It Can Flatten You

sometimes, when it happens to you.

A few years ago, my wife was traveling for her job, (it was short lived) and I was home alone with my kids, (only had two at the time) and for some reason or another it was a very stressful day.  I was upset at my kids and trying to clean up the house and they were messing it up faster than I was cleaning it up.

In the middle of it all there was a knock on the door.  I stopped what I was doing and went to the door still upset but was trying to calm down and was not in the mood for buying cookies or listening to the sales guy that came to the door.

Upon opening the door I found a box on the ground and in it was all the fixings for thanksgiving dinner.  It was another week before that holiday but someone who thought we needed the food dropped it off for us.

Now I appriciated the gesture of the gift of food for us, it floored me that someone thought of us and was able to give us that.

Was it really needed?  No, I have gone to great leangths to make sure that my family is not with out a roof over their heads and food in the tummies.    I could think of other families that may have been in worse straights than us that needed the food much more than we did but it is the idea that someone thought of us.


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Thanks all for commenting on it...<br />
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Yes the pay it forward is a great concept and to do such and not expect a return on it is something that more people need to do......<br />
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Thanks again

Wow, that's wonderful!! Hearing your experience inspires me to do more random anonymous acts of kindness, too. Thank you for sharing.

Pay it forward LOVED that movie!

I wish someone would do that for me!If you felt you were being someones charity case, don't.Alternatively you could do the same thing in return for a complete stranger?You know,pay it forward?

What a lovely experience! I've faced several hardships during my life and have been blessed by people taking care of my needs when I had no resources. The important thing to me is to keep doing these anonymous good deeds myself, because only people who have been there know how important these deeds are, and how they can lift you out of a really bad depression and help your self-esteem (not to mention keeping the family together and providing things there's no money for).