Quite Lovely I Say


He will laugh openly when he realizes I created a group just for him but he deserves it.  He does so much for so many on this site and never asks for anything in return. He is a great friend and very deserving of accolades.  If you haven’t taken the time to get to know him you should.  I highly recommend him to all of you.


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10 Responses Feb 15, 2009

HEHE because you are so awesome Teri. I told him I thought you would make a great friend and as usual, i was right LOL. I love you girl.<br />
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Rog, Oh sweetheart you are always blushing and it is really quite lovely lol.

Ohhh Rog, I love you sweetie and you are really quite lovely.

Oh yes, he is awesome ladies and everyone knows I love him.

He is simply amazing! He is so giving and so in tune with what I have been dealing with. He offers his love, support and friendship always. All1rog you are the BEST!

yes, he is so awesome. he is my honey.

I just EP 'met' him yesterday... what a nice person.<br />
nice tribute FG....<br />
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~ you are the bomb chica ~

And he is HOTT!!!! Let me just say he is HOTTTT!

Absolutely. He's classy, too, always a gentleman, ready to lend a kind and encouraging word. He can cook for me anytime! Thanks, all1rog!

I agree FG! He is so supportive and such a nice guy... He is awesome about answering mail and I always look forward to hearing from him. Thanks so much for sending him my way when I was downer than dirt, he has become a true friend of mine.

Oh ty sweetie for being a refuge for me.