If you look at all the civil unrest America has experienced through the years, it's no mistake that that these Marxists have manipulated the American society trying to breakdown our country inside out. Political Correctness is a disruption public discourse and disagreement. The left employ calling  a person a racist if they do something that  someone of another race find offensive, Burn a Koran and you receive death threats. If you don't believe in free speech for everyone then you don't deserve it either.
   If you go to an American college today, multi culturalism is mainstream, it's the kiss of death if you are a Christian  Heterosexual Conservative. You write a paper reflecting these views, you will undoubtedly will get a failing grade. Colleges and public schools are indoctrination centers for the Communist agenda.
   Sex education is a destructive avenue introduced at too early an age and really doesn't belong elementary school. Children have a hard enough time adjusting to social environments with out personal ideas displayed in public. Sex is an issue that children don't need to explore what they've been taught in the classroom. Is it any wonder that there are more than three hundred times the amount of childhood pregnancies today than before sex education was introduced into the curriculum? You may as well give a loaded gun to a monkey and hope for the best.
Communism has never gone away and all you have to do is listen to some of our politicians and you'll hear it, admiration for Lenin, Marx, Stalin or Mao. Communists leaders who have sent more people to their death than all the world wars combined. 
   Under various guises of gay liberation, anti Christian, liberal, progressive, feminism or anti capitalist they are all from the Marxist doctrine to divide us against ourselves and they are using the media to assault us in our living rooms. Once the Communist agenda has been accomplished all these little factions will become redundant and abolished. Wake up and get involved, don't watch your television, there is nothing truthful in the news. All you are seeing there is the part of the story they want you to see. That's the real reason they want to censor the web. The truth can still be seen there.
     In other countries that are non Christian they burn Bibles, American Flags and our President in Effigy, so what's the big deal with burning Korans in America? Disrespectful? Bullshit, the door swings both ways. Freedom of expression is still an American right, I suggest all Americans start using their unalienable rights and discourse before it's too late.
    Our Constitution is our guideline that our forefathers presented to the world and it is still just as viable today as the day it was written. Freedom never goes out of style and is never old fashion. That's why most people of the world want to come to America. Can you remember who you are? Do you even care?

Here's a good article that exemplifies the use of some tactics to ruin the America we should all work to protect.

Caliper Caliper
56-60, M
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I wrote another story but E.P. won't let the story be submitted. Glitch or censorship who knows<br />
All I can do is post this link:<br />
http://www.theblaze.com/stories/afl-cio-leader-gladly-accepts-communist-party-award/<br />
It pretty much sums up the driving force behind organized labor in America. When you see the AFL-CIO President gets the American Communist party award you take notice.