Amayaaaa :d

meh buddeh! who apparently hated me at first...yes she even told me that...which is kind of awesome. jesus, without you who would stay up until 5am with meh!? D: talking on yahoo and discussing why oreo is a douche?! :[ or how you saved those pictures and sent them to me?! XD and how i made fun of you for having them on your comp D: and and remember the time we dicussed what kind of animal we would be!? bnd i decided youd be a hippo and you said i was an elephant :] so then when you said you had to take a shower i was like "hippo's bath in puddles! go find a puddle and flop around! XD" ahahaha. and i was like "you would probably flop over on accident and start drowning in your puddle!!!" XDDDDDDDDD

god I'm retarded :D but your a bit "special"and i think thats we get along so well :]

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I never hated her..I simply *wrongly* grouped her together with the barrage of whiny,tween girls that I've become accustomed to at first... >> I explained it to her already. D:

wow, that's one hell of a story...<br />
<br />
lol =P

*ahem* -______-