I Am Going To Be A Big Sister......again

 Well lately there has been a secret going around our house and no one would tell me or Erica what it was, my parents were away and so my aunt and uncle have been taying with us, and they got a phone call monday and that is how this secret started, my aunt and uncle and both older brothers knew but no one would tell us.
The past few days I have been trying really hard to figure  it out, I but I did manage to work out that I wasn't in trouble for anything and that my parents weren't going to send me away to boarding school.

So now I should probably explain a little about our current family, I am almost 17, and I have a whiny bratty younger sister Erica who is 11, then I have two older half brother you could say, from my dads first marriage Tyler is 28 and is married and his son Cade is about 9-10 months and he and his wife are expecting again, and then my other brother Clay is 20 and he and his fiance are also having a baby. My mom is 49 and dad is 50, I consider them really old but actually they are both  fit and health compared to most people middle age people.

Today was an interesting day, you can read my story "Crickets in the Library" to find out what happened  with the prank I pulled earlier this morning ha ha ha.
Then we had a suprise after lunch when our parents came home unexpectedly, they were suppose to stay in Vienna (Austria)  till Saturday, but they said they missed us and wanted to be here with us, they showered us with lots of hugs and kisses, and lots of presents. Which I thought was kinda weird, because there have been times when they have been gone for 3 weeks and not called us once, but after three days they decide to fly half way across the world to be back home with us?

Well my sister bugged my parents enough that they finally gave in and said they would tell us what the secret was, well that and my mom was all sparkly and happy and she said she didn't want to wait any longer, so they said they would tell us after dinner tonight.

My parents were being extra romantic , they were kissing and holding each other a lot, which is kinda gross :S.
But dinner was great, my aunt and uncle went home, and my  brother Clay stayed and, mom made my favorite........barbeque ranch jalepano burgers, with curly fries, and she made Erica's favorite which is homemade chicken strips, it was delicious, but I knew something was up because she would never make BOTH our favorite food for dinner.

So after dinner we were all sitting around the back porch, my dad was  having a beer, but I noticed my mom didn't have a drink, she usually would make a margarita or something but she didn't have one today.
Then  my mom gave us both a present wrapped in tissue paper with a purple ribbon, and said we have to open them at the same time, she sat down next to my dad and they kissed and held hands............again ewwwwwwww.
We love presents so me and Erica both tore open the packages, inside was a t shirt mine here is what it said "Oops they did it again........I'm a big sister." now this all happened  in a few second so anyway I thought to myself ha ha hmm kinda funny but what does that mean, then I looked at Erica's shirt and it said "I'm going to be a big sister, but I am still Daddy's princess." and then it occured to me "Wait a minute, Erica is the youngest, so if she is a big sister then that means.......Oh My Gosh mom is gonna have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I looked over at my parents and they were smiled and nodded, obviously they could tell I had figured it out because I had a shocked look on my face, ha ha wow thats was a good secret.
I next turned to Erica, at first I was kinda worried, Erica (well i guess now WAS) the baby of the family and she can be very demanding at times, and she doesn't really like my nephew Cade because she thinks he gets to much attention, so I was prepared for her to throw a screaming fix, Clay was covering his ears lol.
She stared at the shirt, he mouth was kinda open she was defiently shocked, then she did something no one predicted............she went over to my mom and gave her the biggest hug possible lol, one of those "Awwwwwwwwwwww" moments lol. Here is what she said "Oh Momma, I am so excited I was wondering when you and Daddy were fiiiiinally going to make a baby sister for me."
Ha ha they laughed at that and said "Well sweetie it was a suprise to us too and you never know it could be a brother". she didn't seem to like that idea but we didn't dwell on it long, I gave my parents hugs and said I was really happy for them, and I am I mean they are kinda old but they seem really happy, I haven't seen my mom that excited in a long time.

They said they found out in Vienna, mom was sick so they went to the hospital and discovered their "little suprise" then, but they wanted to wait until they could get back here and make sure everything was alright, which it is, they were at the doctor before they came home, both mom and baby are doing great and even at her age they expect this to go good, as long as she gets enough rest and doesn't stress.
She is about 7 weeks along so I guess that means the baby will be born around December, I can't wait =D.

They had the ultrasound picture of our tiny little brother or sister put on a cake, so we had that for dessert with icecream, the picture was cool but we ate around it cause that would just be weird lol.

I am still a little shocked I mean seriously, I almost 17 and they are having another baby, but its cool I am excited for them and maybe it will be good for Erica to have a younger sibling in the house. It is kinda weird  thinking about this kids uncles and or aunt are a few months older then them, but I guess maybe they can be friends :)

God has blessed out family with another child and I can't wait to find out if its a boy or girl, but I would say from this experience I learned no matter how old or how young, all life is precious=)

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Iike this story I can't wait to meet our new baby SISTER

well that was a good story you told it like it happened, I hope this kid is a boy so it can drive mom and dad crazy although Erica might explode if its not a "sister", but we will just have to see now we are like the "Good Luck Charlie" family and your Gabe ha ha ha

I'm glad you know now I hated hiding it from you.

Yes Clay told me