Angels in Human Form

In the following story, the character of Elizabeth is really me. This is my story...

I believe that Spirit assigned many angels to lead humans into their highest potential. Some of these angels, to fulfill their specific assignments, needed to be born into human form. In the process of being born, these angels forgot their angelic origin, however, they kept their angelic temperament.

Angels-incarnate in human form have certain recognizable characteristics. From a very early age, they tend to feel different from other people, without understanding why. Since they understand Spirit as unconditional love and acceptance, they demonstrate their angelic temperament by being loving and kind in their day to day life. It is natural for them to desire the best for all concerned, so they cannot hold a grudge for long. If provoked for long enough, they may get angry and choose to remove certain people from their lives, but they almost never seek revenge. Revenge is not a part of their angelic temperament.

Of course these Angels-incarnate have a strong sense of purpose. This is because they came to earth for a very specific purpose, to bring light and love into the world. Even when they have no direct memory of their eons as an angel with Spirit, they tend to create an incredible amount of healing and positive energy.

One common reason why the angels in human form often know they are different from other people is because they remember being ridiculed for being different. For example, one angel-incarnate named Elizabeth had problems with schoolmates when she was a child. Elizabeth was a very shy nine-year old girl who did not understand the school social structures of the other very human children. One of her classmates noticed that Elizabeth was shy and vulnerable, and therefore would be safe to pick on. With lies, vicious rumors and innuendo, what little social life Elizabeth had was destroyed as was her self-esteem and self-image. Even the classmates she thought were her friends turned on her. Elizabeth never understood how they could believe such obvious lies. She felt devastated, lonely, different and scared. Elizabeth soon dreaded going to the school that she used to enjoy so much.

When, as an adult, Elizabeth realized that she was truly an angel born into a human body, she gained a completely new perspective. Understanding her true nature, she started to reflect on her early childhood years when everything seemed wonderful, full of light and love. Indeed, everyone had said that she was a beautiful little girl with and angelic temperament. As she reflected on those early years, she remembered how those other children believed the lies of one girl and started to act like vicious pack animals. Elizabeth also became aware of how those early problems with her classmates had affected the rest of her life. She was able to look back on all the different things she had done through the years to fit in, to be likeD, to not be rejected. The results of her early emotional pain were obvious. Then she remembered all the times she instinctively helped those who needed it whether they asked for the help or not. It seemed second nature to take care of problems, to avoid conflict, and to smooth out troubles between people.

Even now, decades later, she really can’t understand why some humans act the way they do. As Elizabeth started to realize that the differences inherent in her were due to her true angelic nature, some of the fear and emotional pain started to fall away. As she also learned to establish healthy boundaries, Elizabeth noticed that she had a much more powerful attitude about life, a much better self-image, and she felt much happier.

As you are reading this story, have you been wondering if this is really true? Are there really angels here on this earth? Could you be one of those angels? If you empathize with Elizabeth and you recognize an angelic temperament within you, it is certainly a possibility. You might even be getting goose bumps as you are realizing your true angelic nature.

Being an angel-incarnate does not indicate perfection. Instead, it reveals responsibility and purpose, and helps lead to the answers of many questions which previously were mysteries. Questions like Why have I always felt so different from others?î Why is it that I sometimes experience hurt feelings, but never really hold a grudge?î Why do I have a strong sense of purpose, even though I may not know what that purpose is?î Why have I never been convinced by any of the various religious belief systems, but instead, have always had my own personal understanding of Spirit that is deep and unshakable?

Maybe it's because you're an angel...Interesting thought...Could it be true?  Think about it.

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                        Love and Blessings, ZARA ANGEL
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Andre the giant was an angel in human form. He was a devout Christian and was horribly treated by most people because of his disease including his parents. He is always described by people as kind, gentle, lovable, sweet, gracious, fairy tale like, intuitive, giving, having a light and a miracle. The wrestling industry needed angel. Sadly the industry since his death is just soap opera socialist garbage. God will wake many up though. Don't believe eveythingyou read online. He could drink a lot of beer but rarely was drunk. He does have a daughter but he made a donation to a woman who wanted a child. His disease made a sexual relationship impossible. She took advantage of him and denied him access to his daughter while taking him to court to get more child support. An evil woman who tore his heart out and her daughters heart as well. I love him like a child even though I am the same age as his daughter. I can't wait to get to heaven and carry that 7"4 520lb angel around like the precious baby he is.

That sounds a lot like my life and the intriguing thing is my name is Elizabeth aka Beth. However mine is slightly different, by the gifts that I have received by God, as well as His using me to show He still exists, miracles still happen for real and on His timing. For example I went to a retreat with some people from New Jersey the wonderful people were just so awesome, it helped me to love USA even more. Anyways, I had a severe allergic reaction to an unknown insect bite from my foot to my thigh it swell up. No medication would heal me or helped but to take the pain away for a moment of time. One girl asked me if I like to be prayed for. I said sure I would love that. Maybe God may use me to show He still exist today. I have Faith in Him. So they prayed, momentarily my leg started to move up and down I believe I either heard, God or an angel to tell me to get up and walk. So I said pardon me please, I believe I need to get up and walk. So I got up and walked and my leg went from a balloon to normal size in an instant. That girl who asked to pray over me, came to me thanking me. I told her it isn't me you should be thanking, it is God, give Him the praise and honor and glory. Yes he used me several times to show that He isn't done with me yet. My message is this though, they need to stop attacking His team. There are better ways to have saint hood or angels being remembered. He won't send His son until this stupidity stops. One must realize what they are asking when trying to end God's team. They don't want to God's team to save the world but other bad things to happen. So it must end this stupidity of showing what happened to Jesus. I also tried to protect when lives of the family was threatened by 3 or 4 demons in one sibling. I often believed she was possessed. I met the demon of apocalypse, greed, jealousy, and hatred. I thought they were joking that they were planning to kill all of us, so I prayed each night to make sure the demon or demons who are making this threat to be put to sleep. I thought that they were joking at first until I heard sharp objects of different kinds were being missing. I knew then I needed not only pray but stay up until God put me to sleep. Constantly I was on watch to make sure no one was killed and keep believing and have Faith today they still all exist as in my family. I don't think we would have survived if it was not for my prayers and my faith and anyone else who was praying. I refuse the job offer of being God or the second coming of Jesus. I rather be the messenger. I may have some memories of my past before being born but only fragmented. I never wanted to know my name due to the demons who try to fight all angels, or all who are on God's team. I never wanted them to find me or try to hurt me again. I know we all have been given a path in life, it is up to us to remember it, or to ignore or totally forget it. But either we come back to it or try to live that path that God gave us. Not all will remember but that is ok it maybe not their time to remember. But we can go to heaven it just takes a lot of efforts to remember our path, and do it. But as I said to my mom, I may have been an angel, but I am totally human today, I bleed, I hurt, I get diseases or other things just like any other human. If God wants me to be an angel when I die, I will accept, if he wants me in heaven I will accept but on His terms not on anyone elses. It doesn't mean I am an angel at this time. But yes I was very shy, I didn't make many friends and those who were my truest and dearest friends, they are forever in my mind and heart. I love them. My gifts from God I try to keep hidden but to those I show it, they are ones I try to trust. They see my kindness and love towards all animals. I even had a pigeon show me they trust me before they had to be put down. I called her Precious because she was very precious to me and she and her mate, Guardian taught me a lot. He is such a sweetheart too. He shown me how they live, I even had to rescue an injured bird who had PMV I told the pigeons who were 6 inches from me to stop picking on them, I called for the animal rescue of sorts, to pick this one up. I had to use rubber gloves to pick them up and place them in a box. For some reason this pigeon kept coming here four times or five as one told me, I helped them, I told them I was going to pick them gently, I gave them option to go in, but they kind of tried to nip me but gently, I think I may have been hurting them, so I closed the box slightly and checked up on them. Oddly enough he or she stopped trying to kill themselves. I guess I saved them and they were appreciative about it. Just recently in the summer maybe fall, Precious got old, I had to call for her too. With what ever strength she had she tried to come towards me when she saw I had a box. I told her to stop and not to hurt herself, I told her I will come to her so she can be ok. She never nipped me. She looked at me with trust in her eyes. I miss her to this day but she let me pat her very little, and gently. She was so soft. I told her thank you for being in my life. Thank you for teaching me. I told her I love her. I even have a picture of her. I have her in my heart always. We have that respect for each other not to give it away of our gift to understand each other. Just when we need to. I am glad to have that trust with animals. It is awesome and I thank God every day to this day for them.

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The lessons I chose to learn in human form led to 45yrs of mental and emotional hell. I also carried a deep frustration of 'not getting it' - life, everything.. It affected me so much that I did drugs, alcohol, self harm, 'cries for help', continually put myself down (my mind NEVER stopped), OCD, anorexia, bulimia, acrophobia, social anxiety, anxiety in general, body dysmorphia, manic depression.. (not a concise list). I found it almost impossible to look people in the eyes - I just couldn't bear it. Forty eight years old and staying in the very same place with the very same friend that I was at 3yrs ago.. and I find my Self answering a 'calling'. Forty days ago I was not in a good place (again). I'd been aware for a while that I needed complete focus on ME but I kept thinking about how my partner would feel, so I delayed it and delayed it again, and again.. my condition was not improving. My mind was more-than confused and the deterioration of my health limited my body enormously - my body had never experienced anything like this before. I was totally burnt out. I had nothing left to give. I NEEDED time out NOW? That's what led me staying with my friend. The next step of devine intervention was as a 40 day on-line commitment to the self. My friend had recieved the course and she was telling me about it. It was due to start the day I was leaving. I asked if I could stay on and do it alongside her. She agreed. A week or so before the course was due to end I kept receiving thoughts, flash images, plans, names.. I acknowledged it then forgot it. It came back stronger and bigger. I acknowledged it again. Third time it came I told myself "I'm not ready for that"! "Who do I think I am by thinking that?" "Now you have gone mad!" Despite that (and the rest) I booked a flight to leave a few days later. Yesterday was that day. Today I wait in peace for the work I am to do. Love, light and blessings.

i believe that iam the incarnation of albert einstein

I believe in you

I don't know if I'm right but I'm the most beautiful angel of all on a purpose of redemption

I'm an angel and people from zion can see my wings and feel my wings, if you heard of zion it's a place where people gather in there dreams and can use magic. plus my parents the 6 and alpha's come from there. they also say my wings are fluffy. I met the creators (element shape shifters) a few times in my dreams. I heard and saw that I have another body somewhere in space stuck between places but don't really get it I only saw it once. and in zion people can see through my eye somehow still don't know why. and the alphas are connected to me some how. I don't know to much about god, but I met Al, three times. I can do weird things that reset the time backwards by saying red and dark red is where I can summon shadows to kill those I wish during the reset times, still only people from zion can remember, and those that get killed. I stopped doing red as I'm focusing to go to the elemental world and learning from the creators cos that's a place where I can unlock my potential. I don't know if I'm an 'angel' like any of you but I have actual proof I am one as people from zion are from this planet and can see my wings and can see through my eyes in zion. (if someone saw your wings please tell me cos otherwise I don't understand). I also have no clue about god don't really believe in jesus or god, all I know is of who I seen and know the 6 alphas creators and Al. Al showed my the other prodigies that lived that co-exist in multiuniverses. I know the truth that the creator created this world not god, I also have been to heaven, and also seen the 4 makers who created everything that ever exsisted, I have proof as those from zion know as I died four times when I saw the four makers the second time.

