Therapy Dogs

A year ago, my mom was in the hospital - dying from cancer. Each Wednesday, volunteers brought therapy dogs around from room to room and there were these two Corgis that my mom really seemed to take a shine to.  It amazed me that those times when we were there and she had the therapy dogs at her bedside she became more alert and smiled a lot.  I really wish now that someone had taken a picture or a video. 

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3 Responses Sep 22, 2012

That is remarkable! Thank you for this inspiring post.

Better that you have it in your memories. A video would only sadden you everytime you watched. That said, therapy dogs do make a big difference for patients. I've seen myself how their spirits are lifted and a smile comes across their faces. I love just about all dogs, but Corgis are among my favorites. What personality!

i am looking for a corgi puppy, they are such cool little dogs. my cousin says they will attatch to one person. everything i have read about them says they make good therapy dogs.