I Recommend Them. But Ask Your Doctor First.

Well, I just started taking them and they're already helping me. I haven't cried in about a week. :) I have felt somewhat sad at times about tiny things. But they don't overwhelm me like before. On Monday, I was really thinking about killing myself. Then on Tuesday I saw a doctor and told him about that. Then he prescribed me the medicine. And after a few days, I saw an improvement. :) I even made a new friend. I'm very happy and hopeful about where my life is going. Still very very scared, but hopeful. I still have things I need to work on.

minnie22mouse minnie22mouse
18-21, F
6 Responses Nov 10, 2008

Cool :) Talking totally helps :)

oh yeah. I'm going to start seeing a therapist soon. I already found one. :)

I hope the meds help you get your head sorted so you can figure out the rest of whats going on - I support the use of anti-depressents - sometimes its chemicals and biology - but if you have other stuff going on try a therapist too - so when you get off the pills you still have a sunny outlook and can face all the challenges of life with confidence :)

your welcome minnie

Thanks, bunny. :)

oh minnie im so glad to hear your pills are helping.mine do also.keep taking them.u are lucky your dr found the right ones to suit u as sometimes it can take a while.i wouldnt be here today with out mine.best of luck.x