My Ode Entitled 'an App For This'

App for this, app for that, no more thinking required: Fact
Can do adding, but not your washing up, what this, that?
Not denying it’s usefulness, information is a boon, but
The lack of the use of your brain; dumbed down: Too soon.

Use your brain to work out numbers, to find alternate routes
So that if you miss the late bus pissed, your gps is set home
No co-incidence this generation is so dumb; everything done
Easy street, dog eat dog, society today is the app for that

It makes you want an i-phone for starters, this seems the key
If you’re in the appless generation, your away Scot free
But if your saving app’s, costing serious dollar, have you ever
wondered just who for? Its programming for you to keep

the machine of retail greed, raping hardworking families.
Of all their spare cash, selling them soap, and the Latest
Then there’s designer’s, and their kind, selling overpriced rags
Copycat’s making a killing, selling the stuff at its real price

Then there’s shopping channels, catalogues, high street stores
Peddling all sorts of stuff, mostly from far away shores
The bear facts are, we don’t make anything; anymore
So when the pound’s worthless, when no punters for your stuff

Will have to start making things again, just like your granddad did
Get your hands dirty cos no punters for your call centre duty
Maybe long hours, more than likely underground, work’s goin
To get so bureaucratic, so little, so rare, so hectic. In the interim

Jobless recovery is all that I see, no manufacturing base since Maggie
Someone has to do something soon, UK labour pool ignored
By every politician in the land, clause 4 took care of that
Teflon tony, lot to answer for, war crimes and more.

I’m all for change where possible, but the next election: No choice
The ties maybe a different colour, but a jelly they surely be
All entwined with each other, they close ranks when they need to
Need truly electoral virgins to plant humanity’s tree, with

A worldwide peace loving party, black op’s no part of the plan
As humanity reigned supreme again, war a thing of the past
Where are brothers and sisters in Africa were not exploited
An end to every belief system: Downcaste.

So when Apple bring an app out to save Humanity let me know
Or to pay my bills? Didn’t think so, though
People need to do more thinking for themselves
And the app don’t help, what will they think of next?

Don’t answer that please, not worth your time, or cash
I wonder Mr Gates haven’t you already enough stash?
Greed is a worldwide fever, many have got, kids
Don’t give them any more of your hard earned cash
41-45, M
1 Response Jul 14, 2010