After Seeing 'the Ladyboys Of Bangkok'

As an Englishman I think Asian transsexuals have a lot going for them over their Western counterparts when it comes to natural physique.

I recently enjoyed seeing the stage review show ’The Ladyboys of Bangkok’ which does the rounds of provincial theatres over here, & is a load of innocent but suggestive fun
After the show I got to stand next to a couple of the ‘girls’ & chat to them. I believe it would be relatively easy for them to pass in public as ‘real girls’ over here.
They were attractive & charming, & I felt comfortable & relaxed in their presence, It wasn’t difficult for me to look into their eyes & fantasize about a girl friend experience.

Compared to European types Asian Transsexuals are much more petit, small boned, & seem to have fewer problems with 5 O’clock shadows & the baritone voice.
Ethnic Anglo Saxon TV/TS’s are generally much bigger proportioned & struggle with prominent jaw structures. The prospect of a GFE feels less comfortable & in public situations I fear I would been constantly looking over my shoulder for ‘queer bashers‘.

In many of the stage routines The Ladyboys of Bangkok danced with Thai men & in this context the girls didn’t appear to be nearly as convincing. I wonder how easy it is to spot them if you visit Thailand?

I’ve also seen Asian Transsexuals with western studs in adult videos & the size differences in certain areas make me wince. I wonder what it feels like for them?
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Thank you for your comments WantonRear<br />
Yes, that's what I thought

I cann only tell you that WesternTransexuals are easier to spot then Asian ones who are certified LadyBoys. However in most cases they are taller than there female born Thai Sisters.