Filipino Shemales

I've recently met some Asian shemales online via ladyboykisses. There are a lot of really gorgeous girls there, and they all seem so eager to meet you and potentially **** you. I haven't yet but I would love to get with one in real life.
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I want to meet a Ladyboy.......

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Yes there are a lot of beautiful LadyBoys on these sites. I have chatted with a few and have become interested but once you start chatting it seems as though it does not take long for them to start with the "I need help, send me money, etc etc so seems as though they are scamming. Sad because I visit the Philippines often and really would like to hook up with one of them but the instant "I needs" just make me stop communicating with them.

thats the real problem, so often on these sites its a scam. I think that is the nature of the game. However, I'm sure there are many genunine ladyboys out there who crave real relationships...but probably not on those sites...

Good luck . We are waiting for your story after you get one shemale in real life. I just need to have idea about shemales. I saw alot of the online but would like to know more about them.

sounds like a plan