Only A Feeling

Many years ago when i was in hospital with severe head injuries and at the begin more dead than alive i had allways this "warm and cosy" feeling.I did not recon anything from the world around me .there was only this feeling and something caring and loving next to me.I feld...duno...protected..
I never feld anything physical! It was only there!
Until all over sudden this feeling fadet away and i started to feel "colder" kind of helpless and i had the feeling as if something or someone "told " me that i will be fine and then i started slowly to recon whats around me. Myself in a hospital bed surrounded by machines, unable to speak or think clear unable to controll my body and everything feld as if i am in a fog and could not see or hear propper.
I spoke month later with my Doc about that but he ment that could have come from my brain injury and all the medikaments.

But i am absolutely shure something or someone was there to take care of me and gave me this wonderfull feeling
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

<p>If you felt it and got through your illness all right then you are right,someone was there for you,we are surrounded by invisible forces and it is at our lowest ebb that we sense them the most.Your guardian angel was certainly there for you. Take care.</P>

This is probably why people who have this kind of experiences do not mention it often,they are afraid of ridicule.But it is very real and very true!.Take care.