Crazy And Fallen

I've believed in angels for years. When I was younger I thought I was talking to one from time to time. As I grew up, he went away. I think that angels do roam the earth, and sometimes I think I'm one of their number. A fallen angel. I have a distorted view of angels, and I think anyone that lives in the spirit world can get incarnated to the Earth. That's just how I've always seen it. Sometimes I feel a shadow of wings behind me. When I close my eyes I can picture the flying.

I could just be crazy though.
angelsbleedred angelsbleedred
18-21, F
3 Responses May 31, 2011

Could be your right.. could be youre crazy. But then... who really isnt at least a little crazy? Besides, its our little insanities that make life more interesting. Id certainly hate to be "normal"

wouldnt it be nice, to freely give and receive even a little of that perfect kindness

im "crazy" in d eyes of society, but it doesnt hurt to picture it...