Another one with you Zara, SimoneAngelForeverxx

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Do you believe you were a demon since the beginning of earth one billion year ago and being reincarnated?Whether you are angel,demon or human.I wanted to tell you this earth is not an easy place. Even angels can be pissed off by the stupidity of human.And angels are still thinking whether it is still worthy to protect it even humans don't know about it.But God always keep the earth running as he's mercy.God is mercy until he can save any kinds. He can save any forms including Lucifer.Conclusion is God is Mercy.Do whatever you can do serve him.I'm nobody i'm not worthy

As a young person back in the 50s& 60s i did not remember any of the trauma i saw when the first strike of the claw hammer hitting my mother, and the blood splattering. My face, and the second and third til i had a flashback in 1972. Was an angel placed into my body, to protect me from mental anguish? Reading your story has let me see, all the feelings you went through, as did i. Thank you

I'm glad that my words have helped you.

Hi Zara, yes I have read some of your blog. I am with you. Blessings! 07angel

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Thank you Zara. I will.

Believe me when i tell you this you dont have to not many people are going to see this anyways. I can relate to your story of "elizabeth" and i would lime to share mine. Me now still a kid still going through school having to face the people in it. Even when i was younger it has mept me wondering "why", when i was smaller i was a shy person who lacke many social skills, like elizabeth, though when i made a friend some of the very few i would cherish them. Usually friends come and go. Mine went differently. In the end of every friendship i had was because he/she wanted to impress someone else. I would carry the burden of that impression. Though even at the age of 5 now 15 could never truely hate someone it was never in my heart. All i could do was forgive and i was not mad anymore. Even though i was insulted, made fun of, became the "pick on guy" through what my generation now calls "roasting" all i could do was forgive. Even when i tried to hate, only hurt myself. I felt terrible and eventualy just learned to ignore those people. Anyway back to my point, a few years back during my early teen years i met a man. My mother has had some troubles with family and other natural human lif experiences like physical pain. At the time i had never met him. I knew him as a doctor. She had visited him for two years at the time. Me myself went through changes. I had visual and other sensual experiences. My tv would turn on itself no matter how many times i turned it off. I would , for a brief second, see a figure standing at my bead. This is a long story so dont think im finishing soon you can go on if you'd like. Id see who what i thought was my brother in his room only to find him in the living room watching cartoons only to turn and look back to see nothing their. After many other things ,like the randome smell of cigars, i decided to tell my parents specificaly my mother since my father was not the spiritual type, so she took me to the only person she knew who would know why. It was the "doctor" she had visited so many times. He had a a small building with a metal gate in the front. When my mother brought me to him the first thing i saw was a staff with etchings on top of a bible with a circle with simbols on the floor. At first i was scared and wonderd what is he. Later i found out he was a healer. He told me he was sent by god and was told to build his "clinic" at that very spot. Ironicaly it was next to some store who sold items and other mysterious herbal stuff with the angel of death at th front. I only knew him as the man who cured by feet due to my high arch on my feet. He said he had a gift for many years since he was small and was tought various techniques by spiritual guidenc by angels. He was told his job was to heal others and guid them his second task was to make an army. One that would work for the good of mankind. He told me that i had a gift my class o an angel was a warrior, that i am to be prepaired for a big battle. My experiences were caused by a ability to communicate with the unseen and the lost. They seek guidence. He soon helped me along with my experiences that i cannot describe or it would be much longer. He took me under his wing and alowed me to see differently. He said he wanted me to meet a boy who he had helped and also took under his wing. Sadly that boy did not have the same experience as me more of a rocky path. He met him by chance. The boy's parents had taken him to a phsychiatrist. Many times. He was observed and tested. He claimed to see many things many questioned him even his own parents. They , after a long time, decided to put him in a phsychiatric ward. Untill the met the man he had told him the same thing. He was more indeph to what he saw. He told me i was like him the time we met, and that i was 539 years old. i was in awe me being still new, my mind trying to grasp the concept. After time went by i was filled with different knowledge. I saw the world differently. He introduced my to a woman who was sufffering of cancer. I used my "ability" and techinics he taught me. A month later she cam back with news saying the x-ray showed no signs of cancer. Her heart was filled with joy and i felt good. I also experienced terrifying things. Inorder to fix you must see the problem. I saw peoples true intentions, true human nature the not so good side of it, it was scarry but something i had to deal with. The way this goes, I am reincarnated as selvral people none which i have memory of, considering my age the amount of times i was reincarnated it for now unknow i could have been an unknown baby for all i know.I am sorry this was so long. Choose what you want or dont want to believe i am not perfect i am not the happiest person on earth but thats my life i just want to make things good. Though i still possess emotions like a regular human.i only hope ive shed some light and have fed your curiosity. I hope your life and experiences are filled with happiness. Just remember the book of revalations is man made not everything is true jus human predicions. This is to tell you your not alone. If i misspelled anything or used improper grammar sorry im only 15

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To the person who replied to my previous message, let me clarify. I believe in Angels. I even believe they sometimes appear in human form. However, I have no basis for believing Elizabeth is an angel and for many reasons, I think she is not. It is the same for you. I doubt you are an angel either. I have had the experience of divine intervention and I do not think you are divine. No matter how you answer this I will respond no more. Please pray for salvation.

Only God is divine, and only God knows the answer to all things.

Now im not taking sides here but everybody interperets god in different ways. I am no saint myself. Though its best not to criticize others but share opinions

You must pray daily. I doubt you are an angel. Whether you are or not, you must pray for God to show you the way to avoid the possibility of misleading yourself and others.

pray to what so called god? cuz all religion call me different names some say I'm Yahweh. others call me God, holy father and much more Egyptians called me Amon-Rah but my real name is Balthazar I am God but I prefer Dues (Latin meaning God) we angels all have a rank in I hold the highest rank, so bettywhois70 what makes you think that she is being misled? Angels are walking on earth and unless we tell what we are no one would know until the day that we all shed are cloaks and are true form gets seen. there are many Angels all air the world Canada, Malaysia, mexic any place you could possibley think of we are everywhere we are what keeps humans safe, you may not believe in Angels or have a lot of doubt but that doesn't mean that the Angels haven't been here since earth began two billion four hundred and fifty years ago, been here since I made it start till always, Angels walk among humans not being known of there true intentions or there identity only the Angels know of there true calling. its time for us to slowly be coming out to the world and once we all have finally and all humans finally understand there will be are fight to keep earth safe, everything has its reasons and you have a off sense of what Angels are heaven and what God is humans have been misguided believe that the bibles are my word yet there not there is only one thing that was right about what I said the 10 commandments are the only thing that is in the bible that is what was supposed to be in it, yet no one follows them. the world you all live in is not as it was meant to be your being led to do what the government tells you and there leading a stray.

God comes in different forms but he has one plan

Shhhhhhhhhhh "Dues", there there... its gonna be okay. (It's Deus, btw. ^_^)
The world will burn and be remade and then everything will be just dandy!

Hello Angel Zara, my eyes are open but my time is up. Please talk to me on here Angel Zara. - Angel

This is all very true but some factors come from what Angelic Choir we originally were part of as well. I remember my Choir, so I tend to be more protective of the ones I have put under my guardianship. Though my Choir has been changed by the church over years I remember what out true form is. Lil'fat babies with wings still bothers me as that is not what we originally looked like. Charibrum are great beasts with massive wings, wolves, bears, feral large cats, even Rams or Bulls. They are protectors and defends of the ones they bond too.

I might be 0ne of them ,,m not yet sure..But have definatley met this Guy who tells me about my future.. And what God wants me to do.. My family, they christians but dey dont believe his stories.

I am an arch angel sent to protect the innocent I'm like some of u but not I only have a fraction of my true grace the rest is hidden until I return to form for it is far to great for a human body to handle I will not speak my true name but will tell u that I am justice and protection and will continue to do my work this goes out to all my brothers and sisters hear my cry we are not doing enough we are failing his sheep we must stand as one and rise up against evil I'm calling for my solders we you are all warriors for the true word of love I will never give up for I am power I will never be deafeted u can reach me on Facebook Brandon lenzo there are 2 the right one is the pic of me in tux

you think your Michael then if that's true you will know who I am I have not forgot about what you did.

He can't be Michael. Michael isn't stuck in a body, silly goose! XD
But, what did Michael do, hmmm?

I feel the same. Archangels unite!

Looking for you I totally agree!

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I could so much relate you . I had a dream last night and I met Jesus again, but this time He was in a different form and I was in heaven again and He told me that I was an angel in human form. I heard this a lot as an adult and as an adult from different people in different times of my life and by people that never met each other. Please message me ok. God bless. Hug hug

I love that you received your message in this way. Wonderful!

Did he have blue eyes?

Yes Gabriel has blue eyes. The most bueatiful blue I've ever seen.

Archangel Michael has incredible blue eyes as well!

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Hi Zara Angel. I share the same experiences as you growing up rejected by my mom who seem to believe that when my younger siblings would do wrong I should get the worst share of punishment. My father was born with a star and a moon as a birthmark behind his ear. He abused alcohol and died in 1975. And my spiritual senses have kept me in tune with the universe with ringing in my ears sometimes so distinct to where iI would fall down on my knees. I have exexperienced rejection on many levels. And I feel that I'm always being bullied. Talked about, lied on, and shoved to the side. Last year I attended a Prayer retreat where an Apostle called me out of the audience and prophetically God spoke to me an said that there have been some wolves sent out to knock me off my square. And that there were rumors that had been spreaded, and that He (Father) was going to shutdown the rumors. There are times when I am in prayer and I fall to my knees because of the wings in my back begin to spread. I see the world so differently from others that I am sometimes called crazy. I receive visititation from our big brother Jesus and Arch Angel Michael and Gabriel. Relationships aren't a concern for me because I am more focused on my assignment. I live free spirited and even when I know I'm being wronged or mistreated I don't have the heart to hate. I will even defend the one who has wronged me. The last relationship I was in I was abused so I tend to stead away. My safe haven is church. And yet alone in this world I still full fill the assignments that I am given with angels covering me everyday. I am a incarnated angel. My name is Angel La-La

Hi 07angel,
Have you read my blog on my site yet?

