Animals Like to Be Trained

I like training dogs to behave nicely.  I loved training my dogs to do little tricks. Pets can have a good time learning too.The time is well spent and the company is pretty special. A funny thing.. I taught one of my dogs.. to play hide and seek!  As a child, we played that game in the summer. After dragging my dog with me saying, "hide", he got it! Next time he did it on his own..well the dog's head was behind the tree and the body stuck out.Big ole' tail wagging.  Next he helped me find kids. Sure enough he began looking for the other kids on command!  We played a lot and I will never forget the fun HE had.

wiseowl wiseowl
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3 Responses Feb 2, 2009

It's Ok to take credit for training your dog to hide and seek..finding the kids was easy for him. That took about three attempts. Take him with you and say "hide".Have him stay quiet and sit..If he wants to get up or move..sit him down and say "hide". If a dog can sit and stay, he'll learn to hide. He was just a mutt but what a kid's pal. Good luck and have fun!

Thats badass, i love dogs,, i think im gonna try to teach my dog that, i don't wanna steal your idea but it's such a good idea,, don't worry I wont take credit for the idea :)

Dogs can be so smart and they love to play. What a great story, Owlie! A well-trained dog is a happy dog.