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I agree that Americans are "dumbed down". I am from Scotland, live in England, and have travelled extensively. Most Europeans have the same impression about Americans.
The strange thing is that when you take the "effort" to talk about them, they are nice, generous people.
But when it comes to sex, they feel that they have been ''let out of prison", because women can show their boobs on the beach!
Regarding the Avatar of "Alfred E. Newman" from Mad Mag...I have the very first copy of the magazine. It is not in good condition. But it is probably worth a few quid.
What do you think?
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I have had very limited travel in Europe so I cannot make any real general judgment about the citizens of Europe. But I have many friends from Europe and most of them now live in France, Norway, Ireland, and Russia. We communicate almost weekly and I contend we help each other understand and learn the current attitudes of their country. My travels have been in Asia, Austria, Central & South America and many island countries of the Pacific and Atlantic. From my travels, experiences as a American, and associates I contend that most countries have been dumbed down in order to control the population and "mainstream its youth" into supporting socialization. Americans sexual beliefs and practices are the results of the hang over of strong Puritan and Catholic influence.