Asian Men Are Sexy

i love asian men i mean damn im half asian but i want an asian boyfriend so bad i had to chances and lost them all cause of my stupid mom and we had to move we were in high school and it was my first year and his too we had spanish class togather and out of all the girls in the class he picked me to talk to cause he liked girls from other countries lol and i was spanish but new no spanish so me and him talked and got know each other then he was so close on about to ask me out them my mom tells me were moving that was the first time i cried so much i didn't know what to do the first time i feel in love with someone and i had to leave and i couldn't even tell him hewasn't there the last day i had his email but never emailed him he probly forgot about me anyway we new each other for a half od year and didn't exchange numbers cause he had a strict dad i hope someday i will find him again and he notices me
123unhappyrefrian 123unhappyrefrian
18-21, F
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Good luck in your search 4 love

me asian too......wanna try?

sure add me