Answering Us Education Problems Is Not Complex--it's A Matter Of Common Sense



Too often, U.S. schools promise to make students "career- and college-ready," Ginsburg says, but they end up not ready for either one.

Goldin, the Harvard economist, says gauging what kinds of skills will prove most valuable to U.S. students is difficult, if not impossible. But evidence suggests that students need a strong educational foundation, without "breaks in the chain," from early education through college, she contends.

It also seems likely that demand will continue for skills that are not easily replaceable, such as analytical faculties, and the ability to think abstractly across disciplines, she says.

Such skills, Goldin points out, are not always easy to test, internationally or domestically—or to develop in the classroom.

"It's much easier to teach with a textbook," she says. But "life is not about answering questions correctly. That's why it's difficult to teach it right."

Comment: Really--life is not about answering questions correctly....?  Seems to me that that is EXACTLY what life is about.

I am amazed that so many college professors are leading the way to American dumbness. As a college professor I pride myself on using critical thinking skills, but also on asking the right question to begin with. The right questions are always based on the right (correct) assumptions. The assumption here is that teaching US students skills that will help them 'succeed' is too complex to figure out--it's too complicated. Really? It wasn't too complicated when I was in school. Another assumption here is that life now is so much more sophisticated than in the past--that the world is so fast paced and complicated that we can't adequately keep up with our young people's 'advanced' needs. Really? What would happen if the K to College system were to start accepting reports turned using 'texting' language because 'that's what kids need to do today'? Since there is no standard for texting language, these 'reports' could be organized any way students 'felt like doing it'. Fast forward into work life where there must be standards otherwise people get hurt or die and you'd have a disaster on your hands. There is no such thing as 'special modern educational needs'; this is just the ages old excuse of students who simply want to be lazy.

Meeting today's needs to prepare students for success in life means the same as it always has--hard work, facts, thinking skills, problem solving, and a good attitude.

How is it that this idiot Harvard economist fails to see that solving problems in mathematics, or biology, or in writing generalize to solving problems in all sorts of academic and non-academic areas of life.

If we return to educating the hell out of our children--be it using technology or using good old fashioned black boards, note taking, and discussion--they will be equipped to succeed.

If we provide liberal doses of the facts as we know them, of rigorous critical thinking skills, and of common sense--every single day as was done when I was in school--then our children will be able to think for themselves.

This is NOT complicated at all--it is simply a matter of not being afraid of our children and instead being confident enough to give them what they NEED in our schools--as opposed to what they WANT.

Shame on our politicians, teachers principals, school boards, universities, and professors for putting their own needs for power and influence ahead of simply doing the right thing in our K to College system.

We are becoming a nation of gullible fools, who accept the dependency manufactured by American money and power mongers because they are so poorly educated so as to not know what's good for them and their children.


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The problem is the U.S. government school system as a whole. It is the most debilitating institution on this planet. We require a system like the informal education here before the turn of the last century when we were a productive nation that led the world in most of manufacturing. This school system is in place to create an unproductive nation of non-thinkers, PERIOD

'This school system is in place to create an unproductive nation of non-thinkers, PERIOD.' You said it, and what better environment could there be for the hoards of 'industries' in the US to 'sell' us their useless products and services, from education, to medicine, to alternative energy, to 'self-help', to any -ism you care to name, to 'national security', to 'protecting girls and women', to affirmative action, to No Child Left Behind, to obesity, to basic how to live our lives, make our decisions, worship our God, solve our problems, and raise our children. The US Educational System is the reason why the word 'stupider' will makes its way into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Yes a nation of professional consumers!!!