Did God Use Me?

A couple years ago I decided to go on a weeklong adventure by myself. Timing did not work out with my usual friends. Normally would ride from DC to Pittsburg and back camping along the way. This year I decided to drive to a location and ride 50 to 60 miles in one direction then come back by the car and do the same in the other direction ending up at the car at dark and moving the car to the next location. Instead of starting at DC like Ihad always done I decided to go to the western end and go east.


I drink water from the numerous pumps along the trail, but I do not like water, so I always bring a mix to change the taste. I have NEVER in over 15 years of doing this have taken water in the car. I bought 4 one gallon containers and had them in the car this year. No idea what possessed me.

I parked at Harpers Ferry the 5th day. It had been brutally hot, but I was fine with the soda I was able to purchase along the trail and the three water bottles I carried that I filled up at the various pumps. Unusual day; I had gotten awake well before day light and decided to start in the dark using lights heading toward Williamsport. Total miles had been 80 and I was back before noon. Since I had seen Harpers Ferry many times I decided to keep riding toward DC. When I had gone about  4 miles I ran into two young adults and about 20 children ages 5-10 all of whom looked liked they could have been from the UN with all the different skin colors. They flagged me down and asked how much further to Harpers Ferry? Problem was they were walking the same direction as I was riding. When I told them 4 miles, some of the children started to cry. Seems they were a church group that got dropped off where the Appalachian Trail meets the C&O Canal. They were suppose to turn right and go a little over a mile  to Harpers Ferry, they turned left. The bus would not be back till much later and was suppose to pick them up at Harpers Ferry. No phone and no number to call. They were so thirsty they said. They all had little water bottles but they had emptied them all. No pumps along this stretch. I told them I had gallons of water in unopened jugs and I would start bringing them to them as they walked toward Harpers Ferry. The adults made it clear they would only be able to accept if they were unopened.

On my second trip while I was filling small water bottles one little girl asked if I was really an angel.  I told her that I was not the kind that had wings. She smiled and said that I think Lea was her name, one of the two adults said that I was. I told her sometimes God uses people like angels for specific tasks. The adults agreed a little later after I had given them 4 gallons that I could ride a little further and fill the jugs up at a pump, and bring those back to them as well. They all made it to Harpers Ferry none the worse for wear. Couple years later I am still wondering about starting out that morning in the dark, and carrying the extra water which I never had done before or since. What possessed me?

I am certainly no angel, but did God use me as one for that one time? Does he work with others the same way? Have you been used in that manner?

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Life, everything and everyone is intertwined. We all meet others in passing for a reason. You were placed there at the right time and you did do as you were instructed to do. The magic is you were prepped for that moment.

I agree that I was prepped for that moment and it still seems magical several years later.
You have that special sense

... Fell in love with you, didn't I xo

You fell ??????? I stalked and enticed you for months and you fell : ))

What an incredible experience. You were in the right place at the right time. I'm sure these children and adults think of you and thankful your paths crossed.

Thank you for reading and commenting.
They certainly may think of me, but I think of them often as well, and the unusual circumstances that set the whole thing up.

Hello climber1, you were not possessed but merely guided. I thank you for being a positive, helpful being.

Thank you for reading and your positive comment.

i have been helped..... esp when i was not seeking help but god knew that i needed help.

yes god indeed takes care of our welfare.

Thank You for reading and commenting.
I think we all have been helped many times. Hopefully we can learn from it and share the love.

Yes. Thanks for this lovely reminder of one of the ways that The Almighty works through us.

Thank You so much for reading and especially commenting.
Yes; the more I learn the more I realize how much I do not understand, but I do take comfort that there is some power directing us. How often I do not know, but certainly at times.

What a wonderful post! Have felt this way many times with helping others, especially at my retail job. Helping others is what we are here for, I believe:)

Thank You for reading and especially your kind comment.
Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if everyone took your approach; and took helping others as a major reason for our existence and lived their lives for that purpose.

always helped ME feel good too!

Of course. Similar situations have happened to me. I am no longer surprised by it when it happens. God speaks to all of us, no exceptions! And yes, he has used me a couple of times. It is a wonderful feeling. Have you had any similar experiences recently ?

Thank You for reading and especially commenting.
Not sure if it was being used or not.
Three weeks ago I felt very strongly that I should take a three day weekend and drive the 550 miles each way and see my dad. He lives in a very nice apartment. I spent the entire time with him and we had the most fun together. I commented to family and friends upon returning that it was the best visit I ever had.
The following Sunday he went to an afternoon church service, and instead of riding back to the apartment with a friend, he went for a long walk. When he got back he decided to take a nap before supper. When he did not come down for supper his friends went up to see why. He was laying on his side looking out his bedroom window, where he can look over beautiful mountain ranges that he loved.
They thought he was just sleeping, but he had passed on.
Yesterday we had a celebration of life for him. Three different preachers two different locations. He was a very special person and much loved.
Not sure if I had been sent up there for dad or me, but I was certainly blessed because I went.

I am very sorry to hear that. I have this perspectice about Life: it is all about learning, growing and becoming... It is a process, it is constantly happening and I believe that is the reason why we are here. Something in you knew or informed you that this special person had a couple of last thoughts, wisdom, love to share with you. What you have to ask yourself in the near future is - 'what have i learnt in that special last weekend ?' -
maybe it has thaught you to trust your heart, maybe it has thaught much more than you could had ever expected. I am very glad you shared this with me.
Years ago, I had a dream about my beloved brother. I knew he was in pain and suffering, i woke up weeping uncontrollably. A few days later i contacted as descreetly as possible his partner's best mate. She only confirmed what I suspected, my brother and her friend had broken up. My dream was telling me the truth. Another time I dreamed that i would return late at night to my house and my brother would be there, sitting at the kitchen table, and I would ask hi a ccouple of serious questions to which he could not respond clearly... Years after I had that dream it happened with the exact same spooky similarity... Looked almost as if I was watching a movie!
And there is more... I had many other strange dreams, more like warning dreams... When I listen to them, I never regret, I only regret when I ignore the message that is being presented to me...

All the best.

Thank You for sharing with me as well.
Interesting how sometimes it seems that we are being navigated through life by a power not our own. Other times it seems like we are on a raft adrift at sea.

Climber1, I just finished reading a book called "Angels in my hair" by the author - Lorna Byrne. It is fascinating, I would seriouly advice you to get a copy on Amazon.com, or at least, download the first chapter free of charge on:


There are also Youtube videos of interviews if you search "Lorna Byrne" on youtube.com very interesting, worth having a look.

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Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. I believe we are "God's hands" in the physical world :)

Thank You so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I believe you are right, but I also believe sometimes he lets us do our own thing. :)

Nice story, I agree that sometimes people act as angels for certain tasks. I like your line of thinking on this one!

Thank You! I know from your stories you are spiritual so that certainly means a lot to me. Appreciate you taking the time to read.