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A real man treats every woman like a princess, even women who don't act like they should. If he can treat women nicely always, he'll win their respect, hands down.
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Oh by the way,, did something with an ex that might not be considered to be nice on the initial look. But when my ex would go into the bathroom to take a shower,, I would so often sneak in and take her clothes from her. Causing and making her to get out of the shower and bathroom totally naked.

But it wasn't without cause.

For I never did this without also joining her in the shower. And it was NOT always about sex. It was about sex part of the time,, but it was also about emotional intimacy and being close with each other.

People do funny things like that to be intimate, I'm sure she knew who did it...

Teasing is one of the best ways to keep intimacy fresh... I do it all the time and love when someone does to me.

Yeah,, being that there was no one else in the house except for the cat. I don\'t think that she would have bought it if I blamed the cat.

Something that I most definitely agree with. TGIF!!!! (see my pics)

Remember before I got married, after getting married, and all throughout even to the time when she got really sick,, as much as I wanted to climb on top of her for one particular reason, so many times I would instead straddle her hips and spend hours massaging her back to her thighs to help alleviate pain that she experienced.

lovers who are in love are like that....

Maybe so Janie. But why does it have to be restricted to lovers? I mean, shouldn't we always treat people in that manner?

I mean simple. I straddle her, she is naked, I'm between her legs, there is right there that soft moist opening and I know she would be so receptive. But I instead ignore my erection and focus on massaging her so as to provide her some comfort.

Why can't more men be like this? Just focus on massaging her, relieving the tension in her muscles.. If more men would do that, then they will learn that she will be more open and willing.

A Real Man Takes good care of a woman! If he doesn't take care and treats her badly he is not a real man!

Guys who take care of women are fun, sexy, flirtatious and at the top of my dating list...

amen 2 to that!

You will only ever get treated the way you let someone, or make someone treat you

good response

I agree! Women should be treated with respect and adoration. They will be happy. If the women are happy, then we men will be happy as well. Women are like fine works or art, beautiful and to be cared for. And as it turns out, are usually smarter than men.

When men act like men, women act better...

Well, Ballen you can still be chivalrous yet cautious at the same time. I hope you don't lose your spirit, so just let it make you wiser and stronger than before. The one who appreciates you will come!

I try to look for the good in people, but that clearly doesn't mean I could ever live with just anyone.... but I think there are plenty of good people, men and women, around. You might not find them where you expect to -- bars, clubs, work. You may find them where you would never guess, gyms, libraries, parks, churches.... just to give a few ideas.