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I'm an Angel Reader. One of the main reasons I incarnated here has been to offer guidance and direction for angels on earth, (Earth Angels)  who would otherwise feel hurt, confused, alone... I've known who I am and have been very successful as an Angel Reader for over fifteen years.  While this service is not free, there are free things that I offer on my site, including my free monthly newsletter and by signing up for that on my site, you will also be eligible to attend my free monthly seminars.  The address is angelreadingsbyzara.com

After incarnating here and eventually waking up to who they are, Earth Angels need to debrief and get guidance. All angels need that. They can begin to wake up all by themselves, but after awhile, they need assistance.

That's where my work comes in. When people find me, many times they don't realize they are actually angels. I'm not saying that everyone who comes to me is an earth angel. I work with all types of people on all types of issues.

Still, when I discover through my psychic abilities within a Psychic / Angel Reading that the person I am working with is actually an Incarnated Angel, I usually tell them. Then I help the individual to understand what that means from a practical point of view. This knowledge helps them to understand themselves and helps them develop their lives in a way that truly makes sense.

Being an angel on earth is really a wonderful thing. It means that you do have a purpose, that you're usually very intelligent, very gifted, very insightful, and that when you stand for something important, you stand for it all the way. It also means that you are a good friend--both to God, the angels and other people. One of the pitfalls I help the Incarnated Angels/ Earth Angels to avoid is It is getting into their egos, and thinking they are better than others just because they are angels.

Actually, being an angel does not make you better than anyone else is. All people, all angels, all beings are God's children. Every child of God is as important as every other child of God. Being an Earth Angel just makes you a little different than others, and understanding that difference can help you, as an angel, to become more comfortable with yourself and can help you in your various life-decisions. As an angel, you have specific distinguishing characteristics (like being extra sensitive and extra psychic, etc), and understanding who we are helps all of that to make sense.

If you're an angel, you came to earth for a specific purpose. REMEMBERING you're actually an angel, and discovering your true purpose can help you plan and direct your life. Otherwise, you may feel as though you're wondering through the world aimlessly and you won't feel satisfied. My job is to help the Incarnated Angels get a clear idea about who they are, what their purpose is, how to create what they really want in their lives and how to REALLY be happy.

If you want to know more just Google ZARA ANGEL, and in addition, you can go to my site to visit and check out the free stuff: angelreadingsbyzara.com
If you want to schedule a reading, you will find information about that too.


Blessings, ZARA ANGEL

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iam an incarnation of albert einstein

HELP!! I feel like a walking target, as if others knew who I am before I started to gain confidence in accepting who I am. This awareness from others has put me in compromising situations and has left me untrusting of people. It's truly a sad situation to see that everyone entering my life aren't doing so with good/positive motives. What do I do??

Good point. You may want to read the blog on my website angelreadingsbyzara.com

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Ms. Zara... I already know I am an incarnated angel. I already know my name. Both were told to me during my meditations. Until recently, I was lost in the goings-on of this world and the constant set backs and many many trials I've had to endure over the years. I woke up around 2011 / 2012. All of my life I knew I was different inside and always felt my answers were somewhere in the spiritual pursuits but always felt religious teachings and organizations ... well... fell short of the truth. I've had what I call knowings wherein knowledge surfaces without any effort. I wake up and it's there. Anyway, I feel there is a guidance I need. I realized recently that my life is the way it is because I left this world get to me but now I'm detaching myself from man's world so I can better work my mission here. I know only part of that mission. Given who I am I feel there is more but I can't get the final part of it. How do I contact you for your assistance?

I feel like I am an earth angel. I was once told to look into walk-ins, but I have also experience during my reiki attunement angelic wings unfold from my back...i am now very confused. I know i have a purpose, but i am unsure what...could you clarify for me. At least let me know to which group i belong. Thank you

Those two categories would not necessarily contradict each other. You could be both.