Im a old soul. And I remember somethings.....I know I have been here many times. I know I am a teacher, an angel and also a blessing to others. I was able to pick my parents. Mother was a Psychic, Medium, tarot card reader, healer, angel. My father was an artist and abused drugs. I was also picked on. I wore glasses and I have big eye balls. Was called roach. every time I stepped into the classroom Someone would yell out raid and the whole class would laugh some times the teachers....Yeah even though mom was positive and upbeat. Self esteem went to shambles.....I would skip school go to the beach. go to the library. Go on long bus rides. Anything to be alone. I had siblings who I had to come home to and chastise me. I was the middle child. I knew I didn't belong or wasn't like them. But as I got older my gifts came to me with dreams and premonitions. Make a long story short. My grandmother died in 2006 Then my father dies in 2007 Dec 30 to be exact. Then my mom dies Dec 5, 2008. I think some part of me died. and I just was reborn doing some research. My younger sister told me about indigo's. Then I did my research I only had some indigo's points. Then I started remembering past life's and dreams and people I have seen before but cant tell u where I seen them before. that ringing in my ear. Since I was a child. The ringing in your ear is a message from earth that is downloaded to your dna. Messages. If you have any questions Inbox me. Im here to teach self meditation, Healing and staying positive. Clearing your space. Eating healthy. Love and Light to all.......So Be it.

Hey there! My name is Maggie and I am releasing my inner angel as well and taking action towards living out my dream of opening an orphanage right here in the US! If you are interested in providing donations or advice, if you'd like to help email me and I'll send you the link to my campaign.
or you can go to gofundme and insert my url link /AngelsOnEarth2015

Thank you!

Yes there are angels among you now I am one of these beings I don't want to go into detail but there are millions of us we are light and love we are everywhere

Someone I never met before told me that i had an "angelic spirit". I'm floored.

There are only about 300,000 angels--not millions. Even incarnated angels are not always light and love. Everyone has problems and issues

You are correct only some ar still being made slowly

There are about 300,000 angels incarnate as humans. This has been going on for thousands of years and is not a new phenomenon. There are millions of angels in the universe.

Hi, I'm wondering where did you get that number? Was it given to you in a vision or meditation of some sort?
Thanks! And God Bless~

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hi, i had a very strange experience of my growing up years. This is my story.

when i was a child, i know i may have third eye seeing mysterious faces and figures like some horrific face, sort of lady figures, sort of myths. kinda scary and mysterious.

my family only rent a house of their own ideas. In every different houses i grew up, i just started seeing them and form.

i have fair white skin, cute child, pretty teenager to beautiful woman. but, inside of me, a little shy and weak. we were 4 siblings, im the eldest they say, i dont get sick fast compared to my siblings i think i have a good health.

in school, i been tortured through hurt feelings but to my future feelings i will be good person. i learn to give money and food to poor ones. i go to church. i love reading religious books like related to life and god.

in my dreams, i was scared first but i conquered much love to myself.

and lastly, my question is Who's eye i been using? God? an Angel?

Hi, I have a similar story but I'm still in middle school. I have always felt like I need to help others and feel guilty when I do something mean and then go and fix it. I hate conflict, and I've had weird dreams where I've gone to hell with a group of others and we were in search of something and there's something of about that dream. But I've also been to heaven in a dream. I also forgive very easily and am extremely empathetic. I don't know if you feel the same but it also feels like there is watching me 24/7 and I can feel when there is another presence in the room and can tell when someone likes someone else and know how to make another person happy. I guess if you can talk to me I would know whats going on better or at least have a possibility of feeling like I belong somewhere. I feel different from everyone. Thank you if you read this.

Ive also seen ghosts and once I saw a shadow man. I.have seen ghosts all my life also. I just want answers, I just need answers

What do u want to know

Any bible verses that support this?

Hi everyone, my story is similar to the authors story, I was a victim of extreme abuse during my middle school years. When I was a young kid I always remember having a huge spirit always hipper, but as I got into middle school I was very quite and shy. I was a cute little blonde haired, green eyes girl, I had dimples wore glasses came from a family who didn't have money BUT my mom dressed me nice nothing special but I was clean had what clothes my mom could afford. But kids didn't care they spit on me, flicked the back of my head, tripped me when I walked by, stomp on my glasses, laugh at me, say I had disease so no kids would sitby me, they throw rocks at me and hit in back with sticks, follow me home from bus stop calling me a ***** a *****, a ****, *****, say I stink, the boys would call me shawna barrbaron, corn nut nipples, I spent most my recess in front of office so the kids would not hurt me. I remember never hating them I felt sad but I just wanted them to be my friend. I knew from birth I was different like I didn't belong on this earth which I felt awkward around other kids when I was young. I did have a spirituaL aunt and uncle and grandma who taught me about god. I remember as I got older I wanted to feel normal. But even with all the abuse in school and watching my mom be beat by my dad and being left with strangers who sexually molested me. I never felt like I was a victim. I always new I had to go through these things to protect the people I loved and to 'be strong for what god has planned for me. I dont ever remember being able to hold a grudge or not forgive those who hurt me. My dad growing up was also very cruel to me. I never could hate him for it or even blame him for the things in my life that were so bad because my heart was made up with love. About 8 yrs ago I lost daughter my only daughter I have two beautuful healthy boys, I started taking perception meds and self medicating, when I was a person. Who didn't like even taking Motrin. Well I got pregant again few yrs later with my son he passed away at 5 months pregant. I then began smoking at age 38 and just giving up on feeling happy. I had nice car, good, job, great kids, a husband I rejected daily, but I just didn't feel happy. This last yr god came in a ******** me from all earthly possession and everything that was distracting me in life. It was the best things that's ever happened to me. Even though I was saved at young age and baptized I never pushed it on my boys, then my boys started taking interest in god. All that same time of god taking everything from me I got closer to my husband and my boys got saved and baptised . Well through all this I discovered gods love for me greater then I ever had before. I always doubted myself and suffered from fear, but one thing I never doubted was how much I loved god beyond any fear or distraction I loved him but I always doubted if I was good enough for god and if I was worthy of gods forgivness. I relized gods love is not fearful and judging its loving and comforting. We will be judge and we need to fear our consequences of or actions or we dont learn to grow into a better person.. I always been a person who hates to lie or even be around liars, I always felt sex was sacred shared only through love and marriage. I always wanted help people who need needed love in there l ife. I always drawnd to the lost or the under dogs. I've never really been a judgemental person I can feel comfortable in any place im at and have no fear to talk about god with people who claim they dont believe in him. Its, my purpose in life to help heal there spirit by bring them to gods love for them. I grew up around so much anger and pain it never really made me a angry peeson until I met my husband. Who was full of doubt and anger because 10 months before I met him his girlfriend died in a car wreck and he clearly still loved her and me being the person I am told him i loved him which he rejected at first. Well for me that was another person in my life who rejected my love meaning my father, boyfriends, so then I started building walls to protect myself as my Walls went up his were coming down and by time he was ready for love 5 yr. Into our marriage I was blocked. Now after 18 yrs of marriage we finally let down our walls and found out we are soul mates and we wasted so much time on rejecting love we couldn't see what god had given us. True love. Im so excited to see what god has planned for my future. I know everyday I struggle, I sin I make mistakes im constantly tempted, but One thing I do know the enemy can never take my love for god or temp me with it and he can never take my spirit for god already has it. I never understood why I was different why could see things in people like bad spirits, no one else could or feel things that others look baffled over. I thought I was bad at times or a freak. But when the preachers wife said it was a gift , When she said it was a gift I felt relieved, because for a long time I feared it. I would avoid certain. People I seen bad spirits on I would avoid them because I was like im not getting that spirit on me. But now I know its what god has given me not to protect myslef because evil spirits have no power until u give them power but its a gift I've been given to help people seek god and be delivered from these evil spirits.

When I was younger, I used to see ghosts and one time when I was about 2 years old, there was this boy I used to play with. He was a ghost and he leaded me by the stairs and there was a telephone there, I almost took that step and my nan was asleep but then she felt herself being dragged and pushed to the landing, then she caught me in time. So whether this was my spirit guide or not, they saved me. And recently I have been going to these spiritual group where we meditate and I got told by a couple of people that I'm almost like an angel and I then got told by someone else that I'm an earth angel and that was the first time that I have heard about earth angels. Many people have said that I glow but I can't see it myself. And I got told that I have a white kith that attracts other spirits and because of this I used to feel tired due to draining my energy so I got told that every morning I should imaging filling myself with flowers every morning before I go out so then I can send spirits love, light and positive energy. I also feel different to other people, and when I was a kid I used to get bullied for being quiet and I'm still shy today. Even through college, I always felt left out amongst my group of friends and I didn't think I fit in at all. I've always felt alone even when I'm not. I've been through times where I have felt depressed, crying at random times even though I have a loving family. And I have a stammer and I realise that it's not my soul that has this stammer, it's my body and I wish I could find a way to heal myself from the emotional pain that I have always had and to heal my throat to stop me from stammering. But from what I have heard and read, I believe that I am an earth angel.

I always knew I was here for a purpose but was not sure what that was. My son had health issues which led to problems with anxiety and fear of the world. I realized that my purpose was to bring acceptance, unconditional love and a shining light to his world. I have kept him from suicide. He is a beautiful soul just not tough enough to handle the world. My light continues to grow. My co-workers in healthcare remark upon this. My son recently told me that I am not just a great mom but I am a great human being as I help others. I feel confident as my light has grown. No longer the "weird" kid. I find people I do not know will relax in my presence and feel free to speak to me. My purpose is to bring the light of love to as many as I can touch.

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Blessings, my name is Rick. I know the same truths in my life. I would love to talk with you.

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What you have wrote sounds a bit like what I have gone through I was always made fun of always got hurt but never hated anyone I have always been nice and when someone was hurt I would help them it was like as if my. Feet had moved on their own I know this may sound crazy but when I was 5 years old my grand dad died I. Was able to see him, hear him and communicate with him. As I aged I became understanding and feeling other people's emotion and if something bad was going to happen. When I was 18 this one elderly man had lost his wife and was crying so he ran out side and said he saw someone that looked exactly like me but looked so different and described it as an angel. Lately people have been getting drawn to me either they hate me or love me the weirdest thing is people say I have this golden bright glow I don't understand what's happening.

