U know a lion goes here and around?yeah yeah arorin!

I think u should know Angels are not gay!!oh i ll send them there and u ll see,hehehe

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heh ok..and nice picture cowboy

u can only bet..

Ill keep an open mind till i see one, but i still bet i am right.

but i didnt,i dont know how u put a pic on a group.!!<br />
<br />
--anyway sorry i m leaving,dont feel well,sorry.bye*<br />
<br />
and they arent,ok?

only a person in the group can add photos. you are the only one in the group...

oh!i saw it now!who put that????

the one you put in for this group.

which one?<br />

they sure look ghey in that picture you posted...

hmm...tell me accurate information,explain more and then i ll see if i believe u

when you are finally able to accept this delicate information look towards the lion and i will be there to tell you i told you so.

but angels arent

im not looking to defeat you i am looking to set you straight!

hah nop!u wont defeat me!

two against one you lose!

not!!i think u havent met an angel,lion boy :)

because it is true.

If you look at an angle and a ghey person they are almost the same. Crappy fashion, pansy looking, likes bright things, and are real feminine... face the facts angles are ghey.

I know they arent!<br />
nop,i dont say that.Everyone can do their choices...but angels arent!

How would you know angles are not ghey? are you saying that kind of love is bad?