Anonymity. Being anonymous can be powerful. I often think you get a more true expression of someone's thoughts and desires, a clearer picture of who they might be at that moment when they are anonymous.

Any other time you get the role they are playing. You get their work persona, public persona, private persona and any other kind of role they play in life.

Their actions and expressions are dictated by what they think you expect of them in that certain role. They are governed by the expectations and morays of perception.

When they are anonymous all of the pretense is left behind. There are no expectations, no role or paradigm to fulfill.

Sure you will get the people that use the veil to be immature or play out pent up anxiety, but those that really understand the freedom that comes with anonymity realize that it can be a gift to slip out of the bonds of conformation we can all be tied up with.
Cautiouslyr3ckless Cautiouslyr3ckless
46-50, M
Feb 7, 2015