The Sweetest

Amy knows that butterflies

are really Angels, in disguise,

that winds are fanned by Fairies' wings,

that we all love the way she sings.

We can't imagine how we'd be

without our Amy on EP!

amberdextrous amberdextrous
51-55, M
8 Responses Mar 8, 2010

crap - sorry dex it's just not interesting to me. if you wrote a poem to me i would want to be the one to read it first.

thanku polly..hugs

im sorry...yeah everyone important..<br />
thanku for poem..<br />

Great poem, Dex. I've only been friends with Amy for a short while but she has indeed brightened my time here :)

Thank You for your comments, everyone. I'm pleased -and not at all surprised- that so many people share my view of Amy's wonderful contribution to the best side of EP.<br />
<br />
Amy, it doesn't have anything to do with importance, Honey. We are all equally important here. What I love -and I think everyone loves- about you is the way you take the time to make sure your friends know that you care for and appreciate them. You are our sparkling jewel.

and i say u r more important..

she is lovely, i love the girl.

hugs..<br />