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I believe Iam an angel I really need your help me to let me know what I should do. Readed online signs on Angels and they describe my character and personally right on. I know Iam unique I hope to hear you soon


I believe people have a need to feel they are special or that something makes them special but every living thing is special to god, i dont believe god puts anyone above but its mans ego who puts himself above all. Many times i have felt helpless and had to stand by well people hurt one another. Being in angel means you are willing to sacrifice all you have so you can protect even the smallest of gods creations, with no glory or expectations.

do you know who I am?

sit in front of a mirror and stare into your eyes and concentrate and stare stare for as long as you can and when you blink concentrate and stare back at your eyes straight away now you should start to see your face glow after about 3 minutes depending, but don't lose concentration on your eyes now you should start to see your true face but remember concentrate and you should see your true self

well ok then read me are you if so then you should know esactly who I am don't freak out though just accept the truth

hey i'm Stuart and i am one who also angel person i can control wind

Hi Zara, I cannot believe what I am witnessing. I have always felt different and knew I was here for a purpose. I have never been able to speak of this with anyone. I never feel a sence of accomplishment, I feel I have to complete my mission of helping others in some way, but through helping others I always get hurt. Are earth angels destined to be alone? I have read that we are not supposed to have relationships with those we are helping, I have been in a relationship with some of my people I am supposed to help, and it never lasts, maybe it automatically ends after I have done enough for them or something. I always get hurt though, but I see it as the only way to get close to someone, and get them to trust you nowadays is to be in a relationship with them, its the only way to get them to trust you without telling them what we are. I do feel a little crazy saying all of this right now, but deep down I know this is my destiny, and need guidance, as we sometimes get lost, or can become fallen angels as a result of the pain and suffering we go through.

I need help from you miss zara angel.. thank you so much for posting all of these..

angels cannot become humans

Said who?

You, "Think," there are angels on earth. ... I should wonder of your standing upon this earth child, for your goal as it seems is to seek those that are weak at heart and mind and take coin for compliment. I speak not to insult but if you truly wanted to comfort these people you would do it as they do it for others.

The people who come to me are the most wonderful people on earth. I'm sorry you have so many misunderstandings about the work I do; but the only people who come to me for private consultations are people who do so voluntarily . For people who would rather work on their own , I have plenty of freebees available including tons of free articles. ( blog posts ) with invaluable unique information, and I also offer free monthly webinars to people who sign up for my free monthly newsletter. Besides this, I 'm a member if two service groups in which I am an active member.

I hope this information clears up the misunderstanding , and will help you to feel better .

Sincerely ,

Hi Zara...beautiful name I might add. I know you probably have a lot of people already asking you questions but I just am wondering if you could take the time to read my story

I have felt different around my group of friends for a long time, I don't hold grudges, I don't judge people, people seem to easily trust me and talk to me about their problems even if I just met them. I don't know...and to my parents it all started when I was born. Our family friend who appears to be sorta "psychic" told me once that the first time she looked at me as a baby, she knew i was meant to be here for a huge reason. I still today am not so sure what that could be.

I have always loved helping people, I always put others before I put my own. And I didn't even know who God, or Jesus were till I was maybe 9. I remember that day perfectly, I was sitting in the park near my day care building and a girl next to me all of a sudden said the name God and I looked at her and said who is that?

But that's not the end of my story, when I attended a church camp before maybe my fifth grade, they told me I was going to hell because I was not baptized. I remember crying every night in fear, and I swore on that day I would never become a christian.

But now today, it was actually my boyfriend (not because I wanted him to like me) who helped me forgive those people who told me I was going to hell. Now today I am a proud christian and I feel Jesus with me every second. I feel his love and I read the bible not because I have too since I am christian but because I love reading his story. His journey on earth, it's all amazing to me and I have never been more thankful.

So hopefully I didn't bore you too much with that story but it just got me thinking and led me to here....and I believe I need your guidance...I believe I could be incarnate angel...and one reason I give besides my traits is because I do wish to go to heaven, but when I die I desire to serve god, and to serve him now while I am on earth.

