I Will Marry One!

I just realized the other day while talking to my new EP friend (Loverintheclouds) that I haven't really discussed my for everything Asian. I am being serious here! If I am not magically reincarnated as a cute Asian chick I will make it my life long goal to marry an Asian guy! hahaa

Asian men are so gorgeous.

Ain't he a real looker? And his dimples! too cute!

Perhaps this all sounded really shallow and stereotypical, and that's because it is..BUT at least I am willing to admit it.
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
49 Responses Aug 13, 2010

yeah I think so too! but not everyone agrees with me lol..

Heehee I knew it :D Asians are adorable!

yes lol I do like the asians as well..

Yup don't you think Asian girls are SO cute?!!!! I wish I was Asian!

well that is cool i guess.

I dunno it's like my love for Asians..I just do

why is that?

Oh!!!!!<br />
<br />
And yea I do!

Brazilian jujitsu or bjj.. You really like kung fu panda..

What? Haha and I just booed your comment because youre hating on kung Fu panda lmao :D

kung fu is a waste of time I know bjj and will not lose mrs toothpick!

I am not thin<br />
<br />
My Asian hubbie will have to go Kung Fu panda on you muhhaha

haha toothpick!

Oh shush lol

yes well kick it all you want but you will find my butt to be firm and does not take damage from a toothpick!

Haha I'd kick yo butt if you got near me sexy future hubby

He looks weak.. I bet id break him..

Thanks for the comments!! Asians rule!! Especially Asian men :p heehee...

That's Siwon Choi. Beautiful Korean guy. Totally.