Several friends and acquaintances of mine here on EP received anonymous gifts today, and from what I've heard, they were really nice. Kind. It kind of stuck with me.

I don't know if the same person did them all or if many people were moved to do this this morning, but I want to thank whoever it was. That's exactly what it's all about.

You didn't get any 'brownie points' for anything. No one even knows who you (all?) are. You gave some folks a happy day without anything in return....except that quiet feeling of 'done good' satisfaction. I was reminded of that feeling today.

You've really inspired me! I wonder how I can give selflessly today.......

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I to! have had a few of these gifts, from annonymous, like you say!, "it would be nice to thank whoever is or are sending them"!!,. <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing your story! hun!!!! :-)

i got anonymous roses this morning....what a wonderful way to start the day :)))


an angel :)

yes i am! and damned proud of it too! LOL

that is true rick :) cynic! ;)

that doesn't mean they wouldn't try LOL

no lol, because people who believe in karma are usually aware it is unmanipulatable (i made a new word!) ;)

or does this person perhaps believe in karma? then they are actually being nice in the hopes that something nice will happen to them! which of course takes a little of the specialness out of it don't you think?

yep, exactly! when you know you won't get anything back, it means something and makes it special

IT- this is a great post! The element of surprise is always nice but to do something without any intention of getting back is even better :)

she still gets mad at me but we try to keep it friendly LOL

yes it did turn out pretty well

oh.....? ;)

@Rog...I got asked too....i think it's definitely spread to multiple senders...!<br />
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lala...give someone one! :)<br />
<br />
rick...least it had a happy ending lol

that is really nice.....i remember some time ago i received just the opposite. an anonymous gift that was meant as an insult.....i got over it though and now i'm friends with the person who sent it to me LOL

I had another one today, it was very sweet, thank you, again, whoever you are xx

i thought so too! :)

What a wonderful thing to do!