I would be so eager to meet you but unfortunately there are many miles between us, I mean living in Ohio and you in Washington you can do that math if you want. But one day I hope to meet you, and I guess I'm new to this but God has sent me to you, I know he has. All I need from you is an answer...to help me know that you listening to me somehow. I hope you reply to me soon,
Thank you for at least reading this I hope we talk soon. Bless you.

Hello Juliana,
I 'my glad you reached out to me. You can find more help by reading my free blogs on my site: angelreadingsbyzara.com
I also have a free monthly newsletter you can sign up for.


I literally found out today after 51 years and overwhelming buzzing in my ear, falling back into drugs, feeling so overwhelmed with the need to help...going back to my unbelievably abusive relationship, wondering once again why earth has never ever felt safe and my home is so not here, and on top of that seeing my family that constantly judged and ridiculed me and my father (who is an atheist) constantly rejecting me and comparing me....that the day before I have to see them (its been years and I was truly dreading it)....I happened to find out I am an angel. EVERYTHING ALL THE REJECTION, DECEPTION, HURT...THE NEED TO ALWAYS APOLOGIZE, ALWAYS FEELING GUILTY...THE ACHE IN MY HEART FOR ALWAYS BEING MISUNDERSTOOD...AFTER 51 YEARS...IT IS ALL FINALLY MAKING SENSE. But when or who can I share this with. I am sure I will be judged, and I am afraid of people who won't or cannot understand...why could no one see it, is is that people see it and are jealous or afraid....I have always attracted cruel demon possessed people...they always hate me...but yet I always end up being in their life....obviously one of them told me the day before she died that she was dying....and she KNEW I was an angel....and told me because she knew what was waiting for her....trouble is I never knew...but always knew. NOW HOW DO I EVER APPROACH A PERSON WHO NEEDS TO KNOW WITHOUT THEM LAUGHING...i.e. my father...can I tell him on his deathbed? That is the ONLY time he may understand.....HE KNOWS TOO THAT IS WHY HE ALWAYS REJECTED ME....forever. PLEASE HELP.

I feel that reading more of my blog posts will help you more. Many people have reported that their lives have changed for the better through the comfort of the angels' and my words in the posts.

Dear Zara, thank you for a wonderful blog post. I am starting to explore the notion that I might be an Earth Angel. I had thought that I was an indigo child but I have had a lot of indications of connections with angels since 2012, including constant repetitive 444 messages and encounters with angels. In a meditation connecting with my higher self today, I was told that it's time for me to get my wings and when I emailed a friend about this I looked back and it was 4.44pm. These are signs for me. Everything angelic resonates with me and my mother was an Earth angel; I know this as she returned to me a number of times after she transitioned.
Anyway, I very much look forward to your newsletter. Thank you for putting this out there :)

You are most welcome!

Do earth angels remember their birth... and do some earth angels ever experience uncontrollable feisty emotions that we even hurt the ones we love and care about? I feel there is something within me that is being possessed by a devil..How do we be happy people because I feel like we can't be granted of anything good in our lives, if we do it is never always lasting-unless we fulfill our mission? I think I remember the oath I have given to God before I was born or maybe it came to me in a dream but I vowed to endure suffering for others and take on all the pain in the world. I'm really lost and alone. I don't feel like I am incapable of giving and receiving great love because I or something destroy it: the way I destroyed a good 4 year relationship, I felt the force of fate taking me to a different path that I am supposed to be on. I'm really torn, broken and sad. I want to be happy and help others without compromising my own well being.

I have read your blogspot. About fallen angels.. I used to be jealous and sought to hurt children when I was young myself. I had a boyfriend that loved me and only me until he wanted to love more people which I think I was very jealous of. I feel really guilty. But now I am trying to let myself love more people. Am I a lost angel or a fallen angel? I'm buried in a lot of pain and confusion.

