You Guys Crack Me Up

I have a few friends from and women. Hands down, the common denominator in all of them, humor. You're funny, smart, quick thinkers and lovable. Another point, (my favorite) is how friendly you are. I like your style.I love my Aussie friends..wish I could see Australia some day. We need a dictionary for Aussie words & terms though..Sometimes I grin & read between the lines, in a good way. :>)
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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Hi there , thank you for stopping by. Oh yeah, my Aussie friends drop slang terms on me and it's so funny. I'm learnning but there's always something new to chuckle about.I'd pick Australia to visit in a second.Everything I see on TV is amazing.The contrast from one part to the other area of Australia is unreal.Awesome and stunning..

I love my Australian friends as well,<br />
I agree; they rock.