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Three yrs ago  i was on the  verge of suicide ...I was completely  completely a wreck ...No joke my husband had me at the point of no return ..until i got away from him and went into the psych  unit . and then  dumb@@@  me started taking his calls . and then he took  me to the hospital at another  place that i hated  eight months later ..And once i got out of there . I  was home for four days and never went back .But the point being The psych I have now  savedme ..i ve been on so many different medications  for the WRONG D/O's .EVeryone  kept diagnosing me with major depression  or severe depression with suicidal  ideation Or my  favorite  Major Depressive  D/o With  mood  disturbances .... LMAO im freakin Bipolar ....thats what they diagnosed me with at TLC and have been treating me for such and the meds seem to be working . I had one issue with a medicine that all of a sudden stopped working .and i wound up in  the treatment facility But   it made me stronger and gave me a better trust for my dr and my therapist  and it made me stronger . But now im  on lamictal which is  an antidepressant  and im on seroquel ( which i love ) But they did along with  good treatment  I need to praise God for sending me this treatment team because they saved my life ....
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Glad to hear it. Some doctors have seen so many patients with that type of problem, they look for the signs of depression and then stop. Glad you found a good team of doctors.