Hello Mazria,
You're not a lost or a fallen angel. You're a wonderful soul trying your best to improve yourself and your life. That's great. Keep up the good work.

I forgot to add.. after hurting my baby sister by throwing a shoe at her.. I think I did act to seek redemption and love from god by going to Church and going around recess/lunchtime to help any kids who were crying or conflict with their friends.. that was when I was around 9. As I grew older.. I was aware of how sensitive I was. I got bullied, felt like I didn't belong anywhere-so i drifted slightly as a loner. When I found my best friend and boyfriend I had the urge to help him love others. Then I realised I was destroying myself at the expense of it.. I was more angry and said hurtful things-partly due to being sensitive but I know I also overreacted. Sometimes I think I loved being angry. I don't know who I am anymore. I just want inner peace.. and I suppose I can only find that when I accomplish my purpose?

I also made an Oath to God or some sort of higher power, to take the suffering of others, and live life the difficult way. I have really struggled with this and have been wondering whether it is possible to reverse this. I cant believe im not the only one. Im so confused and don't know who I am

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Zara ! I need to reach out to you , can you reach out to people as in you feeling inspired ? I had an unusual awakening and I don't know if I am over thinking or if this is all true .. I need guidance and my spirit guides aren't here I don't think .. Please let me know of we can set something up to meet !!

If you google my name, you can check out the options I offer. Googling ZARA ANGEL will bring you to my page.

I have felt that I am a little different that others, not better but different. I love humans though they have hurt me deeply. I trust too easily and fall in love too quickly. Alot of people come to me with their problems and I feel this incredible weight on my shoulders. I feel like I have so much purpose for the world and I am not achieving any of it. Though God reminds me that he loves me and gives me consistent signs, I feel as though I am letting Him down. I don't know what direction to go now.

Hello Comeoriginal08,
I have written many articles about Incarnated Angels which you can read on my website: angelreadingsbyzara.com

Also, if you go to Facebook, and type in Incarnated Angels and Earth Angels, you can request to join my private group. The discussions within may be helpful to you.

Blessings, ZARA

Dear Zara,
I have no idea where to begin except that I was for sum reason I came to a site about incarnated angels and was immediately shaken and relieved at how perfectly the descriptions many different sites I researched matched my own characteristics and aspects of my life.. until now I didn't understand why I was so different and my life was unfolding the way it was.. I felt so lost I couldn't explain it in words. I am still fresh so fresh to this realization and am still a little confused. I could so use some guidance and would appreciate some help if you could be so kind. Thank you and God bless.

Hi Liz,
It sounds like you're really relating to being an incarnated angel, and perhaps you are! I have a new site with some free stuff you may be interested in. I've got a free monthly newsletter you can sign up for and by doing so, you'll be eligible for the free monthly Webinars I'm offering beginning in March angelreadingsbyzara.com

Zara I need guidance I know I am an earth angel. I tried calling you but it did not work I live in Perth Western Australia . Please contact me I will do anything I can to help you in return

I just saw this message from last January. You may wish to schedule with me over my site: angelreadingsbyzara.com
For the session you schedule, we could do it over Skype. My Skype name is zara.angel24


On sharing about angels communication. I will like people to be careful about communicating to Angel. I personally witness a person who had many voices speaking to her. She was in front of me. Her mind had been disturbed as these voices only tell her about the vices of others. She could tell me about my past accurately etc. What I know is that they are gods who are jealous gods in Buddhism. They are also gods of the white side who help us in our spiritual path.

If we look for success, fame, money and only short-term gained in this life we will attract the bad forces. If we are sincerely working for others sincerely not wanting anything back then we will not attract such forces. Zara knows best.

I know I have potential for transcendence power, but I pray that only when my heart is pure enough, then only these power be allowed to manifest. Or else it will be led by ego.

