My Life In Diapers

I am 30 f my name is patty I have wet the bed all my life and I love it diapers stoped being some thing i was ashamed of at 15 I dont know why bbut i found it fun to be wet I loved weaking up in a wet bed diaper leaked my mom just got me thicker diapers it took me a few weeks to lusn how early to get my night diaper on befor bed time but i have a wet bed mose morining and a wet bed at bed time.

Life been fun meeting a guy who wet too had a lot of fun still am
pattyann55413 pattyann55413
31-35, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

I am a man :-)... I also like used to pee in bed, now prefer disposable diapers TENA, they give me a more intense experience... It is great fun to pee into them and then to start ********** and in the end ********* my ***** ... I like female ****, that smell and taste is wonderful... And I love seeing wet naked photos of girls, maybe you have some, so add to your profile, thanks...