I Am An Angel

The words "I AM" are powerful. They deliver a message to oneself, and confirm something that is within. When stated in Truth, and this is important, these words convey a message that evokes inner strength, and gives confidence to live authentically on Earth, on all planes. I have recently come to understand that I AM an Incarnated Angel on Earth. I have known this, somewhere within, for most of my life, but to actually claim this has been a long process. My life has been dedicated to serving humankind. This started when I was 3 years old, and I died. As I left this Earthly plane, in the hospital, I met my Grandmother, who had died 3 months earlier. She stopped me from leaving, and sent me back, stating that my work was not finished. I remember this as clearly as if it were yesterday. From that time on, I began to help others, beginning with my family and friends, and then, as I grew older, to the Community and World at large. I have been told by many, many people that I am an Angel. I am drawn to Angels, and even had my own company that revolved around an Angel product. I have played the Celtic harp. And most of my adult work life has been spent in service to humankind. I AM a Metaphysical Healer, and work to help others, always.

Claiming this now, in my 55th year on Earth is so empowering. Not that I will share this with my co-workers, or probably even my friends. I have lived here long enough to understand that most humans will not understand, but it does not matter. I know who I am, and I know that it is so important to share this with others, to let other Angels know that it is alright to claim this, for themselves. It is okay that others will doubt you, and that you, yourselves, may doubt as well. But when you finally let it sink in, when you finally claim this for yourself, you will feel a relief, and calmness and deep understanding, and this is how you will know it is the Absolute Truth. I am so grateful to this website, so that I may share this story with other Incarnated Beings, and hope that this, too, is of Service in the World. With Love, and Many Many Blessings, Always.....

KarenElyse KarenElyse
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A powerful story. People remember these near death experiences throughout their entire lives.

I re read your story..and I will probably continue to do so the charge my soul with your beautiful words...TRUTH ...:) again thank you so very much!!!!!

i feel i am trash- i feel i was supposed to have been so much more , so much better than i am- i want to in short- make up for my selfishness, my darkness- for straying from the path i suspect may have been intended for me- is it possible? have you any insight? i would never pretend to think that i could be what you are- and i think i believe you are what you claim- but can i as a damaged human - correct myself and do anything to better the human condition?

You must begin by changing your thoughts, and practicing Compassion and Loving Kindness, first towards YOU.Be GRATEFUL for what you already have and are. IMPERATIVE! Then, do SERVICE (shelter,food bank) to open your Heart Chakra. You will begin to see Change. Love and Blessings, Always. KarenElyse

One more thing, Dearest. You are a Blessing in the World, but you are in the process of Learning and Transformation. Always look for the Good in others. And please learn to Laugh again. It is truly the best Medicine. You are Loved, and All Shall Be Well....... Namaste

just your change in thinking is a beginning...I read this post..on another site..."Don't look back ...your not going that way anymore"... ..I will continue to read K.E's story...because they give me the courage to change...and fill my heart with hope ...one day at a time ...:) I hope for you....

Dearest Dblgd..... Yes, yes, absolutely, I have experienced "difficult" worldly times on this planet Earth. But this is unavoidable, without a doubt. This is for 2 reasons, mainly. First, we have chosen the human form to come and help others. The Human form comes with all the experiences of Being Human. When we attach "negative", it really changes our perception. All these experiences are really only Lessons. So, what I have learned, is that when I feel something is "negative", I choose the thought, "What is it that I am to be learning now?". And..."How can I be of Service, in this situation?". It truly changes everything. The 2nd reason for these difficult situations, is that we are here to learn. Our "Soul" is in process of growth, in order to aid ALL Sentient Beings. As we grow, we gain insight to service. Namaste.

Pss...my heart vibrates with a sense of being after reading your words again ..I so needed to read this today..again thank you so very much

Ps...I would so love to hear you play the harp...:)

Wow....I so very stongly identified with your written words....right down to being the same age...I was saved from drowning when I was around 7 or 8...a woman came and gave me a drink of salt water from the ocean ...and I purged everything ...I have a bit of magical thinking in my personal make up...hmmmm.. I so thank you from the heart for your words , your story...it validates the path...and so often I am misunderstood..but that is less bothersome these days...the highest truth "love" helps...Namaste ....Cyn

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback, my Dear Sister. The self-knowledge and wisdom gained from that is so necessary for the work we are doing here on Earth. Thank you for your continued Service on our Planet... Namaste

Hi Karen have you ever experience the negative worldly things in this planet?