As for angelic guidance, I believe that the God or a higher being is like the sun shining light of wisdom at all time. As long as one is calm and kind, one will be able to tap on that source and allow the angel to speak to us????? don't know I think I am speaking nonsense. Just came out from mind.

I like the fact that you are working on yourself. I feel that's what we all need to do. You sound very humble, and I like that. If you'd like, you're welcome to go to my site to check out the free stuff. angelreadingsbyzara.com

Dear Zara,
Thanks can set up a forum for angels. Today my hair stands as my life has matched perfectly to the description of an Earth Angel. I am Buddhist. In Buddhism there is also explanation. There are 6 realms. 2 realms are angel realms. I recalled that I made the mistakes of falling in love with a man when I was supposed to be a celibate angel. I was condemned to earth. I was asked to learn about human suffering and suffering of lust and unwholesome love.

I was born into an abusive family, abused in almost all possible ways since birth. When I returned to my natural parents I had to be their counsellor and was asked by my parents to keep the family in one piece if they commit suicide. I gave in to all siblings no matter how they disturbed me. My mum told me I almost never hit back even if my siblings hit me.Then I was teased and emotionally abused at home as being stupid. Because I remained slience and last in thought as a child. At school I studied well and the boys liked me. In my life women consistently are jealous competitive of me. Even friends whom I helped at the expense of my own well being secretly sabotaged me due to jealous and competitiveness. I always go to the rescue of others, emotionally support others etc. However, when I was down no earthlings really could help me but they blamed me or were very harsh to me. I was saved by an Enlightened highly evolved being.

However, the consistent difficulties of getting along with people just trapped me. I could not understand how can people lie, make cutting remarks and stare with such vicious looks. Women are jealous and men violent.

I sound a bit proud here. I better reflect on my own short coming. I am a blunt person in my mannerism and have many short coming too.

Although people secretly "hate" me , but they cannot help it but continuously drawn to me by buying gifts wanting to be close both women and men. However, I prefer solitude, nature and only companionship with wise men and women. People who are sincere, kind and helpful.

Even finding an author of a book or a public figure who possess such qualities I just already feel they are my friends and do not feel lonely.

I sense energy, I absorb energy, I need nature, solitude and prayers , wise words and people.

My friends teased me in Chinese: you do not take the food cooked from the fire in human realm.

I am thankful as I understand and feel assured now of how I should lead my life on.

I can sense pain in other's body maybe due to Reiki training and also sense people. I hope these given gift help me in healing others.

Meanwhile, I need to learn how to live on earth, I have no time concept, money concept and physical concepts. Hence, my finances, my time management and my belonging are in constant mess.

Secretly I hate my body and feel ashamed that I need to clean up and move things and to walk physically.

Because, I should be able to fly just that I forget, physical things should just appear to me or move toward me if I will them, there is no need to eat, it is a shame to eat and ****. Feeding on air should be enough.

I need to accept I am on earth and before I can help I need to be a practical responsible human beings first.

Back to basic, humble, wash the laundry , toilet, keep proper record of finances and keep to time I set up to do things.

Ya, before I can so-called be a healer or helper, I need to grown up first. Also I need to work through the many scars left in my heart and mind due to earlier part of my childhood.

My messenge to all Angels: if you are totally drained go into a retreat. Stop helping others and live totally for yourself first. Nurture yourself in all possible ways, be humble, before you can be an angel, learn to be a healthy sensible, mature, sensible adult first. You need to rely on other humans (angels or not) to cure basic health problems, depressions, over eating or co dependency etc.

If you do not have a practical solid foundation as a healthy mature responsible adult and always engrossed in fantasy of being an angel, it will get u no where.

I was trapped for almost 40 years!!!

I was stretched over the 2 poles in my life, between a divine help to others yet a sorry soul in my own life. My practical life has always been in a sorry state. Yet at another level, I inspired, helped and solved people's problems. However, that got me no where and I have been in depression all the time.