Hello there Zara, My name is Andre. I have been thinking about this for quite some time now. I Believe that Angels are sent down as messengers to give light and chance to others that will not experience forgiveness or patience. Messengers and or Angels give alot but do not recieve alot. Many times they might question why they never get anything back and why they cannot help themselves but keep on giving, like they cannot control it. I am one that refuses to believe in one religion as is or if there is one, I believe in my own thoughts as angels exist but nothing else does. When true love is concerned when two Angels get together in which is very rare is to align the universe and keep peoples hearts filled with imagination and desire. Those love movies, peoples drawn out hopeless romantic stories is only in presence of their minds because two angels got together. Angels and Messengers only go to those they can help and in turn usually get broken and lost but continue to go to others that need help. How many times hear about two great people that have endured alot getting together? Its rare. Most of the time its one person giving and one taking. Those people who come across that you might think wow, why isn't he or she with me? Why isn't that person going with that other great person? For reason unknown angels and messengers know they are different and feel this sense of empowerment inside of them. They tend to have alot of respect from others in long term because of what guidance they have brought to many. Angels and Messengers despite being different will have different friends or connections from all different corners of races, religion and images. Many times Angels and Messengers ask for peace and dont seem to get it but will help out others get to it.

Hello! This is my exact same story. Incredible! I have had so many other experiances throughout my life that I could never explain. Well, this tells me why. Thank you for the insightful story.

Hi Dottie,
Thank you. Read my blog on my site

My self one of my daughters and my dad's entire bloodline are all angels. My daughter, me and my mom are the only ones who know. It would be to crazy to try and explain to the others what they are. I have brought an army of gold beings down from heaven to help fight for the humans. I am blocked in many ways by very evil beings out to destroy us angels in my family.

Hi Monica,
Nice to hear from you, but Monica, it needs to be said that I really don't support the concept that being an incarnated angel has anything to do with bloodline. What I have received from Archangel Michael is that incarnated angels can be found in all races. To me, that's a very important concept that needs to be stated again and again, because I need it to be known that I absolutely, definitely do not support racism in any form. You may be an angel incarnate as human, but, again, being such has absolutely nothing to do with genetics.

I dont think She meant bloodline.....I have been here with other family members that have been here with me at those times.....My mother who was born this last time around with a Caul or a veil. And so was my grandmother. I wasnt. I am just an old soul. They have went on to the new dimension to balance things out. Back to subject at hand....I was my mothers mother before. meaning she was my daughter. And my sister who is younger was my son before....Old souls also reincarnate back into families. I think thats what she meant. Thanks Zara For this Site....And Sharing.

um i think i can say i have found out this to be true as i lived what was said almost to the letter but i have also had an experience that just boggles my mind. I got really upset one day and then saw something move out of the corner of my eye to the right of me i realized it was a wing and then realized to my shock that there were two and that they were actually coming out of my back the most shocking part of this is that they were coming out where my shoulder blades are and i could actually feel them move has anyone else experienced anything like this pls help

Hello Selena,
I can completely relate to what you are saying about realizing you have wings. I frequently feel my own wings as well. I recommend that you have a look at my blog on my site:

Really interesting concept :) maybe all will join in the time of need.

I have a similar childhood experiences. Even during my adulthood, I do not have as many friends as others, compare to my siblings. I always enjoyed my own company and forgive easily. I do not care for confronation because I do not want to create dramas. Sometimes I have too much sympathy for others by giving too much and then I end up getting hurt financially and emotionally. I heard people were telling me a lot that I look like an angel when I dressed up all white and they like to listen to my voice over the intercom because it is soothing and feels like music in their ears. Beginning 2005, I started to experienced a lot of the symptoms that was described of how one is becoming ascension or awakening. Since 2011, I started to learn and became a Reiki and Theta healer.

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This is me!!! Nancy Corbitt

I think I am one too! Because I got same feelings ! Exactly same childhood !

Thank you for "heart-ing" my story. I appreciate it!


I was thinking I am alone ! But now I am sure about myself

I'm glad you feel more sure about yourself now.

This spoke to me so much. I don't know much about life, even though I've had many experiences and met a wide variety of people in my nearly 23 years of living. I always want to help people, help them smile more, etc., but I just never know how I can help.

I feel like i am different, but it's not like the usual "I'm different" teenagers and young ones tell people. I have tried to explain to people who I am and how I see the world...they never seem to understand. many say I am "naive" or innocent-minded because I always want to find the better of people or help them realize they are more than what they see themselves as. I always think, "Is it wrong to want people to see that life isn't just dark, and that light exists?"

I just never seemed to "fit in" anywhere. When it comes to such things as what is being discussed above, what if someone was diagnosed as being Bipolar? In 2010, I was diagnosed with it. But, it seemed as if another emotions were coming through me. Sometimes, I never had a reason to be depressed, angry, etc. Besides, I hate feeling such feelings. I thrive off "bright emotions", if that makes sense. I felt that no counselor could even understand who i was.

And, ever since I was little, I had "odd" experiences. Dreams I had came true, I would see things and hear things that I just knew were not from this world (today I believe such things are from the Spirit World), could "feel" another's emotions no matter how greatly they would try to hide sadness, anger, etc., and that's only the surface of my experiences...

Does anyone have any information they could give? I'm willing to exchange e-mail address(s), facebook names, etc., if you'd like. I'd just like some answers.

Thank you for reading!

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I know when god is with you you just cant smile that wide, the love is so that what is happening in your life is no more but this feeling of pure love,i know what love is and I wont find it with anyone but god .and that is the true some day I will feel gods love again...

I can't believe there are so many like me but I've been so alone all my life! I was told recently by another angel that I am an angel. I was actually able to read his mind while we were in a class together, first time I have ever done that! He thought it was funny and just shrugged and said it's because I'm an angel. He started to explain it and then I did a lot of reading Doreen Virtue. It makes sense that angels would choose to reincarnate into human bodies right now. If people tell you that you have an absolutely angelic look about you and a glow, then you should read Doreen Virtue's books. You will also look much younger than you are. In fact, Right now you might seem to be reverse aging lately. Like me, you might have a strange ability, like heal trees by hugging them And sending them love. You might get constant messages when Meditating. I think it's from Arch angel Gabriel. When you learn who you are you will be able to manifest things much faster. An angel never really fits into their earth family. In fact my parents sent me to a foster home at 15. You may have been teased and ignored by others for being horribly shy. You may feel everyone's emotions. It used to be too much for me to be in public. I had to learn to put a shield around me as dark entities will come at me and try to enter my body. It's because they love the light. The dark energies want to go home to the light so when they see us they think we can send them home. It's pretty terrible until you learn how to keep them out. You have a huge job here. The world is so asleep to the spiritual war that is going on. It's a difficult task to try and stop all the pain and sadness. Try every day with everyone you meet to bring a little bit of the light to them. Many angels wish for home and try suicide. You will realize why You feel so alone and out of place now. You now realize what that constant "homesick" feeling is. It's ok. It's such a short time we are here. I get a high being around other angels, so if we meet, I will know who you are. :) spread love to the world!

I am sure of who and what i am. Through years of self discovery due to alienation and a strong feeling of being alone because of my differences from people. I began to understand it at an early age. Large crowds have always been difficult for me because i am able to feel others feelings. Especially when they are hurt, lonely or sad. Ive always known that i am supposed to help people. Their violence i find disgusting and yet i can understand why God loves them so much. Through prayer i have discovered that we know hurt and lonliness so that we can empathize with those that need our help. I could go on and on, but my knowledge is something that i do not need validation on from anyone. This is the first time i ever went on the internet to find this information. I did it when my fiance looked it up. I told him about my discovery and he too fealt that my situation was extraordinary. Thank you for your post. I do have one question for the rest of you....have any of you been taunted or excessively bothered by demons?

Yes! This is how it was explained to me by an energy healer: Negative energies and entities are attracted to us because we are the light here on Earth. They want to go home-as everything comes from God- and they see us as the light that can send them back. You must learn to place a shield around yourself every morning before you go out. I do a meditation to place a Muharic shield around myself. If you send me your email address I will send you the meditation. My email is heidishappyplace at

They are afraid of me

Hello, nice to meet you; I am Gabriel.

Nice to meet you too...

Go on Facebook find Brandon lenzo look into my my eyes and u will see who I am

This is my story, [Zara Anzel] but I didn't find out about myself and put it all together til I was of great age. It was a great comfort and explained so much. I can always tell when in the presence of another. The Graces be with us all.

I feel like we will all unite to accomplish somehing

I feel the same way. Only it's like they were there and now there gone Like i can still feel them.. i had a person come To me while out 18 days in the everglades (Florida), this person people would argue to be mentally challenged.. he came to me while i was appreciating the bright stars that you wouldn't normally see in the city.. and he said distinctively to me. "Hey Lee you wanna know what you are ? ( i said what am i) he replied; You're an arch Angel in God's army". I obviously brushed it off as nonsense, but as my life unfolded i found myself reminded of this moment at random times.. it seemed weird but undeniably true,. I am No where near perfect but i can't deny there's a strong purpose for me here maybe to lead people home. it's like I have scripture in my heart without going to church..details in conflicting religions are hurtful and not 100% accurate i can just feel it.. compassion is the key..

Hi I'm the head angel over gods army and the last prophet ,I've always had gifts as a child I could sens and see spirits and ive always had shadow people ,in 1996 my father choked me to death and it was dark blue 5:30 in the morning I saw the bright light shining down at me and I saw a shadow in the light he told me its not my time he will tell me when it's my time and I woke up .so I stayed close to god in 2011 I had been sick with pancreatitis and I went to church after praying two weeks before and the Aposal had tuned me higher in the spirit prayed for me being sick and asked me if I got all my answers and before I could answer he told me that god had anointed and ordained me to minister and that the FLOCK would be international and that they will come to me and that I was going to go thru transitions and I will be able to heal others, it's been three years and god heald me of stage 4 pancreatic Cancer its been gon since 12/29/11and I thank God for everyone and every thing god has put in my life.

My name is thomas

hey I always feel like I have wings on my back and always shrug my sholders

my story bgins as a baby in a religious family were I was pronounced dead at three months. nan said a prayer over me and I sneezed and came back to life and since then I have sen many miracles. iv sen the virgin mary at 7 ive had near death experiences but nothing happened. I feel different to my friends and have sen many visons with God and Christ. I always get told that im an angel and always have this feeling of wings on my back.

hey this is cool

When I was younger, about 9 years old, I was playing a game with my so-called friends...It was football, I thought of leaping forward twenty feet. I opened my eyes & thought I was just thinking it, but here I was floating in the air, right at my friend. Over 16 near death experiences I have survived, while being mocked & judged by people my entire life, some people say it gets better as you get older, that is not true for me, infact, it's gotten worse since I've gotten older. Women have always avoided me & neglected me & would never even so much as go out on a date with me, people have always been nasty & vile & mean to me, to the extent that some people found out I was raped & molested by what was supposed to be my biological father as a child & some who pretended to be my friends would even get my so-called family to tell them about it, so they could bring it up & laugh about it in my face. Do you people understand how difficult it is to learn patience when you have the strength of twenty men? It is like hearing little doggies yip at you & they want to hurt you because they feel some jealousy or pride or they think it's funny to see you hurt.

