I think skirts look a lot smarter on us woman and a lot more flattering. They make women's bodies look a lot more flattering and look more feminine.

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4 Responses Mar 16, 2010

I totally agree and I've many times come to say that it should be FORBIDDEN for women to wear trousers (OK, just a joke). Even the tightest women's blue-jean can't be compared to a nice, tight skirt, even if the latter is below the knee. Add sheer hosiery and heels and I can hardly hide my excitement...!

Excellent! I totally agree.

I totally agree. Not only do they look smarter on you ladies and are a lot more flattering and make your bodies more feminine, as you so rightly pointed out, they make you more flattering as a woman, and even more... they make you look extremely classy, no matter what the occasion.<br />
Thanks for being a woman who likes wearing them.

I agree with you too. Just add hose and heels. :D