Before you can cherish others, cherish yourself first.

Last note: I cannot help but sometimes think are these angel concepts ways to sooth the souls of co-dependents? Angel's mission to save the earth is also a psychological void they have as children to save their problematic parents?

With love

Hi my name is Miguel Angel Rivera and I sometimes feel what you are talking about and I do feel superior than others in a way but I questioned myself a lot trying to understand and I get so emotional ( angry, sad, etc..) and I feel I have a purpose but what!? Sometimes I feel a lone, sometimes I feel like someone is watching over me, taking care of me, I feel like one day all angels are going to rise up........when they call for us to reunite once more.....to go to war????? I have met eccentric people and like talking to them, want them to be close to me, but I just don't understand why I think this? Am I going insane..?

AT last i've found the page i was looking for :D it's very nice knowing there are other earth angels here :D

How are u? Pls tell me. I need to know. How are things going for you, and do your guardian angels protect u? I think its a silly question, but one I need to ask, because I think im going to need you in future if you are really serious and believe in who and what and where you say..I guess no university or college or education or whatever from whoever can give you the freedom, protection, truthfullness, steadiness, and anti-aging knowledge...Please to have met you, be in touch.
(Archangel Uriel) {supporter}

I'm wondering if you are having some problems in your life that you alluding to in the questions you're asking me. I'm an Angel Reader, and as such, I help Incarnated Angels by teaching them what's really going on in the astral realm and how it relates to their personal lives. I also do energy clearing on various issues they face in order to make their lives easier.
Astrid, I've faced enormous difficulties in my life, and the understanding I have derived by getting through those problems, (with the help of the angels), has allowed me to be tremendously helpful to people who come to me for Angel Readings. My rates can be found on my site: zarasangels.com

Recently, I have come to the conclusion that I was here to help people in need. I've always been very intutive and I have a very strong empathy for people in need. I feel like I have something extra where I could always listen to someone and understand what they are going through. I read this post about earth angels...it feels so natural to me, so right. Is it possible that I am one? I truely believe I am here to help out those around me and I do not feel content with what I have, when there are those suffering out there! I know I want to help people, but I don't know how. I've never been good at socializing or expressing myself.

Hi Melisa,
Yes, I think you probably are...
Blessings, ZARA

Hi Melisa,
Let me know if you'd like to be in my circle!

Surely! I'll definitely add you! :D

i have been told by a medium that i am an earth angel and light worker. Its all new to me. So wat do i do now and how do i know for sure?thanks

Hello Dee,
It's very nice to hear from you.
We'll talk later.

i am very different form other males i can do wired things im going to give u a call sister zara

With me writing this post to you, can you sense if I'm an incarnated angel or not? I believe I am, and my guardian angel reassures me, but I'm self doubtful. That's all :) Thank you for your time to read this, and if you have time to respond. May God's blessings be upon you +

Hello Kayshi,
You may be. I cannot give you a definitive answer at this time, Kyashi.

If this page does what it says.. Then I've just been Told I'm an earth angel by a stranger. But I've also always felt like one also!!! Now my question is... How do I know what my purpose is????? How do I find out????

Hello Angeleyesmodel,
You can check out my site zarasangels.com
And you can go to my blog zarasangels.blogspot.com
That should help...

hii... is this true?? do earth angels actually exist??

im soo happy to know this.. i always felt different..and had a bad time in school..

can i know more about these? thanks soo much <3

Yes it is true and you can get more information about it by going to my website zarasangels.com and also my blog, zarasangels.blogspot.com

can i be an earth angel? i always felt different and i dont fit in..

got bullied in school..dont have much friends..
i like art and reading about God and angels..

Hi Lavender,
From the comments you made, I think there's a good chance you are...

really? but how to be sure?

how do i contact u?

