We are angels, not all of us, but most of us who are of Light. Some Christians will say only if they believe Jesus, in a spiritual sense, as long you don't love darkness and of light I believe there is a high chance your inner being is light.

Here are some interesting facts about angels I found in the bible.

God and the Devil has angels.

Christ can pray unto God and He will provide Christ 36 to 72 thousands of angels Matthew 26:53.

Angels can minister unto us, and Jesus Christ said we will be as the angels are in the first resurrection (what others call rapture but the correct biblical term is first resurrection) , God is not the God of the dead. Luke 20:36

We should bear the image of the heavenly since we are of Spirit as well 1 Cor. 15:49.

We are heirs of God and we will be like Jesus Christ when He appears. Luke 20:36, Rom 8:17-23; 1 John 3:2.

An angel from God strengthened Christ when He ask God to remove “this” cup from Him before His death.
Angels can heal our bodies John 5:4

Stephen in Acts 6 had the countenance of an angel.

Angels are of Light Acts 12:7 and can do great things.

Satan Himself is transformed into an angel of Light. 2 Col 11:14 We have to be careful because there are a lot of deceitful people in ministry who claim to be of Christ.
We should not worship angels, we should worship God and the angels worship God too.

The bible says to not be forgetful to show hospitality to strangers for some of us may have entertained angels unawares. Hebrew 13:2.

God give his angels charge over us and to keep us. Psalms 91:1
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Insightful; Many references to angels walking the earth as humans and serving humans do exist. But we must keep in mind that angels and humans are from two different realms. One is of matter and the animal kingdom, the other is energy and of the spiritual realm. . .
Satan, the archangel of knowledge and beauty, "before the fall", will gladly weave you an illusion to make you feel powerful, special, and strong. But that is not the way of an angelic spirit. We are servants, and as such, seek to be humble and serve well. . . nwm. . .