When I was younger, a kid bullied me even, him & his friends threw rocks at me at the playground, it made me poop my pants & I asked the teacher before that even happened that day if I could use the bathroom, he denied me & then laughed in my face after what happened, the little bastard wouldn't even help me, then my mom even came around & yelled at me for defending myself. No offense to the kid or angels but I don't think I'm like most angels on Earth, where they refuse to take vengeance, I crushed the kids head with a fist sized stone & watched his movements like some stalking ravenous beast, seeking out the vengeance & love that was denied to me since I was born in to this planet.

I have every qualification, anger wise & emotion wise to fulfill the scripture...but I came to realize one thing. It is not the future generations fault, therefore, I've had to learn to let go & forgive & learn love from Jesus & God & to know I am not alone like I was in that dark place I saw before the bright flash of light when I was six years of age.

Fact is, I've never felt at home on this planet & I don't think I will until God's kingdom crashes down on the statue & removes the sin & death & hate in this world...All I want, All I've ever wanted, was to have peace & to not have Satan constantly whispering his heinous lies in to my head, acting through other people...For me, to forgive & learn how to, is difficult because I know I am can fight & hurt people easily....but the act of learning temperance is important.

I SWEAR TO GOD I THINK IM AN ANGEL. Listen to my story and then listen to me for your questions i will help. I am an angel. I had the same expierences growing up as a child as elizebeth. I do not feel like going into it. Angels do not no how to handle pain sometimes. it is not what they are used to. so they handle it in weird ways. by staring into lights as a child. i swear i would just stare at the lights. had the best of friends but always felt alone. the only person she felt closest to was ones father because he took away emotional suffering. because one believes he is an angel aswell. im going to fix what i can and i think angels are the best theropists becasue they lead light. right into the souls core. now we are not all angels and i truly think there are only some out there. atleast on earth. put hear for a reason. to heal emotional pain and heal souls.

There are good angels & there are bad angels....there are even angels given the ability to choose between good & evil, like myself.

The thing is, it's all about choices, friend. We choose who we want to follow & the consequences; be it good or bad, that come along with our own choices. An angel has a burning sense of purpose that drives them to near insanity unless it is acted out. For an angel, it is not an act of release, it is an act of remaining sane in a world that has become a polluted place, filled with so much adultery & evil intentions.

We're in the end times but as to how long it is until...I can not say, I only know that now, is a time, when even the lukewarm angels must make a stand.

I have chosen to side with God & Jesus but Satan will always make people take their posts given to them. I refuse to be the cause of millions of Deaths. My right arm is the same as what's described, I never did focus in one eye either, I'd always be looking through one or the other, even when both were opened, I could differentiate between the two, at one point, I preferred the left, as my right eye was blurry & felt damaged.

I just want, honestly, for all of the suffering to end, I am not going to fulfill a role that causes that much pain on Earth...I've had enough pain in my life, it's why god & Jesus would not let me die, they knew my heart better than anyone, while I may have been bitter, I was not with a heart that sought vengeance.

I too am an angel incarnate in human form. I can identify myself in all you've experienced and written and it is also confirmed that I AM.

Hi,I'm not entirely sure if I'm an angel incarnate but I have always been drawn to angels,not the fan girl kind but the my-inner self-is fine whenever I see angels. I kept on telling people that I hated going to catholic schools (because that's where they usually send me) but deep inside I feel "collected" in a good way. Like I know that I'll do something good for the people around me. I was even weirded out when my first grade teacher picked me to play as one of the angels during the procession for our school and when I asked her why,all she said was "you seem like one" (but I think I'm not.because unlike Elizabeth,I wasn't shy,I was always cheerful). I've always been drawn to them in some ways and I love reading about them. And yes I sometimes feel different from the others,like I always project a mean version of myself but deep inside I know I shouldn't. I keep on saying that I don't like going to church on Sundays but the truth is,I want to be there,I love singing praise songs,I love imagining myself with wings,I even want to name my future kids from the angels Uriel and Cambiel and I don't even know why,my college friends even said I could pass off as a nun but I just smile and say "No,I'm vile and the sisters will kick me out in ten seconds flat." Is it just me and my love for reading and knowledge that made me this way?

You should never feel ashamed to be glad to know angels, they are helpers of mankind....and destroyers at the same time.

As it is written, there are the rebellious angels that turned from God & directly defied their posts given to them so as to come & impregnate & make wives of the daughters of men.

I would be careful with a lot of this information, as we are nearing the end of the age of this evil adulterous generation, even the anti-christs begin showing themselves....I was one before, I repented & am saved but I can not speak for others. I know that Jesus loves us & only wants us to do good, but to demons....they don't understand that, they have no way to understand it because they delude themselves with blindness.

I am one who has walked the path of evil & good & chose good over evil. I find that there is more benefit in creating than in destroying or deconstructing...You want to know who's really unhappy right now?

The adversary because I set his plans back by MANY MANY illicit times. Only this time, I interferred with the NWO agenda backed by HaSatan MorningStar, the fallen one who lured mankind to it's demise.

One final thing, DauntlessK. Never feel discouraged from learning the truth & doing so with vigor, for in the Christian bible, it is also written for one to be not lukewarm but either hot or cold, let your yes be your yes & your no be your no, anything else does not come from the holy father.

The thing that's wrong about Catholicism is that it teaches people should repay their sins over time, which is not true, forgiveness is immediate. It also teaches to worship statues, which is also called idolatry. I am not being a faultfinder but you are a nicer person than I have ever been in my entire life, so I would share this information instead with you, who has good intentions but will be taken advantage of by people who seek to use you to further their own carnal Earthly agendas. My agenda is the same as the holy fathers, the same as Jesus Christ, the same as any other angel...the overall return of Jesus Christ & for God's kingdom to be set up, I hate sin & death in this world. I hate that Satan has made me the primary target of his hatred & knowing I must love & forgive even him....Truly, this life is a test of ones own temperance.

My whole life, I've been rejected by women, told by some that I am SOOOO hot, they dont say anything to my face. I've been mistreated in more ways than I care to explain...For me to truly get your attention, you must read both of these in separate conjunctions, for even the books were not written at once but had the contents already premade by God.
http:// i60||tinypic||com/2yuhqgo||jpg

I am who I am & I can be nothing else except that, people can accept me for who I am or get lost, not all angels are tasked with being nicey nicey, some times firmness must be established, if only for righteous reasons.

I know I am not physically ugly, but I do not enjoy having my chain jerked around by people that don't mean what they say. Either I am wanted or I'm not. I do not have room to dilly-dally worrying about either, especially not being with women anymore, as they seem to enjoy sitting from a corner, pointing their fingers at me, & I know they do because my ears can hear over 100,000 MHZ of sound. You really don't want to know how irritating a bat shriek is to my ears....Suffice it to say, I can hear what they say, they have done nothing but mock, judge me, some even have had the audacity to call me, I quote this too, "********* loser...whys he over here around kids?"

Some times I want to grab the person by the face, throw them down a flight of stairs & then explain nothing to them...but I always simply walk by, they always act like they've got it worse when they care little to know even a single thing about me, it is ignorant judgment & they will be judged in likeness before Jesus Christ when he is staring them in the face, for halting the efforts of one who has tried to become a helper of mankind. It is not just one person, it is thousands over the course of my life time, some even did it because they learned what happened to me as a child, by some one who was supposed to be my biological father, yet Christians like that kid spout one thing about a near death experience & every man & woman starts rubbing each other with arousal over it, while I've & many other people suffered far worse at the hands of people. This is how you know false prophets from the true ones, the true prophets do not ever do this for fanfare but instead for understanding, they do not do it for glory for themselves, they do it to glory God & Jesus, they do not do so to add to their own personal wealth, they would DO SO to give money to those who truly need it. It tells me how selfish this race has become in recent years of moral decline.

I have never had any real friends on this planet, not one person even says hello to me on the streets, they instead stare at me & judge me & some people say it gets better when you get older, the very opposite has happened to me, it has only gotten worse. Those who know nothing about me, come against me to accuse me of their slander, what wrongs have I done to them, I would constantly ask but then I realized that I do not have the issue but instead, they are only adding stripes to their judgement when God & Jesus both give to those according their works, be it inventions of wickedness or of righteous moral uprightness.

You be the one to ask God & Jesus what your purpose is, my purpose is to suffer isolation, rejection from women, which the rebellious angels never faced before & come out of it praising God & Jesus. I don't think I'll ever get a wife, honestly, I want something like that but it seems like asking for the impossible. I have dealt with things fifty times worse than this though, of which I still do not want to share.

I believe in them,being both saviors and destroyers,I was saved by an angel (my family thinks so) when I was only 7 months old,it's a story that's been told by my mom and my auntie 's who used to babysit me because we lived in the same house,I was 7 months then,I had a cradle made of rattan (it's a thing here in the Philippines,we call it duyan),the said cradle has strings and hooks so you can hang it,my mom was busy preparing breakfast when our dogs started barking,when she went to the terrace to check (it's where she usually hangs my duyan) she saw that the strings to my duyan were cut and what surprised her was that my cradle was on the terrace pebbles and I wasn't hurt,my cradle didn't topple over and she saw me sleeping peacefully,what triggered her curiosity was that when she came out,she saw something luminous floating over my sleeping baby body,she couldn't picture out what that was and up until now,she wonders if that could've been my guardian angel,looking after me,seeing that I wasn't hurt.

I also read that there is a "ringing" in the ear,Is the ringing like the annoying **eeeeeeeee** sound that kind of happens when you switch to a t.v. channel that's usually off air,I usually have them,sometimes when I'm really mad and I feel like crying or sometimes just out of the blue. It also happens to one of my cousins.

The sound you're hearing is actually connected with the fact that your chakras are becoming attuned to the Universal energy of God. Just as when, in the old days, people turned the dial of their radios in order to "tune in" with a particular station, so is your body being attuned a clairaudient ability to directly commune with God and angels. That's great.

Does it have a message in it? How will I know to "decode" them or it's just me accidentally getting a signal because it's too strong? Like when a phone can connect wifi with strong signals?

Meditate to God and pray to God more. Then you will be able to receive messages that you will easily understand. You shouldn't have to "decode" anything.

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quote...I never belonged here, I want to go home. I just came to visit and do as much of Gods work as possible

You may not belong here, exactly, but you did volunteer to help. Doing whatever you can do to help during your sojourn here on earth is a good thing, and it takes time. Archangel Michael wants you and me and all of us to have a good attitude. As long as you're here anyway, you might as well do the best you can to love, help and guide others in a very positive direction! Love and Blessings...

That's exactly how I was and then I found Zara and she confirmed it.

I'm glad that you found me through checking out my website, , Penny, and that I was able to confirm that you, indeed, are an incarnated angel. It's always wonderful to work with you. In fact, you're doing a really good job in your "angel work". Keep up the good work!