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Actually I really need some help. I feel like I have angel wings on my back. I can feel them but I can't see them. Whenever I try to lean against a wall or lay on my back it hurts and feels uncomfortable. Some people said I might be a incarnated angel or an earth angel. All I know is is that they wings are there and now I don't know what to do. I'm only 16 and still really confused. I sometimes wonder why I am even here on this planet. I know I'm suppose to do something, but I don't even know. Can you help me?

Hi Akito,
Many of the Incarnated Angels that come to me for readings tell me they feel wings on their backs and, as a matter of fact, I feel it as well. I'm surprised they feel uncomfortable for you. As far as what you're here to do, I'd say you need to meditate daily as you grow and continue to mature. The main reason Incarnated Angels are here is to provide a good example for the regular humans by being loving and kind, and by doing what they can to help the world be a better place.

Hello Keith David,<br />
I apologize, but I don't do trades. <br />

Hi Keith David,<br />
It's nice to hear from you. Thank you for reading my article and for contacting me. As far as your being an Incarnated Angel...I feel this may be so. As far as the part about "gold bones", I don't agree with that at all. I think that some practitioners are very imaginative, and really off-ba<x>se. If you'd like to know more about my teachings, you are welcome to check out my website. It's zarasangels.com<br />
Blessings, ZARA

hi, my names ali, im gonna take a look at ur site in a little, ive been really interested in anything "paranormal" since i was like 4 and moved into a house where i could see hear and sense spirits, ive been reading up on the kind of earth angels there are and stuff for a little while (im only 13 so not very long lol) but when i read that kinda stuff i cant help but smile that theres others out there that feel the same as me, i honestly feel bad that i smile at that cuz the homesick feeling and not feeling in place isnt very good, ik my purpose has something to do with helping others in some huge way but i just cant figure out how, im not sure if im an earth angel or something else but im defenatly different, i was even told that by a psychic medium by the name of george anderson, he said it was in a good way and that he is the same kind of "weird" as he was saying i was pretty much, (cuz hes a medium) i just cant find anyone out there that understands me though even my friends family and boyfriend just dont, theres one girl who i met on yahoo answers and ive been helping her talk to a spirit (my friend is a reincarnation of that spirit imnot going to say who but i believe her 100%) i was wondering if you could possibly help me out to find out who and what i really am and what i can do, thanks.

I have recently been told to "remember"...just before I turned 40, I was filled with a perfect knowledge that 40 years were over, and I wouldn't have to suffer and struggle anymore and hurt as I always had. The whisper "remember" was constant in my mind. People began coming to me, telling me God had told them I am an angel, and to tell me. These were professionals and those of ministry. On the ball, sane people. I was given a vison of being married. Almost immediately, after my birthday, I was blessed monetarily, so that I never have to work again. I knew it would happen, I told others it would. A pastor and some elders came to my home. They told me I am special and that friends would vanish and new friends come into my life, because they had been told that no one who wasn't of God would feel comfortable around me anymore, but at the same time, people who loved or sought the Lord would be drawn to me. I am now filled with knowledge of who I am, and excited but also a little sad. I want to go home, no, I am not suicidal, I just want to go home. But God says "not yet." I am receiving messages to share almsot constantly. I came here because it said there is support and guidance...is there? I feel lonely and I spent 2 months re-living and grieving over how hard my 1st 40 years here were...now I want someone to share the experience of being me with. Is there someone here?I feel like I know there is but also there are misguided and ill people here...I would like to help. I also need some help and a common ground, shared experience, more knowledgable friend here. If you are here, can you see me?

Hello,<br />
<br />
Love and Light. My name is Angel. I know something I don't know. I'm not confused, continuing on my journey as I am sent. I do pray I find someone to continue my journey with some day.

