Within a week of one another, both my washing machine and dryer decided they had issues and went on strike, so I've been visiting local laundromats. Tonight, a man and woman left as I was taking my laundry out of the dryers. I was nearly done and the woman came back in and asked if anyone was willing to give them a ride. Being as it was 9 PM and they both had a basket of laundry and the other patrons looked at her like they no longer spoke English, I spoke up and asked her where they lived. The directions she gave was on my way home. To catch her by surprise, I interrupted her directions and asked if her and her boyfriend were carrying weapons. She looked at me crazy and immediately said no. No hesitation. A lot of the times, the best way to get the truth is to catch them by surprise. I caught everyone else by surprise because I heard several people laugh. I'm also a great read of people and I had already studied them prior to them leaving. I noticed he was extremely shy, but helped her and was attentive to her. Decision made. They helped me load my laundry in my car and I took them home. It was only a few blocks out of my way. No big deal, but would have been a pain for them to walk after dark, especially being one of the roads did not have sidewalks nor shoulders and was a higher traveled road. They explained they called friends and no one could help them. They called a taxi and the company said it would be a minimum 45 minutes. I declined their offer of money, being as it really was only a few blocks out of my way. They were very grateful. Let me add that the entire way, I drove with my cell phone tucked between my legs, in easy reach. ;) I know it was not a wise decision, but I honestly did not get a bad vibe from either of them. They even complimented my vehicle when they got out, saying they loved it. That was payment enough. ;)
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I think it is important for us all to be this thoughtful and aware. No matter what we see on the news or the sirens we hear down the street, we are still a network of connected human beings and to deny that an isolate ourselves is a risk to our souls.

It is good that you can read people and that you have the skills to ask blunt questions as you did.

I agree. Thank you for that nice encouragement.