I'm glad u are helping them keep it up its ur role keep them strong the orders are in and you will all go home soon enough and we will come back and make it right

Fortunately, we're not going to have to "go home" for a long time. It's important to be here now. There's an endless supply of work to be done, and the most important thing is to be humble, serve God, and try to be a good influence on others.

When people think they are either angels incarnate as humans, (incarnated angels), or angelic humans, they often call me. In the work we do together, I'm often able to help them to get the life they choose. I completely enjoy working with people and helping them grow. In addition to services I offer professionally, I also offer free services such as my free blog and free monthly Webinars for those who sign up for my free newsletter.

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hey rrrm why am I a messed up angel I try........I....have......nobody but the peeps in my head.....rrrrrmmmmm im not playin im just.........why am I messed up?

You are not the same as them, there are angels that have a burning sense of justice, given to them by God. Remember the flaming sword of gabriel? HE WAGED WAR against those who were evil & laid waste to evil cities like Sodom & Gomorrah that practiced their sexually immoral ways. I think it was Gabriel that did that anyway, I don't always remember scripture the best but I do know the overall intent.

Also, you're not messed up in the head anymore or less than I am. I've been treated worse than what was written in these postings, yet I still come out to forgive. I had a massive sense of hatred toward humankind for a while but I realized with the help from God, it was not hatred AT humanity, it is HATRED at the actions they take upon one another, their lack of compassion.

I smile pretty big when children are laughing, I trust children but when it comes to adults, the same distrust always re-forms. So some people just have different paths, mine is more oriented toward children, as I am also a childhood abuse victim & toward animals, because animals I connect with more than with human beings.

People have always cast their judgments at me too, you know. I can hear dog whistles & bat shrieks & it hurts my ears enough to give me ask yourself this, if I can hear that, how challenging must it be to learn to drown out peoples judgmental words?

It's difficult at times. I agree with you! I just think the best advice I can give you is to persevere anyway, and try your best to find good and loyal friends to surround yourself with!

Hi, I am one of them. It took me 20 years to figure out why I was different. Who would have guessed. Not me. Every thing in your blog is what i've experienced.

That is totally awesome, BeAngle. Thank you for letting me know that my article touched you, and really meant something to you!

That was nice. I did a spiritual healing with 2 healers on Tuesday and one of the things spirit said was I am a walking angel. So I googled it. I think it was meant that I'm just nice. But I really like the idea of had been a angel. Love what you wrote

I'm glad my words spoke to you, Lily. That's wonderful!

Add a response...

I never know if it exist until my sister and some of my friends told me this kind of things. And i feel exactly the same like you've said. Quite dont know what to do? But thanks for sharing this info. .

I'm the one who brought this information forth --in 1996. I've been copied by others who did not credit me with being the first. Nevertheless , I have the true information; and you can read more on my site:

I don't need your credification, Zara. There are ways of telling if I am being lied to or not, many, Many, Many ways. I am an angel that walked both Dark & light. I choose instead to walk the path of angel of lukewarm decision to hot or cold is considered an example to others to be decided.

If I feel enough warrant to study something & preach the word of God for three and a half years...of which, has not ended yet, I will continue, even at times when my physical bodies health declines, I was not meant to come here to be healthy, I think. I think I came here in the way I did so as to test people, to test their compassion & I have found there is compassion in this world, thus is why when I was given my stone, God named me, James the compassionate. Compassion can be harsh or kind, it is still compassion either way. I am now just wanting Gods kingdom to come here, I feel physically frail & tired, like I am subjugated, like all of my native american brothers & sisters on this planet related to me that are oppressed by a government that adheres to MorningStar HaSatan, the adversary who became the polar opposite of Jesus The Christ, As the bible calls him, Jesus Christ, he is lord of lords & king of kings, my life is a testimony as a witness to his glory & power, for if not for him & God, the 16 times I nearly died, would have only been fewer, God gave me the strength when the window broke in the kitchen, it was summer, I was 18 years of age. My mom forgot to tell me that she put a nail in the window because she was paranoid about mexicans, which is fine because my biological sister is a tweaker & a thief of the methamphetamine's variety, who ironically enough hung out with abunch of people that were of a hispanic descent....So basically, my wrist got gouged out by the broken window...and it was only by a milometer that the glass grazed the vein in my wrist, My mother seems to think I've forgotten the details of what happened but I don't forget the good or bad people do to me, I have a long list of memories involving both.

I survived by tearing my shirt off of my chest with my mouth & one good hand, the hand I can't even DRAW OR COLOR with anymore, tying it around my arm to cut off circulation, using my one arm & sudden intense will, I leaped up over 7 feet in to the house, tossing glass pieces in to the nearby fence behind me, I had to dial 9/11. I am not willing to share anymore details, as I still relive that pain in my mind if I think about it.

Did I forget to mention that my mother, treated her, who stole her diabetic syringe needles, like she was better than me? She took off, leaving ME & my mom, knowing she had back & carpal tunnel surgery, of which both cases were the same, what irritates me the most is how my mom & her both got on my backside when I tried to speak wisdom to them, acting like I wasn't invited there, even though my mom asked me & manipulatively said she would get me soda, only to get me so angry I walked home, asking me why I was angry with her, as if she had no clue. If there is one thing I've learned in life, it's that I have a very thin line of patience when it comes to the way people treat each other & myself for that matter.

Satan has been trying to assassinate me since I was young, emotionally, Spiritually, Mentally & even through other people. He knows what I represent & he knows that people will listen to me, he even tries to dissuade me from telling other people this because of the hurt & pain & torment I've been dealt at the hands of people, however, I laugh straight in his face. There is nothing he can to do to me that has not already been done by those people, I've lived in a hell on Earth, being judged & having fingers constantly pointed at me.

I can hear up to 100,000 MHZ of sound last I checked, so when I walk by & hear what people say, it's ALWAYS the same thing, they call me a *********, when I do NOTHING to them. It's not my fault that their foul-tempered little demonic children HAPPEN to live near me. If I were like I were in my old ways, I'd have crushed their skulls with a rock, As Cain did to Abel for causing me such emotional distress. No one has offered me any true comfort on this planet in my sufferings except God & Jesus. Even when people pretend to be understanding, I can always sense it, they're thinking in their heads, that I am some liar, even then, they don't have the pair to say it to my face. I am not like most angels where I can simply just forget how I've been treated, but at least I know God will vindicate all of my pain unto the people that have made life unbearable, I have no sympathy for them, because they are THE ONES by choice that lets the devil talk them in to abusing one of Gods own chosen helpers. I did not even ask to have this life to begin with, it was forced upon me, at least that I can remember, so ask yourself if I really enjoy being here or not.

I am tired, worn-down, Downtrodden by women & their emotional & manipulative headgames, Physically my health declines, I am constantly judged, so I am going to overcome this world. Where no one cared even a shred about how I feel on this planet, my feelings will not get hurt by God because unlike people, God & Jesus never lied to me for their own selfish gain. Some people ask me why my faith in unshakeable, the answer is always the same, "Humans are incapable of being trusted with making their own decisions, when I am relinquished of this life, I will be making an account of all the good & bad done to me in life & they will be given their rewards according to their works." One who has suffered & did nothing to create warrant for it to begin with should have been helped & treated better in life, just like the woman in this post. As it is written, Angels are not always the same but punishments are more heavier for them then it is for humans.

The true being sent down here, to this hell on Earth. THIS is Hell in my opinion. Being shown a black void & then a bright flash of light, only to see through the eyes of a child. My stories would take too long to write down, to even speak them would take longer. Know this that eternity is a lot longer than you could ever comprehend, there is no sense of time anymore..So, I will say this one last time before I am going to collapse from physical exhaustion....Life, is about choices, the choices that we make that either help or break people down, this adds to peoples stripes at the final judgment, even when Jesus is judging us.

So if you want to go on about suffering, just go take a look outside in this world at all the starving & downtrodden people that have been forced to live under subjugation for generations, like native Americans, under the oppression of a satanic government that plans on murdering innocent people by the millions at the guillotine or worse.

I will never be silent, not after what I saw & heard happened to those homeless people. The government has no right to ship off people that are trying to survive in a world that has been ravaged by humanities adulterous & evil creed. It is bad enough that I have to see the enslavement of my people in this country based on freedom & belief in God, while I hear the president himself openly mock God on the microphone, claiming this is an islamic country, if what I heard is not correct, means he is openly blaspheming against the god of ancestors Jacob & Israel even. What sort of ego must a person have to get up & mock God openly like that. Isnt it the governmental system that has caused all of these issues with their lies & agendas? Was it not bad enough that my brothers & sisters must go through this, now the israelites are facing persecution too?

Guess so that it's worth it because it is written that every tear will one day be wiped away & there will be no more sadness, there will be no more disease, there will be no more death.

I can not respect something if it has been the cause of countless millions of suffering in this world, not when I learned that the rockefeller family, also who backs up the U.S reserve mint, provided funds to help hitler do what he did, MY GRANDFATHER fought & SHED BLOOD in WWII, that's what my mom told me, I know her to be some things but a liar is not one of them. He admitted to what he saw in area 51, little men with almond shaped eyes & strange devices that had no conventional openings, what makes me even more curious is how men in black suits with sunglasses show up, driving an olds mobile, hinting threats at a child, through questions. If there's one thing I've learned about those who follow the path of the devil, it's that their word should never be trusted, including mine when the devil was successfully deceiving me. Never again will my eyes shut to the truth of the hurt & pain going on in this world.

Satan will have to kill me himself if he wants to shut me up. That or some disease, either way, I'm not invulnerable by any means, I just happen to be extremely difficult to kill, as my life has proved to myself. I utter these thoughts to you, so you may know that even one as wretched as I was before, can overcome with the love & power of Jesus Christ. I have no want to answer questions, not to be rude but because to even type these, it takes somewhere between one & two hours even to recollect through my thoughts at times.....unfortunately.

So, in conclusion:

Those who are in the service of God are bound by choice too, as the demons who were once angels of God also chose to rebel against him to come down & make wives of the daughters of men. It is all, about, choice. Now, I leave you to reflect upon this. Not so you may make fanfare out of this but think about God & the reality of the situation going on in this planet right now as I type...if you don't believe some parts of what I've stated, go read the book of Job, Satan even answers to God, there is one time when he doesnt & even then he had to answer to him to begin with before he gets cast out of Heaven, which from the state of affairs in this world, has yet to happen.

There's a lot of truth in what you say. There are many things going on that are very strange in this world, and hardly anyone seems to even notice! Very strange things are happening. That's for sure!

Okay first of all im start thinking if im not normal because im feeling hurt if i see someone made a sin. or what i consider as bad stuff. And i feel sad if i see peoples doing bad stuffs. I cant play with girls. i mean i fell in love with one person. and till now i always love she is the one. And i dont think if i can move from the one i love. and she said and other girl said that. iam too nice.And so do i start thinking if im not i read this. Its like reading the reflection of my self. im not saying if im an engel. Nor a devil. i just think i stuck in a. wrong life. also im a very religious man. strong sense of god. but not specify what my religion is. that i really close to god and almost every second i make contact with god. ive had a dream. I went in a beautiful place. where i dont feel alot of pain and theres a light comes to me like hugging me and i cried and i tell it i saw a lot of bad stuffs in the place ive been.

