I'm A Believer

In choir in middle school we sang "Angels Among Us" by Alabama, and ever since then I've always thought it a possibility that angels exist here on earth. A few years ago I befriended a girl in my class named Lauren (I've mentioned her in one of my other stories). Lauren is mentally handicapped, but one of the sweetest and purest people I know. I've never met anybody who knows more Disney songs and quotes than she does, and most of the time she's just a lot of fun to be around. If there was one angel in my life, I think it would be her. Even if she isn't an angel, I know that if God can send me someone as sweet as Lauren, he can surely have angels in disguise among us watching over us. It's a pretty comforting thought, and not at all unrealistic if you think about it.
hacky2012 hacky2012
18-21, F
Apr 5, 2012