Charlotte Iserbyt


   To all those who have lost their critical thought processes, you are ready for what comes next. You can believe what you will, whether it be that the schools insist that our Fore fathers were terrorists, there is no God ( constant preaching evolution) , the banning of certain books to keep you from forming a wider view of the issues, or continue to beat the drum of political correctness. It's all designed to make you easier to fit the conformity mold of the world the money people have planned for you. You will be less of a thinker or even have a clue in approaching your problems of day to day life without a controller comrade looking over your shoulder in the coming nanny state.  Walmart shoppers are encouraged to rat out fellow shoppers for looking suspicious, Like buying a lot of stuff or paying with cash. The life of collectivism as in communism is where this all leads, from cradle to grave. The script has already been written, so laugh all you want and blame yourself for not understanding what is lost will never be regained. Planned servitude will be your lot in life.
    You will no longer have the choice to eat organic food because agri-science companies as in the producers of GMO's have adulterated the food supply to sterilize you. These factory farms have harassed local farmers with frivolous lawsuits under false pretense to drive the natural farmer out of business The FDA is attacking Natural supplement providers and will drive them out of business so you can't find an alternative nutrient supply as in vitamins. Factory big business farms now control 80% of U.S. farm lands. The food you grow in your backyard  is outlawed but check with you local authorities. Farmers markets are being closed down. There has been an assault on the Amish for taking milk to market to sell. So you won't have anything organic anymore.
    It's suspected that the recent out break of e-coli in Germany is a bio engineered disease as the strain of the outbreak is resistant to eight (8) antibiotics which almost never occurs in nature.  The e-coli is exposed to each antibiotic one at a time collecting the surviving colonies of e-coli and introduce those colonies the next anti bioticand so on, will produce the antibiotic resistant strain of e-coli. The article link provided is succinct in this explaination
Codex Alimentarius in progress thanks to the U.N. protocol. All vitamins and nutrients are now declared toxins and most recently outlawed in Germany. The natural healing powers of vegetables are now under attack.  Wake up people!
   Forced immunization / which with nano technology (Bill Gates promotes this) will be forced veri-chip, that will make you easier to track like cattle. Are you a happy cow? I suppose the GPS tracking capability of your cell phone wasn't efficient enough. Resistance will be futile The next scare tactic of the swine flu or some other genetically manipulated virus causing a pandemic will bring  mandated inoculation, that will take care of the ver-chip process. Not getting the shot you say? You either do or you will be quarantined, without a job and no money you will starve. Of course in the cashless society, whenever you become a trouble maker or non conformist your chip will be turned off or maybe the chip will release a deadly virus ( so you won't be a burden to the healthcare program) to magically remove you from the controlled social network of humanity.
   What you don't know won't hurt you will it? The radiation levels for safe exposure has been raised by the E.P.A. You can  trust the government they have your interest at heart. Taxes solve everything don't they?
All the money in the world thrown at our problems will never correct  The U.S.'s problems without critical thinkers. Forget Washington there aren't any there who are worried about anything but  padding their pockets.

Caliper Caliper
56-60, M
Jun 5, 2011