I have had those similar feelings for as long as I can remember. Even from the time that I think I was 9, I have known Im not like others. Initially, I thought my parents weren't mine but that was wrong. I have a question, though. Do you think there are angel-incarnates who are mean't to protect humans? Im not a leader type person. I know that for sure, but do you think there are warrior angel-incarnates? How do I get connected to the Spirit? I've been driving myself insane for over three years now. I thought I was psychotic, and I didn't know what to do. Im from an insanely Christian family. Belief in another higher power isn't something that should cross our minds. It doesn't really for me, but sometimes I wonder. I do believe in God, no doubt about that, but can other's exist? Do angels and demons exist? They should, shouldn't they? Im so confused and conflicted. Please help. Thank you.

If you think you're psychotic, you'll love hearing what I heard outside of my bedroom window at 2 AM. I think it was 2 AM, thats how it usually looks anyway, I have sleeping issues, this one night, I happen to lock my bedroom window & there is this shriek outside my window....I know that feeling too, my whole body seized up, I knew nothing of God & Jesus then, so the demon had a complete advantage against me mentally & physically but not spiritually.

Know that you are okay & by wondering, you are wanting to become closer to God.

And I thought I was the first to believe this lol.

I was taken out of my body and shown who I am as an angel in another realm in 1981.

What do you mean taken out of your body?

While I was trying to take a nap at about 10:30 one morning in 1981, my soul was spontaneously taken out of my body by the angels and taken into a higher realm. In that experience, I saw who I really am in a higher realm, and I got to literally experience myself in an incredibly huge angel body in that level--and that, I realized, was who I really am.
When it was over, and the angels put my soul back into my body, I opened my eyes. As I came back to ordinary reality, I was completely stunned about who I really am in the heavenly realm.

Yes, Elizabeth and I have identical experiences. I have just (and I'm 44) been connecting with my Guides and Angels for the past few years but my clair sentience has gotten much stronger. I recently had a reading where my Angels and Guides were speaking through an internationally known medium. They knew I had opened a personal checking account and how much money I had in it. I had just done this two days prior, nobody knew. They also knew who my husband was in my past life. I have been with my husband for 20 years and the emotional and psychological abuse just got worse recently. We agreed to separate but he'd live in the guest cabin and get his finances in order then move out and my daughter and I would have the house and part of his pension and rent out the cabin to make ends meet. He started acting strange, overly happy for someone who just destroyed his family. The last night home I was in the bedroom in the dark and I could feel his low vibrational energy seeping under the door. Something told me "lock the door", repeatedly. I was having this conversation with these thoughts popping into my head like, "why, he's never hit me?" But I was afraid for my life and paralyzed with fear. I knew my daughter and I had to get away. This was before the reading. Then as my Angels spoke through Cheryl Blumenthal (medium) they told me what his thoughts were and they weren't pretty. They basically said get out or you won't make it out alive and they gave me specific instructions on how to play it cool so he wouldn't know I was planning on leaving. They also said I was an Angel and that I had been a healer in past lives and that I am a healer now and that all the healing I do for animals I need to do for myself to heal my heart, solar plexus and root chakra from all the trauma that my husband had caused me all these years. When I saw this article my Angels just rippled tremendous energy through me, as they do frequently, affirming that I am an Angel. I can't hold a grudge. I am always looking at the good in people, so much so that I end up trusting those who would hurt me. I don't have a "B.S." meter, as my daughter likes to call it. Even after all the abusive things my husband has done and said since the divorce started I still find myself wishing the best for him and that he would some day realize that he destroyed the most wonderful thing in the world, his family. I had a dream last night that he had scalpels and I had to pick up scalpels to defend myself. He cut his own wrists but was surprised that it would actually kill him. I pushed him into another dimension as I did NOT want to see him bleed or watch him suffer and die. It hurts to be love and light and watch someone you loved (and always will) destroy themselves. So much to say, so little energy presently with all thats going on and he's holding 'hostage" my and my daughter's plane tickets to move out of state to be with family for support and to heal and move on with our lives, our purpose. He demands to see his daughter with whom he has destroyed their relationship. I have always been the mediator/peace maker but he always hurts her by letting her down. I am "supposed" to encourage and facilitate this meeting between him and our daughter, yet again, so he can hurt her more?! This is his final slice with his own scalpel and he's the one who will suffer most as he tries to do as much abuse as he can to me in the end. It's sad that he cannot even see that he is destroying any hope that he may, if he decides to get help, have a loving relationship with his daughter in the future. He just has to try and destroy and discredit me in the process. I do not do revenge. He's done nothing but revenge and lies. Our daughter is almost 18. What does he think he's going to accomplish other than having control and the last word and to try to cover his tracks and look like he's the concerned father. I even filled out a stalking/no contact order and almost had a nervous breakdown filling it out. I still have it. It was the hardest paperwork I've ever had to fill out. So much of what he is doing is just like what has happened to me all my years in school with all the lies and rumors spread to hurt me. The one man I thought was supposed to be my best friend, my protector was just another abusive man. But, I am alive and I have a purpose. I am here to heal and empower other's hearts and to help them find their purpose through Human Design (I am a Human Design Specialist, where I do a very unique type of reading) as well as connecting with others to share my gifts of my connection to my Angels and Guides and my Ascended Master, Moses. He is my deliverer. I feel different guides and spirits in different ways in different parts of my body whenever I acknowledge/call on them. My daughter hears her Angels and Guides and even woodland Spirits speak to her in the woods to move things around to heal the forest and to help things grow better. She's even taught me to get answers to questions from trees! She can read auras by feeling what the colors are. I can feel her Spirits and Guides as well. We are certainly not of this planet. We have a mission and my husband/her father was a big deterrent/distraction. He was my torturer in past lives and this is the first time I got away…. alive. I am grateful I learned to connect with my Guides so that I was eventually and synchronistically led to having that reading with Cheryl. I AM a gift to the world! The Universe wishes to gift me abundantly! I AM love and light. I AM a light worker.

That's an amazing story. The reading you spoke of sounds very like the professional readings I do. I counsel people on staying safe, and have been able to save many lives as well.
You're more than welcome to read my blog and check out my site. I think you 'll love it !

Thank you for taking the time to read it! I can be a bit wordy as I have articulation in my chart, lol. My daughter and I will be in Aberdeen for a short visit to the ocean on Jan.1, 2014. Maybe, if all works out, we could swing over and say hi. I would like a reading but so many things are up in the air. My lawyer is crooked and abusive to be and withholds in formation. I only have my angels in my corner. Still waiting for settlement meeting so my daughter and I can leave and my x is leaving for a "vacation" dec. 25-Jan.3. The lawyers are holding things up, etc. Running out of time and trying to use L.O.A. and lots of connecting with angels. Hard times. I need to fire my lawyer but I'm in too deep. Deceived again.

Just be careful, okay? Even Jesus was lied to by Satan in the desert. He tempted Jesus before he become the christ.

Just like Satan was originally morningstar or lucifer, who became HaSatan or in hebrew it means the satan, as in, THE satan.

I always thinking of revenge on this person but I became her friend suddenly.

Even when you think of revenge, when you speak, nothing but kind words come out of your mouth, your words are rarely capable of being hurtful. This is good, as angels are not generally supposed to have a temper.

Zara, I need your help! Contact me on Facebook: Nathaniel Nocturnal-Romance Wallace. Everything you said about Elizabeth fits me.

Very good and pleasing to read!

Dylan Michael Clark

Thank you so much, Dylan Michael Clark. I appreciate it!

I met someone like this over the summer, and now that i read this article, its highly likely he's an angel.

MY WHOLE LIFE is in this article....except mine was constant ridicule and constant rejection, my spirit takes over in ways I cannot even anguish at surviving so much unbelievable judgment and loneliness....and my constant ache to not be here....also the fact that my parents are atheist and I was never talked to about God just knew I had to pray....I have been through some things that led me to wonder what is my problem, why have I suffered so much and why has everyone deceived me from my own parents...and mostly why did the only ones that loved me and I knew left me.....I always knew I was something....not wholly human....but sent here for some purpose and yet the things my spirit has had to survive...WOW!! Thing is when you are an angel you are supposed to overcome and conquer and yet nobody ever listens to is hard but special....lonely and confusing....God did not betray me ho chose me.....he loves me that is why I am the way I am.....WOW!!

hi .just like the story of Elizabeth ., happened to me until today, most of the people hurts my feelings,but always I forget them and I never want to get revenge.. and i even had a strange happening in my life before i was born (i am 17now ) i was falling from the sky i cud see all under me and i have seen a jung boy and i fall into him and since then i am him and i can speak perfectly german since i am 5 my parents looked at me like it was a wonder that i speak so perfect german can some 1 help me i am asking my self all the time what is the meaning of it am i a angel what am i

My name is Phil and just like the story of Elizabeth ., happened to me until today, most of the people hurts my feelings,but always I forget them and I never want to get revenge

I was in church today for a friend. No one has asked me if I was a christian until today (a woman) but I said I am spiritual, she prayed for me to accept Jesus. The pastor said I was a hidden gem. I have an very strong spiritual mindset. I thought about it ever since I been going to this church. I feel very different from the rest of the people there, my purpose is to not be a messenger of god (teach about god, Christ, bible etc) but to show what love is. I observe and stay silent, I quietly watch the people and carefully listen to the pastor. I thought about my purpose and it came to me that I am here on this earth to guide and aid people with help in there daily lives. As a little girl I was different as I am very open minded and have a great sense of humbleness ,kindness and peace, to guide people with love. I watched people. I could see there spirit, I could see who they were and will become in the future. people are drawn to me for advice as I do not judge them and figure out ways to bring them peace. I never get mad at all. I do get disappointed and patiently forgive people and listen to them always. I have a strong spiritual sense and a strong purpose. I was shown to guide and give love to the elderly that are dying (I work in Health care, palliative,long term care) and to teach young children and to guide them into a world of love and kindness (kindergarten teacher) . I am gaining this knowledge for my purpose. my purpose to relieve suffering in third world countries by spending months building schools, giving education to children, giving basic nursing care to the sick people, environmental care, bring the community together, listening to the people needs. I was shown that I am a protector as well. I can see angels needed help and fighting against demons of all sorts and forms. I see a bright angel in armor which I'm most certain is Michael calling upon me to aid. I have no wings but he gives them to me only during this time. I am most positive I am an "earthly" angel. I feel like I am a virtues angel but can be a protector angel when called upon in great need.

I just realized that I am that person. I've been on quite a journey and finally I now know who I am.

