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Many crossdressers want to meet a woman who is attracted to trannies. This is more of an opinion, rather than a story, but I hope many curious women and other trannies will read. I've writtien this piece elsewhere on EP, but the opinion seems to fit in well with the theme of this group.

Women fall into one of 3 general categories with respect to crossdressing males: Category 1) Women who are turned off completely by the thought of a crossdressed male. Category 2) Women who are indifferent to the thought of a crossdressed male. Category 3) Women who are intrigued or possibly even aroused by the thought of a crossdressed male.

I suspect the majority of women fall into Category 1. This is understandable for sure. Afterall, humans are creatures of their environment. And society's general opinion is that men should dress like men, and not dress like women. It is a double standard for sure (as women can wear men's clothing and be considered very fashionable), but this is a sort of social conditioning that begins at an early age and is rather well cemented by the time puberty arrives, and certainly by the time we reach adulthood.

A smaller percentage of women fall into Category 2. These are the women who are indifferent to men that crossdress. They are probably a little more open minded than those in Category 1. They realize that there are a number of crossdressing males in society, and accept the fact that it's relatively harmless. I suspect these women would tend toward accepting a crossdressing male as a friend. However, they may or may not accept a crossdressing male in a more initmate relationship. I don't believe a woman in this category would necessarily begin dating someone they knew to be a crossdresser...and that's not how most relationships between a woman and crossdressing male begin anyway. Usually, the dating begins with the male not exposing his crossdressing desires initially. As the dating matures into a loving relationship, the crossdressing male may then reveal his transvestic desires. BTW: some crossdressing males choose not to reveal this aspect of their personalities even after the relationship evolves into a loving one...but that's a whole 'nother can 'o worms. Once revealed, the woman has decisions to make. Stay with the guy or dump him. If she chooses to stay, then to what extent will she accept his crossdressing. Acceptance at this stage can take on wide range variations. Anything from, "you can dress occasionally, but I don't want to see it"...all the way to, "put on those stockings and heels baby, come and get me." While not very scientific on my part, I've found this to be the most typical way in which a long term relationship develops between a woman and her crossdressing man. What I have found to be quite interesting are that a number of women in this category are very happy being married to or have some form of a long term relationship with a crossdressed male. It seems that it's not something she would have envisioned for herself initially, but once she is in a loving relationship with a tranny, she finds she really enjoys it. She basically transforms from a Category 2 woman to a Category 3 woman. Of course, not all women are as enthusiastic. In fact, some women accept the crossdressing initially, only to reject it later. This person transforms from a Category 2 woman to a Category 1 woman - trannies such as myself find these stories to be especially sad.

Then there is the Category 3 woman!! Every straight crossdresser on the planet dreams of meeting this woman, yet she is very rare. She is turned on by the thought of her man transforming himself into a lovely woman. For the rare, wonderful woman that falls into Category 3, the world is your oyster. There are probably hundreds of crossdressing males for every female that is attracted to him. And I doubt that just any crossdressing male will do. Women attracted to a tranny are likely to want that tranny to look relatively convincing. She's probably less likely to want a big, burly, muscular, hairy, manly man - and more likely to want her man leaner, and hairless. Again, these are tendencies...nothing is totally set in stone. One thing is clear to me though...the women that fall into Category 3 can have their pick of the tranny litter, so to speak.

Advantages for the Open Minded Woman:
Ladies...if you think having sex with a crossdresser might be fun, then please read just a bit further. If you are open to a sexual relationship with a crossdresser, you might find yourself having the time of your life! I'm going to stick my neck out and make a very generalized statement, but the crossdressed male will do almost anything to fulfill your sexual desires and fantasies. For those women who enjoy receiving oral sex, the crossdresser is looking to give you the utmost pleasure. I mean, we enjoy giving oral regardless, but when we are crossdressed, we totally get so much more into it. In my own personal case, I don't just want you to have an ******, I want you to have multiples on top of multiples until you are exhausted. I won't be happy until you are practially begging me to stop. If you like toys...just tell us how you'd like us to pleasure you with them. Romance - we can fix a lovely dinner with wine and dessert. Even a bubble bath with rose petals. Perhaps you'd enjoy a nice relaxing massage...they can be so much better when if we are wearing stockings and stiletto heels. In other words...ladies...whatever pleasures you seek, the crossdressed male is willing to give you that in spades. I'm going to go out on another limb here, but I will bet that any tranny will do a much better job pleasuring you while he is crossdressed, than when in male mode only. Why is that? It's because the crossdresser is also getting exactly what he wants. The opportunity to please his woman, while being dressed like a woman. It's far less important for us to ****** (though we know we will eventually). It's far more important for us to ensure you have many, many *******. And it's such a turn on for us to help you achieve this level of arousal while we are all dressed up.

There are even some women who have given testimonials to this effect. They love their hubbies, boyfriends, etc. But WOW...the sex is amazing when they are dressed up. Think about it!!
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what a great article to read and to consider if I have a falling out with my wife over om lower surgeries as well.

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

Thank you Stacy, very well said. I hope more woman would get expose to this type of comments. I know i would love to find the women who would at least understand it without thinking we are suddenly a completely different person in our heart.

I think there are more Cat 3 women out there than we realize. Think about why so many CDs are in the closet. Cat 3 women will likely stay in the closet for many of the same reasons. It becomes a nasty "catch 22." If everyone remains closetted, there is no way for all of us to get together. EP does give us a little window of opportunity to express our desires safely. And I will say that some women have messaged me privately about this topic. Believe me, some of them are just as afraid as we are of admitting we like this.

Interesting insight. I've been in category2, live and let live until now.I believe I'm a 3. I've fallen for a man who cross dresses. He's so afraid to share with me because of past bad experiences. I can't know for sure how I feel about it until I experience it. I've seen pictures of him as a woman and still want to proceed but can't guarantee if I will be satisfied since it is new to me. I know like anyone else, CDs have their own preferences but just can't picture quite how it will go when we are finally together.. I don't want to ask something of him that will turn him off so in a way I'm like him, I know he likes to be penetrated but does that mean he won't penetrate me.... I don't expect you to know that really. I know he is submissive, expects me to take the lead. I just don't want to lead in the wrong direction.... He doesn't just occasionally wear women's clothes, he longs to be a woman and is strongly attracted to strong women. He trusts me enough to talk openly about it and I think sex is imminent. Any tips? I want it to be good and I certainly don't want to make his fears come true by hurting him emotionally as he has been in the past. I'm of the "you won't know if you don't try" way of thinking but I have alot more ego strength than he does.

Hi Figuring...I'm happy to try to help. Let's message each other on this topic. First and foremost, however, don't worry too much about how to proceed. There really isn't a "right way" vs. a "wrong way."

Hi .. All this is so true . I found my supporting wife 25 years ago and she still to this day buys my fem clothes . This is true love !!!!

Hi Cindie - that is so wonderful! It's so great to hear about happy couples such as you and your wife. It really is possible for CDs to find that special someone who will accept them, and actively enjoys with him. Thanks for sharing.

an excellent're word's are so true.wish i could find my soulmate.

Hang in there Kerrilynn. Your soulmate is out there.

I'm for sure Category 3 woman! Its super hot to me that a man would want to dress as a women! Its very fascinating to me!! I don't mind hairy ahaha .. I would love to experience being in a relationship with a cross dresser at least once in my lifetime if not more! It'll be amazing and so much fun!!

Hi Bittersweet - you are lovely woman and a dear friend. I know you will have a wonderful relationship with a crossdresser. You will love it and so will he/she.

Love it! Will definitely message you with some thoughts

Awesome, thanks!