Hi zara how are you doing today?:) my name is Dorian and I think I am an earth angel I have always felt different from everyone and very special.I have all the signs, I am a very sensitive person and gentle to, I have a baby face and think i even look like one. I love to help people and make people happy and love to bring peace and happiness to everyone around me. I feel lost and sad though like I don't belong here and feel lost and do have identity issues, when I look at myself I don't know who I am, and have a powerful overwhelming feeling to help people and have visions of<br />
Feeding starving children in othercountries and helping them

Hi wanting to feed others is a noble wish... Think about this... To feed who is hungry is temporary relief...the next day they will be hungry again... But to teach them how to feed themselves... That is long term relief!

:) hi, this never occured to me.. I've never thought it through I guess bc I'm always very busy.. i think everything happens for reason even us talking right now, Its all coming together,and I can't wait to make it real one day.

Hi Venusapple, Thank you for this comment. I agree with you! ZARA

That's a really nice comment, Dorian. Thank you! I believe everything happens for a reason too. What is it you want to make real one day? I'm not quite clear on that. I think I know, but I'd like you to tell me so I know for sure. Blessings, ZARA

Hi zara, how are u today? Its all
In my first post I love to help people and I know my life purpose is to help and feed starving people in other countries.. This is always comes to me so it has to be.reading my posts what do u think I think I am an earth angel

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I think I am an incarnated angel. But everything is very new for me and I'm very confused. I want to find the right way but just moved to a new area with little money. How can I find somebody in my area who can help me??? How will I find the right way and I know it's not important but will I ever find my right partner?

Hi Giandor, I apologize for not responding earlier, but I just found your comment. Giandor, where do you live? Just so you know, I help people all over the country by phone, so you can let me know if you want to work with me.

Many blessings to you too, OneSapphire! Thank you so much!!!<br />

Hi Evely,<br />
<br />
Thank you for your comments and story. I think you're a hero, and I'm so proud of you for helping that young woman. Thank you, ZARA

First off I have to say I have always believed in God and Jesus, as a young man I entered the medical field, Of course I made very good money, but I also enjoyed helping people on their way leaving this world. I have many stories, and they are true, I was trained in documentation, because through our company, my paperwork was submitted to Medicare, other words, it had to be accurate for me to be paid. This story is not of medical nature, but I have plenty, if anybody is interested in reading more. In 1987, I am not sure exactly what time of night it was, but I know it was between 8 and 9 pm, I was looking up at the stars and praying, something told me to go for a ride out to the Powerplant, where I live here in Florida we have a powerplant on the Gulf coast, at night the road is dark and through the woods. And on the other side of the road is the gulf, and the road is winding and very dangerous. No street lights or anything, so I went into my apartment and told my wife, I am going for a ride to the Powerplant I will be home in a bit, The opposite side of the powerplant inlet is a fishing area and a party area, where locals go on the weekends and build fires and party. So I head out. I reach the road for the Powerplant, and you have to go slow or you will go off the road and be severely injured or even killed. So I am on this road and I am driving determined to get there. I come around a sharp bend in the road, and a woman falls over in front of my car, I slam on the brakes, put the vehicle in park and hop out, I picked her up and said are you okay? She said two men are trying to rape me, I have been running through the woods to get away from them, I said come on I will get you out of here. I got her in the car, I said you are going to be ok you are safe now, I said where do you want to go? She said take me out to the highway to a payphone, I said no problem. So I took her to a payphone, and I asked her if there was anything else I could do to help, and she said no I`m ok now, Thankyou so much. I said no problem and I left her, it was a well lit gas station. Ma`am if you are out there reading this, you now know my side now, And what brought me to you that night, and I have thought about this many times over the years, and I am glad I was at service for you. I know you worked at Hooters from the uniform you had on, and if you men are reading this who tried to rape her. I am the one who took her away from you. And I hope she called the police that night, so you can never do anything like this to anybody again. Well that is one story, I have more. I have been at accident scenes, and even sent out to patients that, well you wouldnt believe what I have witnessed, if interested I will share my stories, Thankyou, I`m in a lot of pain tonight. Or I would have given more details. Such as our brief conversation to the Highway. Also at that time, I lived about eight miles one way to the Powerplant.