Yes, Asian Shemales Are Hott.

about 10 years ago i was in Bangkok and met a transgendered asian lady.... she was about 5 foot 4 inches tall with long straight black hair down to her butt....small but perky breasts, and a nice seven inch C--K. we were together for about 4 days.... and i am NOT ashamed to amit that she was inside me as much as i was inside her.
sadiesdaddy sadiesdaddy
5 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Ditto spent 2 years there tranny heaven that logo of the asian tranny up in the corner is making me hot i would love just to be there sucking that **** and let her *** in my mouth ye ha

would love to have traded places with you. have masteerbated to the fantasy many times.

Yeah for sure!!

Yes, they are Exotic, but beware of the Bangkok Handshake. A Ladyboy glides up to you, and grabs your crotch. While you are momentarily taken aback, her friend deftly picks your wallet. And they walk off before you realise it. Result- Holiday spoilt,

oh that is hot love to have been you