Ask And Ye Shall Recieve

I have dreamed of an Angel...I am still puzzled about the non-verbal message??? I pray for the awnsers to come..I celebrate Father God , Mother God and The Holy Breath ...and the Walk and Life of Jesus the Christ...the information continues to flow from the most unexpected sources....for this I am humbled and very grateful..there is a whirlwind of knowledge comming...Love is the in the moment is the awnser...Just for today I will be unafraid and I ask for the connections on this Earth plane so I dont feel so very alone and vunerable...The 4fold belief helps but I so yearn for others on the path....Hear my humble prayer...
cyn9157 cyn9157
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Hello Cyn,<br />
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He ears you and cares for you much more than can be described. Never feel alone, because this just wouldn't be true! Wishing you love in your life today and always! ~Angel

Thank you so very much for your words...I read them 1st thing this am , what a nice way to start the day!!! yikes... its raining the attic...:) ..Peace be with you!!!