see a hell of a lot of women crawling under the house dealing with plumbing issues. I can't say as I have ever seen a woman that is a licensed commercial or residential electrician. Women loggers, steel workers, masons, few i have seen that are welders but for the most part women don't do these things. Some have the aptitude but most don't. Most can't even figure how to add oil to the car.

I got your goat, weather you want to admit you own one or not.

bet you do got my goat ......ha ha u baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa be good boy....and go play with ur goat.... and remember the babies might come out looking just like u with thier mouth wide open looking to suck

well you must live in a back woods then if the women where you live dont have any skills other than cleaning, cooking, making kids as they slop food down on the table. but if they choose to do that, so be it...

Were you live its mostly migrants doing those jobs. Bet you don't do any of those things even in a pinch.

i live in many places, not just one sweet heart.............. and i have also lived in texas. would you like for me to list all the places i have lived and travel often to? so good luck trying to peg me in to ur pidgon shoes, u baaaaaaaaaa boy.

Didnt answer the question, bet you cant do those things.

It sounds like to me your P ussy hurts better go rub it and make it feel better. Reminds me of the sound a baby calf makes, your a big old bawl calf!!!

***.....&gt; Were you live its mostly migrants doing those jobs. Bet you don't do any of those things even in a pinch

ummmmmm where you live&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; " Texas" is land of migrants from mexico talk about having common sense duh!!! look in your own back yard.... u have them on every street corner there.

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<p>janie men have .... that is why many men (not all) hate on women now... they feel they have lost the power to tell women what to do, lost their personal help mate ( a mommy) so they accuse us of being spoiled... if having rights same as men enjoy is being a princess so be it.</p><p>
<br />
I personally enjoy the fact that I'm able to get past wearing an apron, scrubbing floors, standing in a hot kitchen, stirring a pot of chicken soup, with screaming babies at my ankles. waiting for my man to get home for supper..., </p><p>if all I had going for me as a women was cooking, cleaning, making babies, that is very sad. thank god and for the changing times we have other opportunities ....</p><p>
<br />
many men hate the fact they no longer have a mommy/ wife at home doing for them... </p><p>when I was a single parent, and I was, in every sense of the word............. I would often wish I had a wife at home, so that when I came home, so that I would not have to cook or clean or help my child with his home work, bath time, do the laundry for next work, school day ....</p><p>id leave work just to go home to my second job. I stayed exhausted!!! I was bread winner and mommy, cook, home work checker, bath time maid, house cleaner, little league mom, gymnastics mom, volunteer at school mom, early morning surf class mom, (we live on an island) and the list goes on. </p><p>disclaimer... if a woman chooses to be at home so be it. at at least she has choices now.</p>

Choose not to have children. What I am getting at here is that women complain that men won't make a decision or wear the pants and yet if men try to do what women complain about then we are being controlling. Its a loose loose situation. Women expect men to do the chasing and put them on a pedistal and if you turn the tables they won't do the same for a man. Women say they want a Dominant man but they hate loosing control so they really want a guy they can lead around on a leash. I am not one of those leech guys that do nothing and expect everything quite the opposite and so with that said I want someone who compliments me not a loud mouth agressive obnoxious person I get to have a confrontation with every time there is an issue.

who would of known the father would not be a father???!!! know one can predict the future, get real...............

so since women are able to enjoy some of the same benfits as men do.... does that make men asexual also ? since u have acussed women of being asexual.

Funny you keep complaining but don't address the issues i have brought up in my posts.

The comment i made about a father, is a statement- not complaning.

Im just having fun rattling your arse mostly and anyone else that likes to play. My point about being asexual is that I am not attracted to bossy, loud, obnoxious, controlling women. So if that is how you choose to act don't be surprised if your home alone. Most men are learned to play your game as getting in the warm hole is more important that having standards. I refuse and I am choosing to remain asexual myself at least until I get out of the south. We will see after that, seems easier just to go to the Philippines a few times a year than deal with the drama.

wow, guess we touched a nerve!

