Dude......who Saved My Life....

Once upon a time, in the far corners of the world, sat a guy called Jake and a girl called Becci. Their Worlds collided one day, when they were both sat at their computers, surfing around the net. Amazingly, they picked the same wave to surf on.....and struck up a conversation. What happened next changed their lives forever...

From the second I spoke to you, I knew we were going to be friends. And not just friends, the epic kind of friendship that lasts a lifetime. We have only been friends for around two months but I cannot really imagine my life now without you in it. Not only are you 'One Cool Dude', but you are one of the most genuinely nice guys I have ever met. You not only listen to my inane ramblings, put up with me when I am feeling down and do your best to cheer me up....you also seem to understand the crazy, hyper side of me that nobody else really gets. And understanding me is a complicated business, so I have to congratulate you for that!

I know that I have dumped a lot on you during this short time...but your positivity astounds me. You face things head on, with a good outlook...and you never fail to be supportive. You are always there when I need you, and, lets face it, you waste a lot of time talking to me...I am surprised you get anything done! And sure, we talk about the weather a lot.....but who doesn't? Passes the time right?

I wish you would have more self belief and see yourself they way I do. You always see your own life in the negative, but can put a positive spin on anyone else's problems. You need to turn this positivity onto yourself....and see that although things may be tough right now....you have friends to get you through it. You have done more for me than you could ever imagine, and I don't know where I would be right now without you being there for me. You have saved me from a lot of things, including myself, and that is no easy task for anyone to have to go through. I am surprised you have stuck around this long!

So......my best friend......the guy who knows me better than I know myself....if people don't love you the way I do.....they are crazy!
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

I honestly couldn't respond earlier when I saw this....I was speechless. All I can say is thank you! You are the best friend any person can ask for :-)