Not Only Adorable.

Let's see, he is not only adorable, he is sassy, sweet, precious, and a great sport to put up with all the crap that we put on him day in and day out.  "The man without emotion" as he likes to refer to himself, is so dayum adorable that I want to hug him all the time.

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21 Responses Mar 10, 2009

ha ha ha

Good one Arorin! I would not be alive today! You da man...DD

^ that would of been epic if the birth giver heard you.

HIP HIP HOORAY!!! I AM PROMOTED TO--> Arorin’s <br />
minion!!! I will celebrate by throwing open WIDE the gates of Hell!!!<br />
<br />
(Actually, the first time I whisper those words was when I was watching a woman give birth.)<br />
LMAO-seriously, is my butt getting any smaller?...Dew

all angles are ghey. They would have to be in order to dress up like they do... I was rudely awaken by msn and dont have enough energy to fight this atm but i will be back.


Well maybe some angels are. I consider one of my best friends an angel and he is gay so I guess I just proved that some are gay. <br />
<br />
Hip Hip Hooray Squadi.

3>Cheers For Arorin and a Round on the House.x

heh he sais angels are gay!hm..


Dew, LOL, because you are the dark force and I am the light in the center of your page. Together we make the world turn. lol<br />
<br />
Oh Ar.. someone as adorable as you could never hurt too many feelings.

I want to hurt peoples feelings... Ok Dew i will let you be my minion.

bc ?

No we don't want to be specific bc we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings lol

The trend is to not be specific. See were it gets you.<br />
Note young Skywalker that the '+1" follows your "you all are insane..." There for I am in fact in support of you and your stated thoughts. OK grasshopper?...DD

We are ALL on your side Ar. We all think you are extremely adorable and preciously cute.

you are suppose to be on my side...


you all are insane...

See even his ... is adorable. lol<br />
<br />
HEHE BB, speech about Ar please.