No I don't have any nerves left, I pulled them all out by the roots. I made the mistake of getting married once.

Single moms have the toughest job in the world!!!!

There are enough kids in the world, and the catholics and LDSs are making up for those that don't have any. That being said, single mothers shouldn't date period. Those kids are the priority not some man, it isnt fair to the kids nor is it fair to any man either to expect him to be of no priority in the womans life. You choose to have the kids now your life should be about them. I don't feel one bit sorry for anyone who has kids.

lets try some good old fashion common sense here............what about the single dads hello???? for every single mom there is a single dad................ so do u agree single dads should not date too ?

Absof ucking lutely!!! People make the decision to have children they should own up to the responsiblity. One of the reasons our country is falling apart children have very little leadership/role models in their lives. Co-dependents raising children is not my idea of a good role model.

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Mate, if you had lived in Texas and listened to those disrespectful Foghorn Leghorn women taking down to their husbands and boyfriends you would have a problem with American women as well.

just because a woman has her own thoughts doesnt make her as you call her..... a leghorn /fog horn.that thinking is so archaic! women are not going to mommy you .....and kiss ur boo boo way.. sweety pie

Mate, you can't assume that all women are ungrateful, especially if your attitude gives them nothing to be grateful about.
A lot of men, don't treat them with respect, that's why respect and chivalry surprises them.
Part of being a man is to lead by example and do the right thing regardless of whether someone else will give you a tic for your tac.

I have a V A G I N A .... just saying. ALSO having been married for almost 15 yrs and now looking back I think it was a mutual failure to appreciate eachother! SO if each party can keep on "being good to eachother" I do think things can be successful! and a nice firm spanking keeps things lively... XD

hmmmm... guess I better go earn myself...

no need to take it so literal ...just be a nice guy and treat her well .. u dont have to go find the lost glass slipper too lol

Women are spoiled rotten in our society and they act like they are entitled. If most women could go spend a month living in some place like the Philippines then they might have a better understanding of just how lucky they are.

what if men did that, too?

IntangibleAsset....&gt; Women are spoiled rotten in our society and they act like they are entitled.

gypsy ... men as ur self... hate the fact us women have gained the right to be more than slopping up after your ... and u hate that u no longer can marry a sweet o mom type, who will wipe ur ...

No it not about having rights, its about the fact so many have low self esteem and over compensate. Women have zero idea of how to be a woman anymore. Thats all fine and great if you want to be asexual. It is a complete turn off for women to act like men or worse. Being soft spoken and sweet doesnt make you weak.

guy if you think my esteem is low ......... i got some ocean front property in my back yard i want to sell you lol ...........

who taught you this thinking???? is ur mom asexual ur sister? does ur dad call women leg horn? fog horn ? i mean really!!!! do u think that of women u work with /for? in that way ? and if you do.... do you get along with them on a superficial level? id like to understand why u hate on women so much.... i bet u didnt get along with ur mommy hu ........

I don't just hate women I am a misanthrope, humans as a species are a complete disaster. I just responded to someone else saying women should be treated like a princess. Men are idiots as well obsessed with sports, afraid to show any weakness. My favorite about humans in general is most have zero common sense. Women expected to be treated as equals and they aren't equals for the majority. I have total respect for anyone that can show me different but that is a very very uncommon occurrence.

yes u also hate ur self............ thats why ur projecting ur hate onto women ..they are much more vulnerable,than men in many ways ... which im sure you would even disput that...

No I don't hate myself, at least I try and recognizer the human condition most don't that is the issue. Hence why children die from crazy people, why a country like ours could have such substantial wealth why socially we are collapsing, why the wages of the average working class person is stagnant why the rich keep on getting richer off of the working classes labor, why people are sick and dying why people are making money off of their sickness and health, healthcare shouldn't be an option when people are making money hand over fist from it. I could go on and on.

Oh poor pathetic women, just tears my heart out.

i bet it does .

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