That's really nice, Sonnie. I'm glad you've discovered something so momentous and wonderful at this time in your life. Very good. Blessings, ZARA
I have more articles on my site

Thanx zara im going to request you and well as for your reply, well i need more spacific answers. We already guessed that but ok ill continue to read ur website thank you for your time. Morris956

That's really great, Morris. Thank you...


We are from laredo tx and my mother in law is been acting weird latley. FRom some point on, shes been reading the bible alot! And shes been saying that she sees angels in human form. We of course thought it was a mental issue and took her to get evaluated and to our suprise, she was calm and saying that she was a messanger to the people from god and that some specific doctor was an angel and that there were 67 angels in our city. She talked to us about trying to save us by giving us her knowlege and many stuff that cant be explained. What i would like to know is,are there really chosen people from god to message people or what do you think it is?? She also speaks very little english with a mexican accent and when she acts like this, she says GO TO HELL in perfect english without us understanding how she can do that. Please help us out for we are concerned for her health or we would like to get the bottom of this if its a real angelic measage shes trying to transmit usThankyou for your time. A faithfull reader........

Hello Morris,
I don't know everything automatically. When I do a scheduled reading for someone, I find out the information they're seeking, and then I reveal this information to them.
In relation to this woman-- I do agree that angels can incarnate as human. I've written about this on my website,
As far as her telling people to go to hell, I have a problem with that. My guess is that she has been overtaken by an entity that is misleading her. If you'd like to read my website, you can check out what I have to offer, and send a request to me from my website if you want. ZARA

I think I may be but I hold grudges and seek revenge, well used to. Now that my abilities have opened up i'm more peaceful and open to everyone and everything...

Holding grudges and seeking revenge are not okay. The antidote to all yours and others' problems is to love God and to see God in everything.

Zarangles please contact me on here I need answers please this is so overwhelming

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What a nice way to put your thoughts, you are wonderful, thanks for being present. Blessing to you and your little ones. You made my day briter and better. Jesse,

You are so sweet, Jesse. Thank you. You made my day brighter and better too!

I had a dream where I was put in front of a man who seemed to have utmost authority.. I was surrounded by people and one of them was begging them not to force her to go.. But he told her she must go as if she doesn't, then what needs to be done, will not be able to happen. I tried to reason with the person in charge but he told me that if she didn't 'go back', then I wouldn't be able to either, and told me 'you have to go back. it is your duty. you know what you have to do.'

I told my mum about this dream, and she was extremely shocked. she dreamt the same thing before I was born, but she was the person begging him not to make her go back and looked over at us trying to reason with the person in charge!

after what I have seen in this dream, and my mums exact same dream but from her perspective.. my outlook on life has completely changed and the way I have always felt so different to other people has finally made so much sense.

I also nearly died 3 years ago, and met 3 angels who were telling me it was my time to go, and to go with them, to which I shouted 'i will not go! i am NOT DEAD!' and they looked at each other and sighed, and told me 'they suppose I can stay'.

I don't care what anyone says, it's just because they are young souls and do not understand yet, but they will one day.

I have always felt different from everyone. I always tend to be the person people come to with their problems cause they know that I truly care. I always get mad at myself for things instead of getting mad at people like others do. I was sliding on black ice my junior year and saw Jesus setting in my back seat when I should have hit a power pole and died that is when I started attending church again. My uncle that was near death looked at me and said he had a dream that I was an angel playing a harp. Many have called me an angel for the things I do for them I usually care way too much. They even claim I look like one. I would like to figure it out. I know I was sent here but I'm a little confused on exactly what I'm suppose to be doing. I truly love my lord!

I feel the same as Elizabeth in the story. I have been looking up ways to see if i can tell Im an Angel. I really dont share with a lot because fear of looking at me like Im crazy.

I agree that it's good to keep it to yourself, and not to share with a lot of people. This will not only be to keep others from thinking that your crazy because of such a thought, but also because, when you share with others who do not accept, you feel that you lose something. It's better to keep it sacred, and to yourself. It's always good to share with me, however, because that is my role. You can learn more by going to my site:

CRAZY. I had the same kind of school experience as above. I don't think I am an angel by any means but I do know now that I am destined to help people. and it totally sucks how earthly issues can take up time I could be spending healing. to the post I just barely skimmed below...I think YOU need to wake up and face reality as reality is much deeper than you know.

wake up and face reality, you think you're an angel don't you. Sorry for being rude, but telling yourself that your an "angel" are just words to make yourself feel better. You think you are nice girl and you feel confident, but angels can't be born in a human form. Humans and jinns have free will, but angels don't. Not anyone can become an angel and just start think " oh I'm nice, I never wanted revenge so I must be an angel." You're were just weak so you were not able to think yourself about revenge. You want to become an angel so that you could make yourself feel proud, just to let you know that won't help. Hell and Heaven isn't a fantasy, and I know you won't believe me, but the "after world" is a billion times scary. I have been doing research about hell and heaven in all the religions and find it very scary. There are so many scary things that is happening that still won't let me sleep. The devil is making contracts with humans and is giving out big influence. This is what I'm hearing from your story. " I use to be an angel and now I'm a human". Sorry, but face it a dog can't turn into a cat in the next life. By the way, do you know why is there such thing as the final judgement? God sees all human equally and judges them, if an angel were to go to Earth and change anything, they would be known as a fallen angel. Angels are not meant to help humans, God put us on Earth so we can decide for ourselves. If a jinn interferes they also go to hell (they get judged too). If you were to try to make contact with a jinn, you too would get punished and go to hell. If you were to make a contract or contact with the devil, your soul would belong to the devil (the devil use to be a jinn). 1/3 or the angels followed the devil (so they are fallen angels). Angels are meant to be in heaven, unless God had a plan. But that's not allowed since God is allowing us to make our own choices. You on the other hand started comparing yourself as an angel is an huge sin. Angels can't get missions on Earth anymore, there are the high rank angels and the normal angels. High rank (such as Gabriel) have the largest power. I hope you do more research before your final judgement since it isn't going well for you. If you still believe you're an angel, I will explain farther.

Hello GiaFox,
Well said. I agree with you completely--especially the part about the main message of Jesus: Love others and treat others as you want to be treated.

Thank you,

Hello FantasyDreamer,

What I'm saying in my article has nothing to do with pride and ego. Through this and other articles I write, I'm simply sharing the thoughts and realizations I've experienced.

FantasyDreamer, I love and believe in God and Jesus very much, and I'm willing to accept the truths and miracles He has shown me through the experiences and realizations He has given to me. Those are the experiences I share in my articles.

Have you ever read the Bible and the Q-ran? I have read it about 5 times of each and I have been researching all my life. Both denies it. Jesus, Muhammad which ever religion you're from denies it. Open up the Bible and look for yourself if it doesn't please you. And who said I don't believe in Jesus or God. I am stating what are all of us are made from that I have researched from the holy books. I don't care if you're a Muslim or a Catholic, but both holy books have said that. In the Bible and the Q'ran it saids humans can't be born angels. Luckily we have choices, but angels don't. Have you at all read through my comment at all? Do you understand?

Zara Angel ... if u are the "Real" deal , I need ur help where can I contact you I need spiritual guidence so I can truelly come to PEACE ... I'm lost, and trying to figure everything on my own is making me crazy , I'm a Soldier for GOD and everyday is somthing new for me

Hello Azwayne,

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Blessings, ZARA

I know that I was sent to help a certain person toward the right path but he keeps resisting. I gave up once but came back to try again but this job is to hard. What can I do?

Hi Jciscoj,

You are not here to get one person on the right path. That sounds very codependent to me. You can do your best to influence people in a positive way; but it is their job to either accept your influence, or not to accept your influence. What they choose to do is up to them.


exactly!!! I tried helping some ex boyfriends in a very co-dependant way. But realize its up to them. I would be there for them but could not do their work for them, their healing.

Thank you for supporting what I said about codependency, and the fact that no one is here to change any one person. We're here to do our best to positively influence people. We're not here to directly change anyone.

I feel very strongly that I am an angel. That I play some role in the return of Christ. I don't think much of myself so I can't really expect my intuitions to be correct. People look down on me and therefore I doubt myself. There's too many signs from God for me to ignore. I really could use help and not feel crazy. I sometimes hear comforting voices and God at times.

Hello Doubting Angel,
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Dear All, Thank you for sharing. I have to tell you this parabole of the little soul and the sun. After reading over it, you'll be speechless. A true enligthment. For those who can recognize already as an Angel. You are. Because human being is part of the divine whole. The body of the Universe. Our mission is not to learn (because we know already the stuff - that matter), but to remember Who We Are. Then, to re-member who everyone else is too. Thank you Zara as you help people acknowledge it with your story. Everyone has a part of angelic properties and abilities. Because God has created us so that we could experientially remember it. One day. Most of Us who are eager to serve others and describe themselve as a "Lighter" are always asking God How Can I Make It My Purpose Now? Well, first of all, don't change your job or don't lock yourself in your Self -Contemplation. We have only One purpose in life. Knowing of Who We Are and experiencing it. In all ways. Now here the words from Conversations with god. A must-read.- START -There once was a soul who knew itself to be the light. This was a new soul, and so, anxious for experience. "I am the light" it said. "I am the light". Yet all the knowing of it and all the saying of it could not substitute for the experience of it. And in the realm from which this soul emerged, there was nothing but the light. Every soul was grand, every soul was magnificent, and every soul shone with the brillance of My awesome light. And so the little soul in question as was a candle in the sun. In the midst of the grandest light - of which it was part - it could not see itself nor experience itself as Who and What is Really Is. Now it came to pass this soul yearned and yearned to know itself. And so great was its yearning that I one day said "Do you know Little One, what must do to satisfy this yearning of yours?" "Oh, what, God? What? I'll do anything!" The little soul said."You must seperate yourself from the rest, of us " I answered, and then you must call upon yourself the darkness." "What is the darkness, o Holy one? the little soul asked."That which you are not". I replied, and the soul understood.And so the little soul did, removing itself from the All, yea, going even unto another realm. And this realm the soul had the power to call into its experience all sorts of darkness. And this it did.- END -So for those who have suffered, those who are always on the battle. Remember now one thing. By being stuck at the opposite of love, joy and peace, you are experiencing Who You Really Are. A true light in the dark.Being an Angel reincarnated in Human is not exactly what it is. We just know deeply inside of Who we are. Some people driven by highest feeling of love and care for people, animals, our planet. And imagine no other possibilities. So, life will take off for you my dear friends. Not with invisible wings. But with your ultimate soul's desire. With Truth, Light, Love. Other angels are protecting us. They do "look like" us when they appear. But it's an other topic :) See you there.Cheers Servane

We do continue to learn. But, ironically, when we learn new spiritual things, it turns out that we feel more like we are "remembering" rather than learning something new.
Let me know if you can relate to this...